The best part about watching dirt racing is the high frequency of passing that takes place at each and every event. Most drivers wish that they’re not doing too much passing, because they’d like to start and finish at the front of the field. But during the 2018 Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series campaign, one driver did a ton of passing at just about every single race.


That driver was Adam Yarbrough. Known as “The Denver Dirt Slinger,” the Denver, North Carolina native finished third in points for the 2018 season and for his effort at every event, the 33-year-old driver is also scoring the Hard Charger Award.


“The Yarbrough family is a testimony to small budget grassroots racing teams who endure adversity with equipment and press on to the finish,” said Mark Huey, the announcer and public relations director for the Carolina Clash. “His dedication to run Clash, like others before him and now, is much appreciated. It is because of teams like his that Carolina Clash has remained a part of this region for 20 years.”


Yarbrough won the Hard Charger award on three separate occasions, at Lancaster Speedway (SC), Fayetteville Motor Speedway (NC), and Cherokee Speedway (SC).


Earlier in the season, Yarbrough told that his main goal for the 2018 season was to win the Rookie of the Year title. He was able to do just that by finishing third in the overall points standings behind two veterans of the Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series with 1,205 points for the year.


The winner of the Hard Charger award at each individual race received an additional $51 added to their winnings for that event. The overall Speed51 Hard Charger award winner at the end of the year will receive a $251 check from That results in Yarbrough receiving more than $400 in additional winnings for his hard work throughout the 2018 season. was in attendance for every Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series race throughout the 2018 season. Fans can find highlights and more from every event by clicking here.


-By Rob Blount, Associate Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo credit: Kenny Conyers

Yarbrough is the Carolina Clash Speed51 Hard Charger