Sandusky (OH)-As the rest of the world ushers in the New Year on New Years’ Day 2015, the Sandusky Speedway will host one of its most tradition-entrenched races in the form of a race to be ran rain-snow-or-shine.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the Hangover Race, will bring its three racing classes (Champagne Stocks, Moonshine Stocks, and Whiskey Stocks) back to the premier half-mile automobile racing facility for the 35th time.  This race has formerly gained national attention from major sporting news outlets such as the ESPN network, mostly due to its unique racing conditions the New Years’ Day event tends to lend itself to from year to year.  The ensuing exciting, and often chaotic, racing could also have much to do with the attentions of such a prestigious outlet.

The man the race is named after, “Wild Bill” Hart, certainly had seen his fair amount of Hangover races.  Indeed, he had won several of the races.  Hart, during the first 19 renditions, managed to pick up seventeen feature event wins.  After Hart’s passing in 2012, Sandusky Speedway management decided to name the race after him as a gesture of appreciation for the Ohio motorsports legend’s dedication to the event.

The three divisions of cars, through obscure names, seem to confuse many people.  The premier class of car, the Champagne Stocks, is comprised of any car with a load bolt.  Late models with gigantic sideboards attached seem to be the competitors’ favorite in this class.  The “second tier” class, the Moonshine Stocks, consist of stock front clip cars with motors equipped with two barrel carburetors.  These cars run on 8 inch tires, either DOT-approved or from three approved racing tire manufacturers (Hoosier, Goodyear, or American Racer).  The “bottom tier” class, the Whiskey Stocks, is comprised of American made front wheel drive cars.  Any four cylinder car may compete, however the six-cylinders are limited to automatic transmissions only.

The pit gate will open at 9 am on January 1st, with the main gate opening at 11 am in sync with the start of the day’s practice hot lap sessions, while the racing events will be initiated at one o’clock pm.  Spectators will see heats and features for the three divisions of cars to turn laps around the half-mile speedplant.  For further information regarding this event or any other at the Sandusky Speedway, visit the speedway’s website at .


– Sandusky Speedway press release


New Year Hangover Race Returns to Sandusky Come Rain/Sleet/Snow