Wiscasset Speedway ended its 2014 season with Fall Fury on Saturday afternoon. Although the skies were overcast and the forecast called for threatening rain, track officials were able to squeeze in the majority of the scheduled races for the gathered fans to enjoy. On the agenda were Wicked Good Vintage Racers, Outlaw Mini, Prostock, New England Four Cylinder Prostock, Modified, Strictly Street, Mini Trucks, and Thunder 4’s. A Late Model Sportsman and a Napa Super Street feature had to be cancelled at the end of the night because the showers that had threatened began to move in.
An end of season celebration was held at the track after the races, in the sprinkling rain. Barbarian BBQ had set up, preparing food during race time. All track staff, drivers and their crews and families, and fans gathered on the concourse and enjoyed a meal and watched as track owners, Rich and Vanessa Jordan, along with track promoter, Ken Minott, presented awards to drivers, their crews, and Speedway staff. Trophies were awarded to division champs. In all divisions there were hard luck awards. Sportsmanship awards, and awards for most improved. For a complete list of awards that were given out on Fall Fury, please visit the website.
A Wicked Good Vintage Racers feature was the first crowd pleaser. The Wicked Good Vintage Racers visit tracks in the Northeast and race with cars from the past. Coming in first in the feature was the # 3 of David Pierce. Placing second was Bob Guyon of the #13. Rounding out the top three was the #64 of Scott Tucker in third.
Appearing this week during Fall Fury was a thirty lap Modified race. Next year, the modified class will be a regular racing division at Wiscasset Speedway. Finishing in first was the #5 of Mark Lucas. Placing second was the #8B of Jason Taylor. Placing third was the #22 of Doug McClure.
An Outlaw Mini feature was quick and straight forward. This thirty lap feature was caution free. Coming in first was the #10 of Jimmy Childs. Tim Collins of the #18X placed second. In third was the #20 of Shawn Kimball. The Outlaw Mini division champion this season was Jimmy Childs with nine top five finishes with two feature wins. Placing second was Shawn Kimball with five top five finishes and three feature wins. Third in the division was the #13 of Nate Tribbet. Tribbet had six top five wins, with one feature win.
A thirty lap Prostock feature was exciting to the finish. Placing in first was the #15X of Scott Chubbuck. Second was claimed by the #96 of Wyatt Alexander. Third place went to the #32 of Mike Orr. Division champ for 2014 in Prostock was Mike Orr. Placing second in points was Nick Hinkley of the #15. Third went to September’s Four Season Synthetic Driver of the Month, Maggie Ferland.
In the New England Four Cylinder Prostock division, a thirty lap race was held. Taking his second win of the season was the #27 of Jacob Hendsbee. Placing second was the #98 of Kamren Knowles. Placing third, was Brooke Knowles of the #9X. The chase for division champ was hard fought between Kamren Knowles and Jeff Prindall of the #24. Knowles was awarded champ. Knowles completed his season with ten top three wins and two feature wins. Prindall placed second in points and had six feature wins. Craig Dunn of the #8 was third in points for the season.
A thirty lap Strictly Street feature was action packed. Placing first was the #83 of Dan Brown. Ben Erskine of the #43 placed second. Tasha Dyer of the #32 came in third. The point race was close this year between Dan Brown and Corey Morgan of the #26. Morgan was division champ with eight top three places in ten races, four were feature wins. Additionally, Morgan won the 2nd Annual McKeage’s Top Gun Strictly Shootout. Placing second in points was Dan Brown. Brown had seven top five wins, three were feature wins. Third in points was Tasha Dyer.
The Thunder Four and Mini Truck Divisions ran their races at the same time. Placing first in Mini Trucks was the #1 of Matt Curtis. Coming in second was the #17 of Matt Weil. Division champ for 2014 was Jerry McKenna of the #12. McKenna placed in the top three in all eleven races. McKenna was one of only two drivers at the track to accomplish this. McKenna had five feature wins. Second in points was Matt Weil with five top three finishes. Third in points was Matt Curtis.
In the Thunder 4 race on Saturday, the #28X of David Stone Jr placed first. Coming in second was the #31 of Leandra Martin. Placing third was the #13 of Nate Tribbet. The 2014 Division champ was Ryan Chadwick. Chadwick was one of two drivers to have placed in the top three in all eleven races of the season. Chadwick had a seven race winning streak from June 7-August 30. Placing second in points was the #113 of Cody Tribbet. Third in points for the 2014 season was the #33 of Trey Brown.
The Napa Super Street Division did not have a chance to race on Saturday due to inclement weather. Division champion was Adam Chadbourne of the #1. Chadbourne had nine top five wins. Despite having used up five motors over the course of the season, Chadbourne overcame adversity and clinched the championship. Placing second in points was the #05 of James Osmond. Third in points was Dan Nessmith of the #48.
The Late Model Sportsman class also did not race on Saturday. Receiving recognition at the awards ceremony was the #15 of Nick Hinkley who was division champ with seven top five finishes. Hinkley had two feature wins, one on opening day, and one on the season finale. Placing second in points was Chris Thorne with six top five finishes, three being feature wins. In third place was Ryan St Clair with six top five wins and three feature wins.
There were five top awards distributed during the closing ceremony. One driver was selected from the year’s “Four Season Synthetic Driver of the Month” program to be The Four Season’s Synthetic Driver of the Year. Drivers of the month included Dan Brown, Maggie Ferland, Chris Thorne, Shawn Austin, Trey Brown. The award was presented to Chris Thorne. Thorne received a sponsorship from Amsoil which included racing oil for next season.
Track promoter, Ken Minott, said, “The Promoters Award is given to a staff member or volunteer at the Wiscasset Speedway who has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has helped make the Speedway an even better place. The award was given to Barney Brown, an electrician who works at the track.
The Pit Crew of The Year award was awarded to the pit crew of Nick Hinkley. Hinkley raced the #15 in both Prostock and Late Model Sportsman this year at Wiscasset. Each week his crew would work diligently to change the car to meet division racing requirements.
The Race Team Spirit Award was presented to the team who raced each week with enthusiasm for the sport and helped each other out throughout the year. The Award was presented to the Nash Racing Team. Members of this team include Leandra Martin, Nate Tribbet, and Cody Tribbet.
The Integrity award was given to the driver that embodies qualities that an ideal driver has. The Integrity award was presented to Chris Bowie. Bowie raced in the Late Model Sportsman Class, driving the Electricity Maine #6 car.
Wiscasset Speedway will reopen next April. We will see you then for another exciting racing season! Thanks to all the staff, drivers and their crews and families, and importantly- Thank you fans!


