One of the fastest quarter-mile bullrings in the country, Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval in East Wenatchee, WA, will get a little younger in 2020 with the addition of a new Junior Late Model division. This will be the first Junior Late Model program in Washington state.


“We feel like now is the time to add a Junior Late Model program to our region. We’ve had a lot of interest, and drivers are now traveling out of the region to race in program at tracks like Madera,” WVSO General Manager Jeremy Anders told


A number of tracks in the states of California and Nevada have launched successful Junior Late Model programs in recent years.  Madera Speedway (CA) was the first to the launch the program and has since gained national attention for producing drivers to the next level like NASCAR K&N star Hailie Deegan, Toyota Racing Combine winner Jesse Love and more.


In 2019, the Champion Racing Association (CRA) will also be debuting a new Junior Late Model touring series in the Midwest region.


“Our number one goal is safety,” Anders stated.  “We will be working on a few things for this division and track to make sure that the drivers are safe while racing these cars.”


The division will feature drivers 12-16 years old drivers with 11-year-old drivers to qualify if they have previous Junior Late Model experience. All drivers will have to go through an application process to be able to race the program.


“This is a stepping stone for drivers,” Anders said.  “We want to make sure they have experience; we’re not going to let just any kid off the street jump right into a 400 horsepower race car. There are a lot of young, talented drivers in the Northwest coming up through Micro-Sprints, Quarter Midgets, Bandoleros, Legends and more. This will give them an opportunity to stay closer to home and transition into the next level of racing.”


The division will consist of full-scaled Late Model that will run on the 970 tire and have engine restrictions, similar to other programs across the country.


The class will officially kick off in 2020 for the full season but there will be an exhibition race at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval in 2019 during the Northwest Super Late Model Series event on September 21.


“We’ve talked to some teams in the Northwest and there has been a lot of interest in drivers wanting to participate. Our hope is those drivers that have been jumping into Late Models at 14 and 15 to race will know have some time to get behind the wheel and improve on their experience while racing others in the same level.”


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-Text by: Staff

-Photo credit: Wenatchee Valley Super Oval

Washington Track to Add Junior Late Models in 2020