CONCORD, N.C. — In 1978 Ted Johnson brought together a group of sprint car drivers to form a national touring series, the World of Outlaws. And on March 18 of that year, the series held its first ever event at Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Tex.


47 years the later, the series again returns to its birthplace to take on the Texas Outlaw Nationals this Friday and Saturday night. As the series celebrates the winners of the 1980s this year, two winners from that era, 20-time Outlaw champion Steve Kinser and 294-time series winner Sammy Swindell, will join the Outlaw regulars in competing for the Texas Outlaw Nationals title.


For the full-time competitors of the series, Devil’s Bowl Speedway is a special place with history and memories.


Jacob Allen, No. 1a Mark Pell Tire Service/Marty Thompson Investments, Shark Racing

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


“It’s fun because the historical thing is always cool – just to be part of something that’s been going on for a longtime. I like Devil’s Bowl – I made both nights there last year. I think it’s a neat thing and I’m happy to be back.”


Your father and car owner, Bobby Allen, is a previous winner at Devil’s Bowl.


“My dad’s won at a lot of places so I hope that means he’s got the hot setup to make us go faster. And I hope I can drive the car good enough to put us up in a good position to be in the dash and up front in the main, and hopefully contend for a win.”


David Gravel, No. 7 Destiny Motorsports, Destiny Motorsports

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


” It’s definitely really cool because it’s where it all started for the World of Outlaws. It’s a unique racetrack. I ran there last year and have a little bit of experience as a driver at the track. Having a couple of starts there as a driver is definitely helpful.”


Kraig Kinser, No. 11k Mesilla Valley Transportation, Steve Kinser Racing

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


“Especially with sprint car racing you hit the big three places – Knoxville, Eldora, Williams Grove. Those are the biggest races but you’ve got to talk about Devil’s Bowl. This is where it all started. It’s a big track.”


“People around there love that place. I ran there a few times really early in my career and then we went through a long dry spell where we didn’t race there until last year. It was good to be there last year and it’s definitely good to be getting back to a track that’s got that tie with the Outlaws. It’s a good feeling and hopefully we’ll have some success there.”


Kerry Madsen, No. 29 American Racing Custom Wheels, Keneric Racing

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


“That’s why I joined the World of Outlaws, to be able to race at the historic places, the big tracks. Devil’s Bowl has a huge history with the sport. Last year was my first year on there. It had a great atmosphere about it and everyone was so excited to be there which makes the event.”


Paul McMahan, No. 51 CJB Motorsports/Bair’s Tree Service, CJB Motorsports

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


“My hero won the very first final points night at Devil’s Bowl and first Outlaws race so it’s cool. Last year, going there, and seeing the No. 21 car was really cool. It’s a very historical place. It’s right up there with Knoxville and Eldora with what’s gone on over the years at Devil’s Bowl. Lanny has done a great job with the racetrack. I used to go there back when I was racing in California and the Outlaws would finish the season there. That was always a good time and I always enjoyed it. It’s a unique place with the elevated back straightaway. It’s one of the premier racetracks in the country.”


Daryn Pittman, No. 9 Great Clips, Kasey Kahne Racing

You won at Devil’s Bowl last year, how much confidence does that give your team going in to the race?


“I’m excited to go back. Devil’s Bowl is a fun place. It’s close to home, close to family. It’s a place I grew up racing at. I was excited to go there last year. I couldn’t have had a better return getting the win on the final day. I just really enjoyed it. It’s a race I’ve been looking forward to going back to since I saw it on the schedule and know that you’re going to make a return. I’m confident in our team and know that we can go there and repeat.”


Joey Saldana, No. 71m Motter Equipment, Motter Motorsports

You are one of just four Outlaw regulars who have won a race at Devil’s Bowl and you have some more experience going back years. How helpful is that to you as a driver and for your team?


“It’s very helpful. It’s cool that the track is back on the schedule – it’s where the Outlaws should be. It’s a cool race track and there’s a lot of support for sprint car racing there. It was a home run last year. I thought they had a great crowd and great race. I’m looking forward to racing there – it suits what we do really well.”


What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


“For myself my dad won the Summer Nationals and the Winter Nationals there. That was pre-World of Outlaws. I was lucky enough to win them too. That was cool winning something that my dad won too. And then it left and now it’s back on. Hopefully it continues to stay on our schedule. It’s got a great history and a lot of great racers have won there.”


Donny Schatz, No. 15 Bad Boy Buggies, Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


“Well that’s what has made the racing for guys like me that want to be out here. Everybody starts out here with a dream and you do that going to all of these historic places. Devil’s Bowl is one that was absent from the schedule for a longtime. It’s back on the schedule and we went there last year and had a great time, and we get to go back there again. It means a lot to go to those places. ”


You won at Devil’s Bowl last year and are only one of four full-time Outlaws with a win at the track. How much confidence does that give you going in to this weekend’s event?


“It doesn’t give you any confidence. What you’ve done in the past doesn’t give you any confidence for tomorrow. Experience might a little bit but just because you’ve won there doesn’t mean you’re going to go there and be good. Track prep and all of the things leading up to the race dictate a lot about what’s going to happen and how things play out. We do our best to stay on top of things.”


