At the biggest race of the season, drivers want to make sure that they do everything right. From preparing their race cars, to the crew they bring down everyone, has to be on their A-game in order to have the best shot at the win at the Snowball Derby in Pensacola, Florida.


One of the biggest elements at the Snowball Derby is the game played with tires, and every driver wants to be ahead when it comes to tires. A name that goes hand in hand with the tire game is Wesley Weed who is better known around the track as “Weeder.”


300x250 Snowball Derby (Oct) 2017This year, Weed will take on Five Flags Speedway with a whole new deal as he has created a new incentive for those who use him to do their tires. For teams who use Weed the weekend of the Snowball Derby and Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100, there will be bonuses for their finishes.


The bonuses are posted as follows; For the Snowball Derby, if the driver wins the race it will be $1000 to their car owner. The bonus then drops to $800 for second, $600 for third,  $400 for fourth, and $200 for fifth.


A similar incentive is up for the Snowflake drivers as well as the winner receives $500, second is $300, and $100 for third. The drivers must have the stickers on the tires that signify that Weed had been a part of your tire program.


Most people work at races to get paid but Weed had a different idea on why he offered this bonus program for this years Snowball Derby.


“I really want to give back to the people that support Weeder Nation,” said Weed. “If we all work together it’s a lot cheaper for everybody in the long run.”


For those who may not know of Wesley Weed, his stats speak for himself on why he is one of the most renowned tire guys to be found at the short track. He wants to add another win to his long list of accomplishments.


“We have won three of the last five Snowball Derbies. There is no higher feeling in life than winning the Grand Daddy of them all to end the year.”


With Weed’s help on high demand, he has recruited the help of some of his friends to ensure that people will have the best working with them on their tire program.


“Many people have been asking for my help so I have put a team together to do this. Dalton Myers has helped me the last two years and this year we have added Ben Hammock and Michael Mulder,” said Weed. “We have Alex Lacognata coming for the weekend if we need it. Mulder has won numerous races on the West coast and Dalton has been kicking (butt) in the Northeast.”



Weed’s team has been recruited from all over the country and they will all make their way to Five Flags Speedway the weekend of December 3rd to take on America’s most prestigious short track race.


For more information on the bonuses being offered the weekend of the Snowball Derby or inquiries about availability, Wesley Weed can be contacted at 704-490-0216 or private messaged on Facebook.


Story by: Hannah Newhouse – Southeast Correspondent


Photo by: Jay Becker

“Weeder” Launches New Bonus Program for Snowball Derby