West Virginia Racer Hoping for Strong World Challenge Showing

This weekend will be a busy one for FASTRAK Racing Series competitors, as they will take on I-77 Speedway in Ripley, West Virginia for two nights during the FASTRAK World Challenge. West Virginia native Troy Frazier is looking for a strong weekend at a track he doesn’t visit much in his home state.

Earlier this year, Frazier competed in the UBB 29 Miners Memorial at I-77 with the FASTRAK Series. It proved to be an eventful evening, where Frazier salvaged a 14th place finish.

“We got the wall on the first turn of the first lap of qualifying,” Frazier told Speed51. “We made up for it in the heat race, finished third, maybe. In the feature, we just held our spot. That’s what we’re looking for, we need some more forward traction out of the corner.”

This weekend, Frazier is ready to take some chances in hopes of finding speed to improve on his last showing at the 3/8-mile bullring.

“We may just throw a Hail Mary right off the bat and see what our lap time is,” said Frazier. “Then we can tune the car from there. That’s what the plan is, but plans change pretty quick when you’re racing. We may just go back to what we had, and it may work. There’s times when we go to the race track the same and we won, and there’s times you can’t even get out of your own way. It’s just funny how racing works sometimes.

“Our biggest fear is tires, I just want to make sure we go down with enough tires. We just had the shocks re-done and stuff like that. We’re going to take extra shocks as well. We don’t really run that track much, so we’re trying some different stuff. Hopefully it works.”

Frazier is perhaps best known in FASTRAK circles for his nickname – “The Mad Mexican.” Frazier says the nickname developed as a result of friendly needling from a former co-worker.

“That name comes from a guy I used to work with,” Frazier explained. “He said I was a Mad Mexican. We’d do stuff, and just to get on my nerves he’d say, ‘You’re a Mexican’t’ or ‘You’re a Mexiwon’t.’ I would just be like, ‘Whatever, Dave.’ He’d say, ‘You’re just a Mad Mexican all the way around.’

“My brother used to race and I told him he needed to put that on his car. When I started racing, we put it on there. The guy with Blizzard Wraps came up with a scheme for it, and it came out pretty good.”

It’s a unique nickname, and one that has led to plenty of interactions at the track when fans, drivers and more want to hear the story behind it.

“It helps to get our name out. I’m not saying we’re dominant anywhere we go, but it helps get us some recognition with the car. It brings people around the car and we talk, it’s a conversation starter. You meet a lot of good people. It’s funny.”

So, is Frazier quick to anger as the nickname suggests?

“I’m not saying I’m short-tempered, but when you get mad enough sometimes you have to throw something.”

Frazier hopes he won’t be throwing anything this weekend at I-77 Speedway. He believes getting off on the right foot in qualifying will put him in contention to run well throughout the two nights of racing.

“A guy loaned us a motor because we put ours up about a month ago. He’s going to help us get the tires to get down there. I’d say a good qualifying time and finish a top 10 or top eight would be a success for us right now. We’re hoping we can make the show pretty easily, and then if we can’t pass, ride our spot out.”

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-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans
-Photo credit: Speed51.com photo

West Virginia Racer Hoping for Strong World Challenge Showing