Washington Champion Adjusting to Sim Racing in Rowdy Series

The Rowdy Energy Super Select Series powered by Speed51 has allowed real-life Super Late Model racers to compete against each other and some of the top short track sim racers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Two-time Northwest Super Late Model Series champion Brittney Zamora has taken full advantage of the service, competing full-time in the series.


While the pandemic has changed life as we know it, Zamora has stayed busy through various activities, including sim racing with the Rowdy Energy Super Select Series. With that said, she admits everything still doesn’t feel the same without being able to go to the track every weekend.


“I’m used to going to school, which is online. But it’s a little different now because I can’t leave the house to go to the racetrack on the weekends. School and iRacing has been keeping me really busy,” Zamora told Speed51’s “The Bullring”. “The Super Select Series is a ton of fun, we’re actually building a sim rig now to get away from the office chair a little bit and get to the real feel.”


The Washington driver has had her share of the sim world’s version of mechanical issues, anywhere from internet problems to issues with her computer. Saturday night’s race at Lucas Oil Raceway went off without a hitch for the first time during the series’ season, allowing her to compete against a field of short track stars and a NASCAR champion.


“I feel like I’ve had just about every issue that you can probably have with your computer but we’ve been able to overcome them and get to racing. Our server has quit on us and it was kicking me out of races and we’ve had problems with a power surge in my computer, and then modem issues,” she said.


“I think we’ve got the problem solved, I was able to race this weekend with no issue. Now I’m actually able to go in and have full practice sessions so I could prepare for the race. Before, I couldn’t even practice and qualifying would be my first laps. It’s getting a lot better.


“It’s a lot of fun to be racing with people all over the world. Kyle Busch has been in there a few times. Just trying to get a bit of normalcy back in our daily lives.”


While iRacing provides a very similar experience to being behind the wheel of a real-life race car, the feel of being in a Super Late Model can’t be completely matched in a sim setup. It continues to be something Zamora is getting accustomed to during this time.


“For me, it’s a little bit tough trying to adapt to the feel. I’m used to getting the feel from my seat and what the car’s doing from the wheel and the seat for me. You don’t have that aspect on iRacing so it’s something I’ve had to get used to. Once you get the visual down you can understand the depth perception on iRacing. It’s just second nature from there, you go back to everything you’ve learned your whole life racing and it’s a lot of fun, I’m glad we’re able to do it.”


Sim racing allows drivers to do what no other sports are able to do, which in turn also keeps fans and sponsors involved and interested in the sport.


“It gives NASCAR a good spotlight too because no other sport has that availability to keep promoting themselves right now during this time. It gets fans interested, it gets sponsors involved, gets the drivers back into some sort of a seat, so I’m really glad we have this opportunity.”


Click here to watch a replay of Monday afternoon’s “The Bullring”.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3
-Photo Credit: Northwest Super Late Model Series

Washington Champion Adjusting to Sim Racing in Rowdy Series