The win list as the best of the best.  The Slinger Nationals has long been one of the biggest independent Super Late Model shows in the county.  Take your pick on what makes it such a challenge and a draw for the fans.  Perhaps it’s the rich history, the high banks, the out of towners who try to dethrone the local heroes or those track regulars who often triumph on the biggest stage in Wisconsin.

Fans unable to make it to the high-banked quarter-mile of Slinger Speedway in Wisconsin this Tuesday, July 15, can witness the next chapter of the event’s history via a live pay-per-view video stream of the Slinger Nationals from 51 TV.  Click here for more information.

The first Nationals were held in 1980 with the late Larry Detjens taking home the checkered flag.  Detjens was one of the premier drivers in Wisconsin at the time as well as one of the most popular.

51-tv-slinger-see-kensethUnfortunately, later in that same season Detjens was tragically killed in a racing incident at the Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.  It was decided to honor Detjens by naming the Nationals trophy as the Larry Detjens Memorial Trophy.

From there, Alan Kulwicki grabbed a win, then Dick Trickle pocketed four over the next eight years.  Short track royalty Butch Miller, Mark Martin and Joe Shear also won during that stretch as the Nationals would range from three to four races each season.

The 90’s saw Shear pocket three wins while Rich Bickle also grabbed a few as well.  Matt Kenseth took his first in 1994 and Butch Miller took his last in 1995.

2000 began a new era for the Slinger Nationals.  For the first time and ever since the Nationals became a single race.  Lowell Bennett won his second and would become tied as the all-time winner of the nationals when took his fourth in 2007.

The next year Matt Kenseth fourth to enter the four-timers club.  One year later Kenseth took the lead with his fifth win at Slinger.  The honor was short lived without sharing as Bennett captured his fifth title in 2010.   Kenseth would go back on top after his win in 2012.

Kyle Busch won the Slinger Nationals in 2011 and then went on to capture the Oxford 250 just a few days later.

2013 was a bittersweet year as Rich Bickle closed out his Slinger Nationals career with his fourth win after a DQ in the tech line cost Steve Apel the win.  The emotional exchange between the two drivers happened hours after the fans had left as Bickle almost refused to accept it.

The Slinger Nationals has a rich history and the win list might be one of the most impressive in the history of short track racing.

Fans can watch Matt Kenseth and the top short track stars in the country battle in this year’s Slinger Nationals.  For more or to order, click here.

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