Zamora Preparing for All American 400 Debut

Brittney Zamora’s preparation for her All American 400 debut went into full swing on October 17 when she climbed behind the wheel of a Pro Late Model to compete in a local show at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.  She finished seventh in that 100-lap event in her first race with Willie Allen Racing, picking up valuable track time in race conditions in the process.


She now climbs into a familiar car, yet a new ride for her first foray onto the national Super Late Model stage at the All American 400.  Once again, the two-time Northwest Super Late Model Series champion will join WAR in a team car to former track champion Willie Allen for the crown jewel.




Unlike at the local show a week and a half ago, Zamora now heads to the Music City with track experience.  Zamora described the track as one unlike any she has seen on the west coast.


“It’s definitely its own unique track.  I’ve raced a lot on the west coast and last year I was lucky enough to race across the country and Nashville’s kind of like its own track,” Zamora told Speed51’s “The Bullring.”  “It’s like Evergreen when you compare the grittiness of the track and how easy you have to be getting back on the throttle and the size of the track is very similar.  The 18 degree banking is a lot, which we really don’t have a lot of on the west coast.  All that combined is really tough, but I think our Pro Late Model race last weekend really helped us for the 400 having never raced on that track before.”


The local show gave Zamora and WAR the chance to shake off any bugs that come with working with a new team and driver before the big race weekend.  It also helped her check a box off the list of tracks she had wanted to compete at.


“I wouldn’t say it was intimidation because racing is fun to me, it’s what I love to do.  Any new track I can get on is exciting for me, but there were some things I had to get used to.  I had never worked with Willie Allen Racing before.  I had never seen that track before, let alone be on it.  There was a lot of new stuff to get used to but it was exciting, especially with the history of the track.”


Zamora made her first Super Late Model start back in 2016 before bursting onto the west coast scene the next year.  She became just the second female driver to win a Super Late Model touring series title, doing so twice in 2017 and 2018 with the Northwest Super Late Model Series.


She noted how she was brought up through the ranks and into Super Late Models, crediting her ability to adapt to new racetracks in a short time to how she got started in Supers.


“I’ve been in Super Late Models for four years and I think just the way I was raised and how I progressed into Stock Cars really helped me.  We took our time, we didn’t rush into anything.  My first Super Late Model race was when I was 16, which seems to be old nowadays.


“We definitely took our time and one thing the really helped me was traveling.  Instead of staying at one track for full seasons, we traveled around the west coast.  The races at (The Bullring at) Las Vegas are huge, we had Kyle Busch race there.  Stepping up our game and racing drivers that are good, because that’s what’s going to make you good.  That traveling experience helps you adapt to new tracks quicker, so that helped me and I think it’ll help me again this weekend.”


Part of the experience with competing against a whole new crop of drivers will be streamlined this weekend with her previous start at Nashville.  However, this weekend’s All American 400 will see one of the most stacked fields the event has seen in several years, with close to 40 drivers entered for the event.


While it’s a challenge yet seen by Zamora in a Super Late Model, it is one that she is up for.


“Going into this race, I’ve heard of pretty much all the drivers.  You know the names, you’ve seen them race on TV, but it’s one thing to watch them and another thing to be door-to-door with them.  When that green flag drops, you don’t know the driving styles as well as I do back on the west coast.  That’s one thing I had to learn.


“Everybody’s going to put everything out there that they can.  It’s such a prestigious race and everybody’s going to do what they can to win and be competitive.  I know the stakes are going to be higher and the competition’s going to be higher but I’m up for the challenge.”


Speed51.TV will be live from Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway for all three days of All American 400 weekend, including the Super Late Model main event on Sunday, November 1.  Order your video ticket for the All American 400 today.


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Brittney Zamora Twitter


Zamora Preparing for All American 400 Debut