Logan Schuchart, No. 1s Mark Pell Tire Service/Marty Thompson Investments, Shark Racing

You don’t have much experience at Devil’s Bowl as a driver. How is that challenge different from a normal night for you?


“We go to a couple of new tracks this year, so we’ve got to go into it with the same attitude we had last year. Mostly last year the attitude we had going into every race is that it’s a new track and hopefully we figure it out when we get there in warm ups so we can have a good start to the night. At least adapt after warm ups and get a good time trial spot. Thankfully there are some notes in our notebook that will help me. I’ll at least have a car to start from and be able to adapt to the track as a driver.”


Devil’s Bowl holds a lot of history for the series and has a special connection to your family – your grandfather Bobby Allen is a previous winner.


“I’ve seen videos of my grandfather racing there. Some of the first starts the Outlaws had. That part is pretty cool. It’s definitely a different track the way it’s shaped. I enjoy going to different tracks throughout the country and I’m looking forward to Devil’s Bowl.”


Jason Sides, No. 7s Wetherington Tractor Service, Sides Motorsports

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to compete at such an historic track?


“We actually started racing there with 360s back in ’93, ’94. To go back there and run with the Outlaws – I always used to watch it on TV. It’s where the Outlaws started so there’s a lot of history there. It’s always fun to go back. Lanny and Beverly have always done a really good job with the track. They keep improving it so it’s great to go back there.”


Shane Stewart, No. 2 Eneos/GoPro/Kick-It, Larson Marks Racing

You are from Oklahoma and have raced in other regional series that make regular appearances at Devil’s Bowl. What has been your experience at the track over the years?


“A lot. It’s one of the so called local tracks that I grew up racing being based in Tulsa. Back when I started that was one of the races that we could always make was the Devil’s Bowl Outlaw races. Of course, they went there in the spring and the fall. ASCS went there a lot. I’ve raced Devil’s Bowl many times. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back there. I was really excited to see that track get put back on the schedule last year. There’s a lot of history there as everybody knows with the Outlaws. It has been one of the races that’s been on my radar since last year, even though we didn’t follow the series. I knew we were working to getting to that point this year. That is one of the races I want to do really well at. Hopefully that comes true.”


Brad Sweet, No. 49 Razor Back Professional Tools, Kasey Kahne Racing

What does it mean to you as a driver to be able to go to a track like Devil’s Bowl with a lot of history for the series?


“I grew up racing and watching the Outlaws go there. For whatever reason we didn’t go there for a long time. Now that I’m part of the Outlaws it’s nice we’re going back to a place like that that has so much history. It’s a great place. The fans come out which is nice. I just hope it’s one of those events that keeps getting built up and we go there for a long time. It puts on great racing.”


Tickets for the Texas Outlaw Nationals at Devil’s Speedway on Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25 are still available by visiting or by calling the ticket hotline at (877) 395-8606. Two day ticket packages are available for both nights. A special autograph session with the Devil’s Bowl Outlaw winners of the 1980s will be held on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. behind the main grandstand.


DEVIL’S BOWL SPEEDWAY is a high-banked, half mile oval. The track record of 13.530 seconds was established by Mark Kinser on April 24, 1999.For more event information, visit


Previous A-Feature Winners
2014 – Donny Schatz on April 18, Daryn Pittman on April 19
2003 – Tyler Walker on March 15
2002 – Joey Saldana on March 16
2001 – Craig Dollansky on March 10, Joey Saldana on October 27
2000 – Danny Lasoski on March 11, Sammy Swindell on October 28
1999 – Danny Lasoski on April 24, Sammy Swindell on April 24 (1998 Winter Nat’ls finale), Gary Wright on October 15
1998 – Steve Kinser on March 21
1997 – Mark Kinser on March 22, Mark Kinser on October 18
1996 – Steve Kinser on March 23, Mark Kinser on October 19
1995 – Gary Wright on March 18, Stevie Smith on July 29, Gary Wright on October 21
1994 – Andy Hillenburg on March 19, Steve Kinser on July 30, Sammy Swindell on October 23
1993 – Steve Kinser on March 20, Gary Wright on July 31, Dave Blaney on October 23
1992 – Stevie Smith on March 21, Sammy Swindell on June 13, Steve Kinser on October 24
1988 – Dave Blaney on March 19, Steve Kinser on June 18
1987 – Sammy Swindell on March 15, Bobby Davis, Jr., on June 20
1986 – Bobby Allen on March 9, Sammy Swindell on June 21
1985 – Steve Kinser on March 3, Sammy Swindell on June 21
1984 – Steve Kinser on March 4, Bobby Davis, Jr., on May 4, Jeff Swindell on June 22
1983 – Doug Wolfgang on April 22, Ron Shuman on June 24
1982 – Bobby Davis, Jr., on March 20, Steve Kinser on June 25
1981 – Danny Smith on March 14, Doug Wolfgang on March 21, Ron Shuman on June 26
1980 – Doug Wolfgang on March 15, Sammy Swindell on March 22, Sammy Swindell on June 27, Sammy Swindell on September 13
1979 – Steve Kinser on March 31, Sammy Swindell on September 8
1978 – Jimmy Boyd on March 18, Sammy Swindell on September 16


-World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series Press Release. Photo credit: Chris Dolack/World of Outlaws

WoO Sprints Return to Birthplace of Series This Weekend