Mark Martin, one of NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers, once said, “You never know when it’s going to be your last win.”


That phrase is often thought about when drivers go through a winless streak and it was certainly on the mind of veteran racer Steve Dorer during the JEGS All Stars Tour race Saturday night at Anderson Speedway in Indiana.


Steve Dorer climbs out in victory lane for the first time in nearly a year. ( photo)

Steve Dorer climbs out in victory lane for the first time in nearly a year. ( photo)

The 44-year-old racer had not won a race it nearly a year. In fact, it was last August, in an Outlaw Late Model race at Spartan Speedway in Michigan that he most recently finished first.  So, when he climbed out in victory lane at Anderson, a place that he won the Redbud 300 three years earlier, it felt exponentially good.


“I worry about winning a race every year and thankfully we got that out of the way,” Dorer told powered by JEGS.  “We have been good a lot of times this year, but it seems like we had a monkey on our back.  And then tonight, with the rain, I got all nervous and wondered what if the track would change, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it, but we got to the finish line and man, this is terrific.”


The Florida driver led the 100-lap race from green-to-checker, but the victory was not as easy to claim as one might think.


Everyone knew severe storms were on their way to the city just to the northeast of Indianapolis.  At lap 42, just eight laps before the halfway point in the race, which would have made the event official, those storms arrived.  Officials halted the race, but persevered through an hour and a half delay to resume the race.


“I really hated to see that, but I didn’t want to win it that way,” admitted Dorer.  “The way we won it is the way we are supposed to win it.  It was fun.  Would you take it (if it rained at halfway)?  Sure; especially because we haven’t won one (in a while).  I’m glad we got back to green and raced this way to win.”


15 year-old Grant Quinlan. ( photo)

15 year-old Grant Quinlan. ( photo)

The veteran Dorer had to hold off the late-race advances of 15-year-old JEGS Tour rookie Grant Quinlan.


“He got up on the wheel on the restarts and they said he has been running good behind the zero (car of Josh Nelms),” explained Dorer.  “I put a little more effort into getting going there for a while cause I was in a little bit of cruise mode.  At the end, I probably had a little better tires.”


“It wasn’t for the lack of trying (that we didn’t we this race),” said Quinlan.  “We tried.  We got into the 10-car (Dorer) and knocked the toe-out a little bit and it was kind of tight from there on out.  We were close.”


For Dorer, the victory was just a sigh of relief.


“I told the guys when we took the checkered flag, man I am glad that I didn’t let you down today,” he said with a smile.  “I know in the last year we let seven, eight, ten of these things slip by us for whatever reason.  I’m just glad we were able to do it today.”


By Bob Dillner @bobdillner – Owner,


Unofficial Results – JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour

1 10 Steve Dorer 100
2 28 Grant Quinlan 100
3 99 JJ Haley 100
4 4 Dalton Armstrong 100
5 12 Dan Leeck 100
6 24 Chris Hacker 100
7 97 Jaxson Jacobs 100
8 0 Josh Nelms 100
9 8 Marc Jacobs 100
10 40 Jordan Miller 100
11 13 Hunter Baize 100
12 20 Cole Rouse 100
13 12Z Mike Zielezinski 98
14 128 Jack Smith 85
15 7 Kevin Willis 85
16 11 Keith Sterkowitz 78
17 81 Tristan Van Wieringen 70
18 71 Corey Deuser 57
19 52 Jack Dossey, Jr. 41
20 56 Jerry Andrews 14
21 88 Trent Snyder 3
22 5 Dominique Van Wieringen 3

Wet Weather Doesn’t Dampen Dorer’s Drought-Snapper