Win a Travis Braden Shirt By Showing Off Your Vintage Gear

As we know, race fans love to wear their favorite driver’s t-shirts to the race track, showing their pride while cheering their hero to victory.  Vintage t-shirts are also popular, celebrating favorite drivers from the past.


Thanks to a giveaway from Travis Braden, fans can win a shirt representing the West Virginia driver simply by showing off their favorite vintage t-shirt.  All they have to do is tag Braden on Twitter at @TrBraden with a photo of their chosen vintage apparel for a chance to win.


The contest was inspired during Braden’s visit to Studio 51 as part of an appearance on “The Bullring” Monday.  Braden was sporting a vintage Ken Schrader shirt he had purchased while attending the Little 500 at Anderson Speedway (IN).


“I got this shirt at the Little 500 probably two or three years ago,” explained Braden.  “Kenny and his wife had a plastic tote just filled with old t-shirts of his. I was in town, I think we were going to watch, and saw Kenny standing there so I walked up and bought a couple of these.”


Now, Braden wants to see what other vintage shirts race fans have around the country.  With just one tweet, you can show off your swag to the defending Snowball Derby champion and win one of his shirts, as well.


Show us your vintage t-shirts, tagging Travis Braden on Twitter.  A winner will be selected with the best picture of a vintage t-shirt to receive a Travis Braden t-shirt.


Braden also teased that a new line of his own merchandise may be on the way with its own vintage flair.


“We’ve got something coming up here in probably a couple of weeks.  We’ve been alluding to it if you’ve been following my Instagram stories.  We are going to have some vintage apparel, and I’ll leave it at that, of our own.  It’s going to be a retro, vintage line of merchandise.”


To see more of Braden’s interview on “The Bullring,” click here.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo



Win a Travis Braden Shirt By Showing Off Your Vintage Gear