Veteran racer Louis White has scored many victories over the course of his career but none more special than his win Saturday night at East Carolina Motor Speedway (NC).  One week after being involved in the crash that hospitalized his good friend Bradley McCaskill, White put his No. 7 Late Model Stock Car in victory lane with a picture of McCaskill displayed on the hood.


“It was a real special win,” White told powered by JEGS.  “Bradley is a good friend of mine, matter of fact the car he was driving was my last year’s car that he picked up in the winter from me.  He drives some of my cars for me sometimes; he’s a real good friend of mine.”




During the Saturday, June 4 racing program at East Carolina, McCaskill was riding in the third position when the leaders tangled in front of him.  He attempted to check up, but contact was made with another car behind him.  The contact forced McCaskill to spin and end up driver’s side first towards the rest of the field.


White was riding behind McCaskill and with nowhere to go made contact with the driver’s side door of McCaskill’s No. 18.  As a handful of cars piled into the crash, White’s car ended up on top of McCaskill’s driver’s side door.  The contact forced the radiator hose to break on White’s car and the scolding hot water poured onto McCaskill causing severe burns on his hands and legs.


“One of (the leaders) came back and hit Bradley and I was looking in my mirror to see where the guy beside me was coming out of the corner,” White explained.  “When I looked up Bradley was broadside in front of me.  How I got up on top of his car I don’t know.  There were so many cars bouncing off each other and everything else, and next thing I knew I was sitting up on top of Bradley’s car.”


The frightening crash on the frontstretch at East Carolina Motor Speedway caused severe damage to White’s car, but he and his crew were motivated to repair the car and get a win for Bradley on Saturday night.


“We put it all back together and to go over there and run as good as we did and get that win it was special,” stated White.  “We were putting extra effort in to get it for Bradley and it worked really well.”


Since the crash, White has spoken to McCaskill several times on the phone and visited him at the hospital on Monday.


“He’s doing pretty good.  All in all he’s doing pretty well,” said White.


In addition to White scoring the win with a picture of McCaskill on the hood of his race car, the race track and racers came together to support one of their own on Saturday night.


“They took a banner and all the drivers at the race track signed it,” explained White.  “They’re going to give that to Bradley.  Some of the guys we race with came up to me at the race track Saturday night because they knew I was good friends with him and gave me some money to give it to Bradley.  All in all I think the whole racing community has reached out to Bradley really well.”


McCaskill continues to be treated for severe burns at the Chapel Hill Burn Center in North Carolina.  He had his first skin graft surgery last week and is scheduled to have additional surgery this week to repair more of the damaged skin. will continue to follow McCaskill’s recovery as he pushes forward and gets closer to once again driving a race car.


-By Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Annette Murray

White Scores a Special LMSC Win for Friend McCaskill