Once again mother nature attempted to spoil the efforts of Golden Sands Speedway on Friday night, but she was unsuccessful. Rains came during the practice sessions, but qualifying was able to start right on time. It was Subway Sub Night and powder puff qualifier race #2. Nicky Johnston (5) dominated the powder puff race, taking home the win and advancing for a chance to win some jewelry from Paul Gross Jewelers.

Super Stock racing action began with Matt Raykowski (6) picking up fast time honors. Jake Capek (81), who ran double duty picked up the win in heat number 1 and Brian Weinfurter (24) grabbed the checkers in heat 2. In the feature event Marv Flick (90) jumped out to the early lead. Hard racing action back in the back caused the Weinfurter car to spin in turn 1 and Raykowski made contact with the back of the 24 car with his passenger side door. Both drivers were able to continue and Weinfurter ended up making a late pass on Flick to pick up the feature win. Brad Scholze (87) and Matt Ciesielski (21) were also involved in a caution after Scholze spun off of turn 2 and the 21 making hard contact to the right rear of the 87 ending both of their nights. Finishing second was Flick, 3rd Phil Malouf (32), then Tim Hintz (1) and John Zuch (8) rounded out the top 5.

Next on the track was the Element Mobile Super Late Models. Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) qualified fastest on the night. Travis Volm (7-11), Matt Pyburn (71), another double duty driver tonight, and Jeff Weinfurter (3) all took home heat wins. There were enough cars for a last chance race in which the top 2 advanced and Chad Devine (54) and Jeff Weinfurter were able to run away and transfer into the feature event. Wyatt Blashe (78) took the lead early after starting first, but soon had Natalie Decker (04) complete the pass on him to take over the top spot. Fast Frank Nitzke (18) kept making his way to the from though and would soon take over the lead from Decker. Nitzke held on for the win over Decker, Mike Egan (44) picked up 3rd, Blashe 4th, and Gregorich 5th.

The Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks were happy to be back on the speedway for the first time this year, and the way they showed it was a lot of 3 wide racing action. Kyle Genett (16X) grabbed fast time. Mike Kasperek (08) and Dan Weinfurter (4) won the heat races. Jake Capek (81) was able to fend off the fast timer Kyle Genett and win the feature event. Carter Kauth (97) Karl Genett (16K) and Dean Ashbacher (38) was the rest of the top 5. A big crash in the feature saw unfortunate circumstances for the Scott Ciesielski (72) as he spun off of turn 2 from contact and ended up losing both left side wheels. One hopped the rail off the back stretch and the other rolled down just short of victory lane. Thankfully, Scott was unharmed.

The last class of the evening was the 4-Cylinder Stock class. The always exciting 3 and even 4 wide racing was back on track and looked familiar because Kelly Sankey (88), last year’s dominate champion picked up fast time. Brandon Polansky (8) and Cheri Kurth (07) took heat wins, but no one could stop Sankey again as he picked up the feature win. Brandon Knoblock (71) lost the right front tire on his machine coming out of turn 4 and made hard contact with the water barrels along the front stretch wall. Brandon was physically fine after the accident, but the car sustained heavy damage. The rest of the top 5 behind Sankey was George Seliger (06), Kurth, Mike Wegner (20) and Luke Betro (1).

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday June 13th for School’s Night Out! There will be kid’s stock car rides from 7:15pm – 7:30pm. Time trials will start early, at 6:15pm and the classes running will be the Super Stocks, Element Mobile Super Late Models, Pure Stocks, 4-Cylinder Stocks and Cruisers.

Weinfurter, Nitzke, Capek and Sankey pocket wins at GSS