BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA – 13 year-old Brandon Weaver became the first driver in Kern County Raceway Park track history to win races in two different divisions on a single night, winning both the SRL S2 Tour Series and Legends mains during Race to Stop Hunger / Eyewitness News Night.

Weaver started last in the 14 car S2 Tour series field to take a $300 bonus, but had charged to the fifth position by lap eight, and was up to second one lap short of halfway on lap 19.  Weaver took over the lead from Bakersfield’s Cory Elliott on lap 21 and took off for the commanding win.

“I can’t even explain how amazing this is,” Weaver said.  “I figured since they were inverting 10 and there were only 14 cars, I figured there was nothing to loose.  I seem to get more focused as the race goes on.  I get a bit nervous at the beginning but my nerves calm down and I hit my marks.”

Fellow Bakersfield teenager Blaine Perkins finished second with May 17th winner Kenny Smith third.  Bakersfield’s Chris Morrison won the $100 to win Trophy Dash as well.

In the 30 lap Legends feature, Weaver started in the eighth position but shot up into fourth by lap two.  Incoming points leader Eric Olson led the first 15 laps before Weaver took over on lap 16.  Olson and Garrett Fine tangled on lap 20, and the ensuing restart allowed Tony Mangini to lead just the 21st lap.

Weaver was able to take the lead back on lap 22.  He overcame a lap 27 restart for the win with Tony Mangini second ahead of brother Tim.

Brian Richardson scored his fifth NASCAR CITGO Lubricants Late Model win, taking a one second victory over Eric Richardson and Buddy Shepherd in the first of the twin 35s for the CITGO Late Models.

15 year-old Racin Vernon led the opening three laps before loosing the top spot to Lance Wilson.  Wilson led through a lap 17 restart, before picking the outside in what was ultimately his undoing.  Wilson spun in turn three, handing the lead to Richardson who never looked back.

Wilson spun again working his way back through the field on lap 24, and 14 year-old Shepherd took the opportunity to challenge Richardson for the lead.  Richardson was able to step away for the win and to extend his points lead.

The second of the 35 lap events was dominated by Eric Richardson, who took the lead on lap two from Josh Horn.  The race slowed on lap 18 for a crash on the backstretch that ended Cole Adamo and Trevor Schlundt’s races.  Richardson went on unopposed to score his first win of 2014 by half a second over Brian Richardson and Wilson.

Tyler Bannister won his fifth consecutive INEX Bandolero race, getting the 25 lap main ahead of Sammy Nuno and Brenden Lynch.  Bannister started fourth after the invert and worked his way into the lead by lap three.

Braden Rogers ran second for much of the race before hitting the wall on lap nine to end his night.  A scary moment occurred on lap 15 when Troy Morris III had a stuck brake pedal but he was able to bring the car to a stop.

Chris Dalton won his fifth NASCAR Spec Modified feature over Jim Coffey and fast-time qualifier Brock Thompson.  Dalton has had a perfect season thus far while defending his 2013 championship.

Kern County Raceway Park goes dark on June 21st but will return to action on June 28th for Jim Burke Ford Night.

Major marketing partners at Kern County Raceway Park include Budweiser, CITGO Lubricants, Monster Energy, Advance Beverage Company, Coca Cola, NAPA Auto Parts, DC’s RV Center, Three-Way Chevrolet, and Whelen Engineering.

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June 14, 2014 Race to Stop Hunger / Eyewitness News Night
Kern County Raceway Park – Bakersfield, CA

NASCAR CITGO Lubricants Late Model – 35 laps #1
1) 4 Brian Richardson, 2) 44 Eric Richardson, 3) 22s Buddy Shepherd, 4) 28 Trevor Schlundt, 5) 13 Josh Horn, 6) 15 Lance Wilson, 7) 51     Racin Vernon, 8) 40 Cole Adamo, 9) 19 Eric Olson, !0) 07 Troy Morris, Jr., 11) 5 Chris Dalton, 12) 12 Hugh Stubblefield, 13) 22 Shane Thompson 21:48.427

NASCAR CITGO Lubricants Late Model – 35 laps #2
1) 44 Eric Richardson, 2) 4 Brian Richardson, 3) 15 Lance Wilson, 4) 22s Buddy Shepherd, 5) 13 Josh Horn, 6) 51 Racin Vernon, 7) 5 Chris Dalton, 8) 07 Troy Morris, Jr., 9) 19 Eric Olson, 10) 40 Cole Adamo, 11) 28 Trevor Schlundt, 12) 22 Shane Thompson, 13) 12 Hugh Stubblefield 16:59.878

SRL S2 Tour Series – 40 laps
1) 15 Brandon Weaver, 2) 50 Blaine Perkins, 3) 43 Kenny Smith, 4) 29 Cory Elliott, 5) 77 Travis Irving, 6) 0 Bill Waters, 7) 99 Chris Morrison, 8) 81 Nastasia Dodd, 9) 4 Dylan Baker, 10) 42 Carlos Quintero, 11) 5 Dylan Garner, 12) 45 Dave Lowenstein, 13) 44 Karon Lowenstein, 14) 59 Johnny Butler 15:41.090

NASCAR Spec Mod – 25 laps
1) 13 Chris Dalton, 2) 8 Jim Coffey, 3) 2 Brock Thompson, 4) 25 Gary Dutton, 5) 20 Mark Allan 8:51.626

INEX Legend – 30 laps
1)15 Brandon Weaver, 2) 7 Tony Mangini, 3) 2 Tim Mangini, 4) 31 Eddie Garone, 5) 71 Josh Ayers, 6) 5 Garrett Fine, 7) 19 Chad Actis, 8) 24p Colton Page, 9) 54 Kevin Boyer, 10) 17 Eric Olson, 11) 25 Lawless Alan 19:27.112

INEX Bandolero – 25 laps
1) 51 Tyler Bannister, 2) 15 Sammy Nuno, 3) 7L Brenden Lynch, 4) 66 Alexis Mann, 5) 07 Troy Morris III, 6) 29 Braden Rogers 14:44.762

Weaver Wins both Legends and S2 Tour at Kern