-Wiscasset Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Pete’s Picks

1. #10 Jimmy Childs, Leeds

2. #18X Tim Collins, Waldoboro

3. #20 Shawn Kimball, Augusta

4. #84 Michael Bolduc, Windsor


1. #15X Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin

2. #96 Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth

3. #32 Mike Orr, Wiscasset

4. #19 John Rideout, Washington

5. #15 Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset

6. #13 Nate Tribbet, Richmond

7. #04 Allan Moeller Sr, Dresden

8. #51 John Peters, Westbrook

9. #81 Dan Winter, Windham

10. #77 Maggie Ferland, Auburn


1. #27 Jacob Hendsbee, Whitefield

2. #98 Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner

3. #9X Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner

4. #99 Cameron Folsom, Augusta

5. #55 John Shorey, Alna

6. #35 Justin Tart, Lewiston


1. #83 Dan Brown, Peru

2. #43 Ben Erskine, Farmington

3. #32 Tasha Dyer, Freedom

4. #55 Larry Marshall, Dresden

5. #26X Missy Morgan, Lewiston

6. #66 Phil Main Sr, Boothbay

7. #28 William Barker, NA

8. #99X Jeff Davis, Woolwich

9. #26 Corey Morgan, Lewiston

10. #00 Kimberly Knight, Chesterville


1. #28X David Stone Jr, NA

2. #31 Leandra Martin, Richmond

3. #13 Cody Tribbet, Richmond

4. #04 Curtis Anderson, Richmond

5. #11 Cameron Childs, Leeds

6. #88 Carl Hall, Mt. Vernon

7. #33 Trey Brown, Winterport

8. #4J Joe Katula, NA

9. #5 Shawn Rines, Wiscasset

10. #42X David Stone Sr, NA
11. #26 Michael Spaulding, NA


1. #1 Matt Curtis, Freeport

2. #17 Matt Weil, Camden


1. #3 David Pierce, NA

2. #13 Bob Guyon, Monmouth

3. #64 Scott Tucker, Winthrop


1. #5 Mark Lucas, NA

2. #8B Jason Taylor, NA

3. #22 Doug McClure, NA

4. #05 Ron Henry, NA

5. #3 Dave Sprague, NA

6. #8 Calvin Rose Jr, Turner

Wiscasset Speedway Ends Season with BBQ and Racing