Wiscasset Points Leader Defends Home Turf in Boss Hogg 150

An emotional Kevin Douglass climbed out of his No. 18 Pro Stock in absolute disbelief on Sunday afternoon – after all, he did just score the biggest win of his career.  The Wiscasset Speedway Pro Stock points leader dominated the second half of the Boss Hogg 150, adding his name to the “who’s who” list of past winners.

Man, I can’t believe this!” Douglass said.  “I just can’t believe it, I can’t put it into words.  Normally, the outside guys come in and they’re better prepared, or they’ve done such-and-such and usually they dominate.

During a tumultuous first half that saw several cautions for accidents, Douglass kept his nose clean and found himself in a good position for the second half.  After Josh St. Clair and Wayne Helliwell, Jr. used up their equipment fighting for the lead, Douglass took control on Lap 80 and led all the way to the checkers.


Because teams are not allowed to pit for tires unless they have a flat, a fine balance between speed and saving must be struck.  Douglass found that balance, and was glad to see the second half of the race go caution-free.


“I was trying to save a little bit, but you can only save so much.  I just wanted to get gone and hope they couldn’t catch me at the end.  I definitely didn’t want to see a caution.”


Nick Hinckley, on the other hand, was just glad to finally have a good run in the Boss Hogg.  Past attempts at this prestigious event have not gone well, and although he ran all the way to second place, he felt like he might have had something for Douglass.


“We kind of had a game plan,” he said.  “I’ve been absolutely horrible at these races, I think my best finish is 15th and I don’t even know if I’ve finished one.  Really just trying to get drive off.  It’s too bad, I think we had a run at the end there, just couldn’t get around [the lapped car of] Andy [Saunders].


Mike Hopkins had speed in his Toyota all afternoon, pacing the third practice session.  A poor draw saw him start in the back of his heat race, and that meant he needed to work his way up through the field.  He muscled his way to third, but still finished more than six seconds behind the leader.


“It was a rough ride, I’m glad there were no cautions,” he said.  “I can’t thank my guys enough. It’s been a long weekend.  It’s been a rough last few weeks there with not getting into the [Oxford] 250.  Congrats to the 18, he was in a class of his own.  He’s been a bridesmaid a few times, so good job to him.”


2019 Boss Hogg winner Ben Ashline was all over the running order, but found his way to the top at the end to finish fourth.  Wayne Helliwell, Jr. was able to hold on to fifth, and Garrett Hall finished sixth, the last car on the lead lap.


Strictly Street winner and early-race favorite Josh St. Clair led more than 50 laps to start the race, but quickly lost the handle on his car.  He tumbled down the order, eventually finishing ninth, one lap down.


The Pro Stocks have just three more races left in the season at Wiscasset Speedway.  Coming into the Boss Hogg 150, Kevin Douglass and Josh St. Clair were tied on points at the top of the standings.


  • Story by Ian Pettigrew, Speed51.com Northeast Correspondent
  • Photo credit: Speed51.com photo


2021 Boss Hogg 150 – Final Results (Official)

  1. Kevin Douglass
  2. Nick Hinckley
  3. Mike Hopkins
  4. Ben Ashline
  5. Wayne Helliwell
  6. Garrett Hall
  7. Evan Beaulieu
  8. Scott Chubbuck
  9. Josh St. Clair
  10. Andy Saunders
  11. Kyle DeSouza
  12. Jeremy Davis
  13. Jamie Wright
  14. Joe Harriman
  15. Nick Reno
  16. Shane Clark
  17. Bill Helliwell
  18. James Osmond
  19. Ryan St. Clair
  20. Gary Smith
  21. JR Robinson
  22. Nick Jenkins
  23. Logan Melcher
  24. Austin Teras
  25. Rodney Brooks
  26. Ryan Ripley

Wiscasset Points Leader Defends Home Turf in Boss Hogg 150