After 300 laps of racing this Saturday night, the winner of the 4th Annual SRL Winter Showdown at Kern County Raceway will receive a big check for $30,000 and a brand new prize which captures the mystique of both California and the City of Bakersfield where the state-of-the-art half-mile is located.


This new trophy is certainly unique. A representation of the mythical Sasquatch atop the wooden base clutching the Bakersfield arch will make quite the addition to someone’s trophy collection, not just after this weekend, but for years to come.


300x250 SRL Winter Showdown PPV-02“We wanted a theme with the Winter Showdown. We thought that would identify how the event is evolved throughout the years, so this is the trophy we now have,” Larry Collins told powered by JEGS.


The new trophy is the idea of SRL co-head Brian Olsen, and was built by Raymond’s Trophy, a local Bakersfield trophy builder.


While the Sasquatch image is certainly eye-catching, it is the local symbol that Collins, who calls the area home, enjoys the most.


“The arch in Bakersfield is an iconic marquee here in town, it’s been something that’s been here since the 40s. It was relocated next to Buck Owens Crystal Palace, so to have that incorporated is pretty cool.”



Trophy from top to base. (SRL photo)

The Sasquatch Trophy is just one small piece in the evolving showpiece that is the Winter Showdown. Since its first running in 2015, SRL and Kern County Raceway have been making tweaks and improvements here there, some big, some small, but all with the same goal in mind; to make the Winter Showdown a traditional event that the best short track teams will look to year after year.


With the Winter Showdown coming to the Speed51 Network audience with support from PFC Brakes in 2018, it is set to be one of the biggest live audiences to watch around the country in its short history. Collins hopes that in the future race fans will want to make that trip to So-Cal in the future.


“We set out to build this thing to make it a national event, and I feel like we’ve had some success there. Hopefully the people watching on Speed51 will want to come to California and buy tickets next year. Got to make it bigger and better so we can keep this thing going.”


The 4th SRL Winter Showdown will be shown to Speed51 Network subscribers for free this Saturday, February 3. Click here to become subscriber.


-By: Connor Sullivan, CT, MA, RI & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo Credit: SRL

Winter Showdown’s Unique Trophy Adds to Event’s Growing Mystique