West Virginia Racer Excited for ULTIMATE Race Close to Home

Zack Dohm will remain close to home for Friday night’s ULTIMATE Mid-Ohio Valley Super Late Model Series season opener at I-77 Speedway (WV).  The Cross Lanes, West Virginia driver is coming off a win in the Big Daddy Classic at Ponderosa Speedway (KY) Friday night and a top-five finish at Lake Cumberland Speedway (KY) on Saturday night.


I-77 Speedway sits just 45 minutes from Dohm’s hometown of Cross Lanes, West Virginia.  He is excited to race at the 3/8-mile oval anytime he gets the chance to compete there.  He says the track provides a unique challenge to drivers, and the show put on for the fans is hard to beat.


“It’s a fun little track, it’s pretty banked and normally you have three grooves of racing and all lanes are pretty equal,” he said.  “I just watched the Steel Block race there from last week and all the guys are running the middle and the bottom.  It’s super slick too.


“People don’t realize that tracks here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, when they get slick, they’re the slickest ones out there that I’ve ever raced on by far,” added Dohm.  “It gets pretty slick and treacherous and you got to have throttle control, a car that’s turning good and has some pretty decent traction.  It should be a pretty good race.”


Dohm races for a family team, which includes father Tim and brother Nick, who also make sporadic starts behind the wheel.  Through the ups and downs of a family team, he could not ask for anything more than what he already has.


“It has its ups and downs. It’s why we got into this sport, racing as a family and stuff,” he said.  “Sometimes you butt heads with your family, but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have some big, high-profile ride and just show up with my helmet and my suit. I like working on my car during the week and having my hands on it so we know exactly where everything’s at, so there’s pros and cons to it.:


He is particularly thankful for his brother Nick Dohm, who has sacrificed his own time and racing endeavors so the team can make it to each race.  The elder brother says winning races makes everything worth the work.


“I definitely couldn’t race without my little brother,” Dohm said.  “We both work 40 hours a week selling motorcycles.  By the time I go home and get my son and my girlfriend rounded up and eat dinner, I go out to the race shop at like 8:30 and work for about two-and-a-half, three hours.  He goes straight from work and works on it from about 6:30 to 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning every night, then he gets the short end of the stick on driving.


“He doesn’t really get to race, he’s only raced two or three times this year and I’ve raced like 10 and he’s definitely worked way more than I have,” added Dohm.  “He likes it, I’m just glad we get to win every once in a while and make it worth all of his hard work.”


Along with Friday night’s ULTIMATE MOV race, he also has plans to compete on Saturday, though those plans have yet to be finalized.  The ULTIMATE MOV Series has the back end of their doubleheader at Florence Speedway (KY), while the Carolina Clash will be at Beckley Motorsports Park for a $10,000 to win race, just over an hour from his hometown.


“It’s still up in the air, I think I’ll do I-77 and Florence,” Dohm told Speed51.com.  “Beckley, West Virginia’s having a Carolina Clash race on Saturday that’s $10,000 to win.  I’m just going to watch the weather.  I’m going to do I-77 for sure on Friday.  I like Florence, I’ve run good there and I need to go back down there to try some more stuff for the North/South 100, but I’d hate for someone else to win that $10,000 at Beckley.”


Dohm is feeling good going into this weekend’s races with how his season has gone to this point.  While he is still undecided on where he is racing Saturday night, he is confident he will be one of the drivers to beat. Meanwhile, he says he will have to go through one driver if he is to end the night in victory lane.


“I know there’s going to be a lot of heat at I-77, but I don’t think it matters who shows up there, Tyler Carpenter’s the guy to beat,” Dohm said.  “I’ve beat him there a few times, he’s beat me a lot more.  The last year they had the $3,000-to-win ULTIMATE race, I think I might’ve been faster than him, it just took me too long to pass Eddie Carrier and I ran Tyler down a little bit.  He probably had someone showing him he had a big lead and he just backed off to take it easy.  I feel pretty good about it, he’s going to be the guy to beat Friday but I think we’re going to be one of the guys to beat Saturday at Florence, so it should be alright.”


Friday’s ULTIMATE Mid-Ohio Valley Super Late Model Series event will be streamed live on Speed51 as part of opening weekend for Summer Thunder TV presented by PFC Brakes.  Nearly 70 live broadcasts will be aired on Speed51 over the next 12 weeks for racing enthusiasts.  Click here to sign up today for a Speed51 Premium Membership and catch all of the Summer Thunder TV action.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51.com State Editor (IN & MI) – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo credit: Dohm Racing Facebook

West Virginia Racer Excited for ULTIMATE Race Close to Home