We at Speed51.com have decided to give away a free year-long subscription to the Speed51 Network to two lucky people.  It’s real simple to win, and you’re sure to have some fun while doing it.


First off, head on over to Speed51.com and watch our weekend free-view of the first Short Track Presidential Debate, which is made possible thanks to the fine folks at JEGS.


Next, head on over to our Five Star Facebook page.  We want you to like and share episode one of the Short Track Presidential Debate on Speed51.com.  Once you like and share episode one, you will automatically be entered to win.


The same goes for our PFC Twitter, too.  All you need to do is follow @speed51dotcom and retweet episode 1 of the Short Track Presidential Debate on Speed51.com.


Once you’re entered it’s all up to fate.  Two random winners, one for Facebook and one for Twitter, will be contacted on our social media pages.


So get sharing, race fans, and be sure to tell us who you think won the first Short Track Presidential Debate as well.


-Text by Speed51.com Staff

Watch & Share Short Track Presidential Debate to Win Big