Kenny Wallace and Kyle Strickler kicked off night one of the Second Annual North Carolina Modified Nationals at Friendship Motor Speedway in Elkin, North Carolina by putting some cold hard cash in their pockets. Both picked up Renegades of Dirt Feature wins and $1,000 each in preparation for Saturday’s main event that will pay $10,000 to the winner.


Wallace started on the pole in the first main event. During the opening lap, Wallace and Patrick Lyon got together in turns one and two, allowing Lyon to get the lead.


Jared Hawkins would spin to cause a full restart. On that restart, Wallace was able to get the lead over Lyon.


James Shafer would spin to bring out a caution, allowing Lyon to restart on Wallace’s bumper. On the restart, Lyon would get by Wallace and take the lead.


With about three laps to go, Lyon got loose coming out of turn four and had the save of the night, but it allowed Wallace to sneak by and take back the lead. Lyon would not be able to catch back up to challenge as Wallace drove to the win.


“I need to apologize to Patrick for the start. I went down into turn one at the start of the race and I drove in too hard and went into those holes,” Wallace explained. “I slammed into him. The whole right shock is gone off the car and the front end is all towed out. I almost pulled in. I think that is a lesson from Dale Sr., just run with what the hell you got and it paid off.


“I knew I had to do something to get the win as I was not happy to lose the lead. I tried to clean the top off and I couldn’t do it. So I said, OK lets go back to the bottom. I don’t know what happened to him, but it was pretty scary. I was underneath him and I think he got into the wall. I was on a mission and it was a helluva dirt race.”


Derrick Ramey was third with Billy Workman Jr. in fourth. Tyler Evans rounded out the top five.


Kyle Strickler and David Stremme teamed up to make a Lethal Chassis one-two finish in the second twin main event.


Strickler would get the lead at the start of the race, but like in the first, an opening lap crash caused a full restart when Bryan Anderson, Michael Turner, Chris Meadows and Frankie Hall got together in turn four.


On the restart, the “High Side Tickler” took his favorite high line and bolted to the lead and wasn’t challenged, even when he chose to run the low side around the 3/8-mile oval.


Kyle Strickler won the second twin feature on Friday night. ( photo)

Kyle Strickler won the second twin feature on Friday night.

Strickler would get away for his $1,000 payday and some momentum leading into Saturday night’s 60-lap main that will pay $10,000 to the winner.


“It got a little rough on the top side, but if I could have gotten a good run up there on the initial start, which allowed me to clear and get to the bottom,” Strickler said in victory lane. “There was a lot of cars on the racetrack tonight and the weather they had, they did a heck of a job getting it ready.


“David Stremme and all of the guys at Lethal Chassis, we are all putting in some hard work and it is definitely paying off. I am just so proud of the entire organization. These things are hot rods and we are barely scratching the surface.”


Jake Hawkins finished third with Shon Flannery coming home fourth. Cody Parker rounded out the top five.


Steve Banal won the SECA Late Model Main event.


Randy Powell won the Xtreme Stock 4 feature and Kasey Shane won the UCAR feature.


Saturday’s action will get underway at 6pm at Friendship Motor Speedway. 51 TV will have live coverage start at that time.


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Renegades of Dirt

North Carolina Modified Nationals

First Twin Feature Results


  1. Kenny Wallace
  2. Patrick Lyon
  3. Derrick Ramey
  4. Billy Workman Jr.
  5. Tyler Evans
  6. Paul Snyder
  7. DJ Cline
  8. KC Burdette
  9. Chris Dickson
  10. Tanner Wilson
  11. Jared Hawkins
  12. Rick Aukland
  13. Robert Poole
  14. Kevin Miller
  15. Jason Brookover
  16. Kyle Peterson
  17. Rich Robinson Jr.
  18. Ryan Toole



Second Twin Feature Results

  1. Kyle Strickler
  2. David Stremme
  3. Jake Hawkins
  4. Shon Flannery
  5. Cody Parker
  6. Ryan Ayers
  7. John Sluka
  8. Rich Michael
  9. Joe Godsey
  10. Robbie Evans
  11. Greg Brown
  12. Frankie Hall
  13. Chris Meadows
  14. Taylor Cook
  15. Max McLaughlin
  16. Kenny Johnson
  17. David Reutimann
  18. Chris Arnold
  19. Michael Turner
  20. Bryan Anderson


– Kevin Ramsell, Director of Business/Midwest Editor. Twitter: @KevinRamsell


Wallace & Strickler Flex Their Muscles at NC Natl’s