Matt Hirschman drove from worst to first on Sunday evening, winning the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk Speedway (MA) to claim his fourth Tri-Track Open Modified Series championship after starting 27th in the 100-lap race.


Hirschman started last in the 27-car field, making it in on a provisional starting spot. This was a calculated move on Hirschman’s behalf, as he opted to avoid the chaos of qualifying races and lurked in the back to simply make the race. It came at the cost of track position for the main event, but that was a risk “Big Money” was willing to take.


The strategy played to perfection, as Hirschman worked his way through the field before taking the lead on lap 62 from Chase Dowling. Hirschman, who had entered the event tied with Ron Silk for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series points lead, held off Silk on a sequence of late restarts to secure the win and the title.


“The strategy had its risks, starting dead last,” Hirschman explained. “The qualifying stuff just wasn’t worth the risk to me. I wanted to be on the track and have a shot at the end to settle it between Ronnie and myself. I took the safe route there, but in the race it had its risks.”


“It worked out,” Hirschman added. “The car has to work for you. We saved some tire early, but we left the tire in the pits to change tires that a lot of guys got. The car’s got to be right, the stagger has to come in. There’s just so much that goes into this for weeks going. You get here and it can all change really quick.”


Hirschman winning the Tri-Track Open Modified Series title may not be surprising, considering the frequency he has done so. However, the 2018 season provided a stronger challenge for Hirschman, as he was unable to win in the four-race series until Sunday at Seekonk.


“It’s our first this year,” Hirschman said. “Last year, we won them all and this year the series had four different winners. That’s just how the sport goes. We weren’t quite on top of our game earlier this summer.


“I’m just really proud,” Hirschman added. “It’s obvious we’re on a roll right now, I’m performing at my best like I did at times last year. That’s the difference sometimes. Earlier this year, I just wasn’t the best and now I am. Just really trying to keep on top and stay on my game to finish out the season.”


Ron Silk, the winner of the Open Wheel Wednesday event in July, charged to the front in the late stages to set up a one-on-one battle with Hirschman for the win and the championship.  In the end, the former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion came up just one position short.


“I think it was good.  He won,” Silk said when asked about Hirschman’s unique strategy.  “He had the right strategy.  I was a little too loose the first run and we made an adjustment.  We just went a little too far the other way.  He was a little better.  We were clearly the two best cars all year and it went kind of back in forth all year.  Today, he was just a little better than we were.”


Chris Pasteryak, Chase Dowling and Anthony Sesley completed the top five when the checkered flag waved Sunday night.


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-Story by Zach Evans, Southeast Editor

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Haunted Hundred Unofficial Results

Sunday, October 28 – Seekonk Speedway (MA)

1 60 Matt Hirschman
2 50s Ron Silk
3 75 Chris Pasteryak
4 25 Chase Dowling
5 27 Anthony Sesley
6 06 Les Hinckley
7 25MA Brian Robie
8 92 Anthony Nocella
9 24 Todd Patnode
10 88A Keith Rocco
11 176 Dana DiMatteo
12 99 Richard Savary
13 12MA Rob Richardi
14 1 Andrew Molleur
15 12 Danny Cugini
16 25NJ Calvin Carroll
17 16F Colbey Fournier
18 57x Andy Jankowiak
19 92 Brad Babb
20 3c Matt Swanson
21 0z Zane Zeiner
22 76 Matt Galko
23 50 Carl Medeiros, Jr.
24 10x Bryan Narducci
25 6MA Sam Rameau
26 82 Rob Murphy
27 13CT Dylan Izzo

Worst to First: Hirschman’s Unique Strategy Pays Off at Seekonk