What do you want for Christmas?  That is the question we asked our great group of Speed51.com staff members this week. The responses varied, but one thing we all could agree on is that we wish everyone in the short track racing community a safe and happy holiday season.


Bob Dillner, Speed51.com Executive Editor

want #MoreShortTracks – who could want any more? But if you’re asking… I would like a trip to the Montana 200, to go to as many Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series & ARCA Racing Series events as possible and my wife, Angie, to come to the Snowball Derby. Oh, and maybe season tickets to App State Football. 


But seriously, like my Grandpa always said, all I want is peace and happiness.


Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor

From a short track racing perspective, I can only wish for more cooperation between series and tracks in 2019.  For such a small industry, there certainly seems to be a lot of drama and disagreements.  It would be great if we could eliminate some of that and have everyone working together towards the ultimate goal of making short track racing the best that it can be.


From a personal perspective, I’m always down for a good old hockey game, whether it be the Boston Bruins, University of Maine or Maine Mariners.  When cars aren’t going around in circles, hockey arenas become my second home during the winter.


Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com Northeast Editor

As with everyone else every Christmas, I am always wishing for peace on earth. To a certain extension I also wish for peace in the short track world, and by that I mean the certain differences, such as rules, schedule conflicts, etc. We all have great visions for short track racing, so let’s figure how best to go about it, please.


Dakota Geyer, Speed51.com State Editor (IN & MI)

A Super Late Model, an Outlaw Late Model, and a Sprint Car… Okay, that may not be feasible, but one can dream, right?


All I really want for Christmas is to be able to spend time with friends and family. Plus, a race car shirt or two would be cool.


Daryl Canfield, Speed51.com Tri-State Editor

As we get older, we realize that the most important thing at Christmas is time spent with loved ones, family, and friends. Could we ask for a lot of expensive gifts? Sure we could, but I will be happy with a day spent with love, great food, great times, and #MoreShortTracks on Speed51.com. 


Elgin Traylor, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

In the short track state of mind, I want to see healthy car counts in 2019.  In a perfect world, every race would have 24 or more cars. 


Evan Canfield, Speed51.com Photographer

This year for Christmas, I would love a Super Late Model with a new Five Star Race Car body on it. I am also hoping to find some new racing shirts under the tree because you can never have enough racing apparel.


Jeremy Anders, Speed51.com Northwest Editor

This year for Christmas I have two big things on my list. One, I’m just hoping to get to spend more time with my family for the year after spending the last two years traveling and on the road four to five days a week. My second wish is for a pair of sunglasses. During my travels this year, I’ve gone through eight pairs of sunglasses that have been lost or broken at different tracks across the country. Maybe we can get a Speed51.com sunglasses advertiser to handout free sunglasses to our staff.


Rob Blount, Speed51.com Associate Editor

For the last two years I said I wanted a new general manager for my favorite hockey team, the New York Islanders. This year I finally got that, plus a new head coach for the team, too. So far things seem to be going pretty well over there, so I’m just going to wish for good health and continued happiness for all of my friends and family, especially my girlfriend Catherine, my parents, and my brother.


Tom Ryan, Speed51.com Digital Manager

What I would like for Christmas is a brand-new shiny bike so I can ride it all over the countryside in North Carolina. It doesn’t have to be electric but I would like it to have some gears so I can climb in the mountains of Europe when I go on vacation this summer in Switzerland. 


Zach Evans, Speed51.com Southeast Editor

In some ways, I feel I already have the best Christmas present I could ask for, knowing I will have more opportunities to check off bucket-list races and cover more short track racing for Speed51.com in 2019. My New Year’s Resolution will be to keep getting better at sharing what happens there with our fans, so they can feel like a part of the action when they aren’t able to make it out to the track themselves.


If you made me pick a Christmas wish, though, seeing the Carolina Hurricanes make the playoffs sometime in the next decade wouldn’t be bad.

What Does the Speed51.com Staff Want for Christmas?