Wisconsin SLM Star to Make Snowball Derby Debut

Casey Johnson has established himself as one of the top Super Late Model competitors in the state of Wisconsin, loading up on championships in the past five years.  Riding that success, Johnson is now ready to chase a personal dream at the Snowball Derby.


Johnson won the 2020 championships in both the ARCA Midwest Tour and the TUNDRA Super Late Model Series.  With those titles, Johnson is now a back-to-back ARCA Midwest Tour champion, as well as a four-time TUNDRA Super Late Model Series champion.


“This year was so good,” Johnson told Speed51.  “With the COVID stuff, I was worried about races being stacked on top of each other.  All the tracks and series up here, they did a heck of a job compacting all the schedules and working with each other.


“We were able to run for all these titles without everyone overlapping each other.  It just turned into an unbelievable year, it seems like it all creeped up.  We were doing a lot of racing in a short period of time.”


Now, Johnson is ready for a new challenge, one of his bucket list races as a Super Late Model racer.  The Wisconsin driver is headed south in December, making his first attempt in the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway.


“It’s kind of a dream come true, to be honest with you.  We’ve always ran a lot of big races up here and it’s always been a balance act with whether or not we could budget going down to the Derby, and then we would have to take races away up here.


“We had a good year, and we had a lot of support from sponsors, so we were able to get everything together and finally get a chance to run the Derby.”


While it will be Johnson’s first trip to the Snowball Derby, he is already doing his homework to ensure he is prepared before taking the track at Five Flags.


“This will be a rookie deal for me but I’ve watched a lot of re-runs on Speed51 last night, I’ve watched all the Blizzard races.  I’ve tried to take notes on what all the guys are doing, I’ve watched a lot of guys like Bubba Pollard.  He stays so smooth and keeps the car underneath him.”


Johnson will also be leaning on the experience of Travis Dassow, the former ASA Challenge Series champion who Johnson has teamed up with in 2020.


“I know Travis (Dassow)’s been down there a few times and he’s got a pretty decent notebook.  We’re going down there with his car, so I think he’ll be able to unload us off the trailer with a pretty good hot rod, I’ll just have to play catch-up and learn the track on my end.”


It may be Johnson’s first trip to the Snowball Derby, but he has high expectations for the weekend.


“To be honest, I want to go down there and run top-five.  It’s a huge race and I think my team is capable of it.  It’s a good thing that we know how to focus on the big picture.  I think we can run with the best of them, my expectations are really high for the first Derby.”


Race fans will be able to watch this year’s 53rd Annual Snowball Derby live on Speed51.TV. More information about the broadcast will be announced soon.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Spee51 Photo

Wisconsin SLM Star to Make Snowball Derby Debut