Winchester, NH — With dark clouds looming over the track the rain held off at Monadnock Speedway this week. The program was moved along quickly to make sure all divisions were able to compete. All heats and features ran in 155 minutes.


Starting the night off were the Young Guns running their 15 lap feature. Shelby Avery started on the pole with Alex Bardon on the outside. These young racers ran another caution free race with plenty of excitement and entertainment. Shelby Avery, led the pack from green to checkered. Alex Barden stayed with Avery until lap 5 when Dylan Morse took over that second place spot and Chase Curtis moved into the third position. The last ten laps Avery, Morse and Curtis stayed the front runners for the night. Top five finishers were Avery, Morse, Curtis, Wright and Lambert.


The Lightning Stock 20 lap feature race began with pole sitter Tim Paquette and Steve Fucile on the outside. This turned out to be the second caution free race of the evening, but didn’t lack excitement. Going into lap 2 Pat Houle, who took the green in fourth, drove his way right into the lead with Tim LeBlanc not far behind, LeBlanc settled into the third place position on lap 3. Things started to heat up on laps 9 and 10 when LeBlanc makes his move on Paquette and Houle. LeBlanc conquers the leader and Houle falls off the pace. With only two laps to go Rookie Justin Littlewood makes his move on Paquette and claims third. Top five finishers were Tim LeBlanc, Richard Whipple, Justin Littlewood, Pat Houle and Tim Paquette.


The Mini Stock feature may have had a rough start, but they had a big finish. Bill Lambert and Kevin McKnight lead the pack to the green. The first yellow flag was flown before the front runners even made their first attempt on turn 3. With a faulty start, the cars were lined back up to take the green for a second time. On lap 1 turn 4 Eric Pomasko took a spin on his car’s fluids, this brought out the caution and another restart for lap 1. With 1 lap now on the books Matt Kimball turns around on turn 3, he goes to the back and another restart is attempted. Bill Lambert falls to the rear leaving McKnight leading the field. Kimball moves his way back up and takes over fifth on lap 5. McKnight will continue to lead more than half the race with Solomon Brow moving his way up to the front. Brow takes the lead on lap 16, McKnight falls back to third and Pomasko takes over the second spot. With a strong battle between Brow and Pomasko and the white flag flown, Pomasko makes the move on the back stretch and takes the checkered. Top five finishers were Eric Pomasko, Solomon Brow, Kevin McKnight, Matt Kimball and Louie Maher.


The Thunder Stocks rolled out with Paul Barnard and Richard Vincent leading the field to the green flag. The first battles for the division began with Dan Comeau taking over the fourth position while Barnard fights hard to keep Vincent from taking over his lead position. The battle quickly ended on lap 4 when Barnard goes around and he and Vincent go to the back of the pack leaving Paul Smith in the lead and Comeau a tight second. Lap 6 Comeau takes that first position with James Nowakowski stuck to his bumper on lap 8. Jason Kozacka seemingly content in his third position stays while Vincent makes a move on Smith to take over fourth. With one lap to go
Barnard gets turned around by contact with Paul Smith. The top five finishers were Dan Comeau, James Nowakowski, James Kozacka, Richard Vincent and Michelle Leh.


The skies cleared up a little for the Super Stock main event. Stuart Wheelden and Robert Hagar set the pace for this 25 lap feature. Going into turns 1 and 2 Hagar takes over the lead and dominates the field and Chris Curtis quickly moves his way up through the pack to take over second on lap 4. Wheelden moves back to third and Tyler Leary picks up the fourth position. Hagar continues his safe lead over Curtis until caution comes out on lap 10. On the restart Hagar and Curtis are nose to nose with Hagar fighting to keep that lead position. On lap 11 Curtis gets loose and sits in the grass while caution two comes out. On the restart Leary and Dennis Stange take the second and third positions and start to catch Hagar on the back stretch. Leary keeping tight with Hagar, while Scott Beck brings out caution three on lap 22. With a single file restart Hagar, Leary and Stange hold tight to the top three with Rich Fournier and Joel Monahan right behind. The checkered brought Hagar his first win at Monadnock Speedway and the only Ford in the division. The top five finishers were Robert Hagar, Tyler Leary, Dennis Stange, Rich Fournier and Joel Monahan.


The fast paced event of the evening were the Sportsman Modifieds a 30 lap feature ran in less than eight minutes. Trevor Bleau sits on the pole with Brian Robie taking the outside at the starting line. The one and only caution on lap 2 is brought out for Cameron Sontag and a quick restart brings the cars back to racing. Nathan Johnson takes over first on lap 5 as Mike Willis Jr moves his way through the pack with his eye on that lead position. With a strong battle of the Mods on lap 13 Willis takes over the lead leaving Johnson right on his tail. Bill Kimball keeps gaining as Tyler Jarvenpaa makes his way from the back to battle it out with the front runners. With lap cars to navigate Willis, Johnson and Kimball continue to hold their positions with Bleau and Ben Byrne not far behind. The top five finishers were Mike Willis Jr., Nathan Johnson, Bill Kimball, Trevor Bleau and Ben Bryne.


Monadnock Speedway will host the 15K to Win Inaugural Modified Touring Series Event on Saturday May 21, 2016. A 200 lap green flag race. This will be the highest paying purse in Modified racing to date with the total being $72,825.00. Heats start at 3:30 pm and MTS heats begin at 4:00 pm. Advanced tickets are available by contacting the speedway office.


-Monadnock Speedway Press Release

-Photo Credit: Monadnock Speedway

Willis Among the Winners at Monadnock Saturday