Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville will be hosting the North/South Super Late Model Challenge, a tri-sanctioned race between the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco, the ARCA/CRA Super Series, and the CARS Tour Super Late Models on Saturday, April 7. This upcoming weekend will bring another building block to the Super Late Model career of Matt Wallace. Wallace is looking forward to the weekend ahead which he hopes will strengthen his team’s success overall. 


After an extremely successful Pro Late Model career, Wallace makes his step up into the world of Super Late Models where he’s continuing to advance his talents as well as growing with his crew. The weekend ahead means more learning and more seat time, but Wallace is still searching for more. 


“I think we definitely have a lot of room to gain on things to get where we need to be. As far as a stepping stone I think we’re in the right progress. We don’t race as much as we need to, so we just need to race more and get better to be more competitive.”


More and constant seat time is a common theme among drivers who are looking to get better and improve as a team. As of right now, Wallace is currently scheduled to run around 20 or more races, but is unsure of the exact number.


“Right now, we’re trying to find more marketing partners to allow us to race more late model races, ARCA races, things like that. You know, just keep moving up the ladder.”


The 22-year-old takes into consideration everything involved in the game of NASCAR. With his season ahead looking better and better with each race added, Wallace is hoping that the more experience he has under his belt combined with what he’s learning every time he gets out on the track will propel him forward. 


“Right now, we’re just kinda in the middle of the stepping stone of what we want to become. Eventually we can have a full on Late Model program where we can field development drivers, and things like that. As far as myself, I’m using it as a tool to get better and eventually go through the ranks of NASCAR.”


After some struggles in New Smyrna during Speedweeks, Wallace is more than ready to bounce back to himself. 


“Down at Speedweeks we fought a lot with the handling of the car, we didn’t have the finishes we wanted to have. We came back and re-evaluated what we had, re-evaluated our program.”


Wallace had six top-ten finishes in seven nights of the World Series, but still hungry for more, himself and his team set out to figure out their best plan of attack for Nashville.


“We found out what worked and what didn’t work and just putting our best package together to go to a racetrack that I feel I’m very good at and ran competitive at in the pro cars.”


Coming from a strong Pro Late Model career, Wallace is striving for the same results in his Super Late Model. The St. Louis, Missouri native has a lot of aspirations for his up and coming self this weekend. 


“Absolutely, every week we try to have the mindset that we get better and I definitely think we’ll go to Nashville with a strong car, but of course there’s a lot of competitive drivers there.”


Aware of the competition but also his own strengths at Fairgrounds Speedway, Wallace is confident they could be the first car across the finish line. 


“We’re going there as strong as we can and we have as good of an opportunity as most people do. Some others race every week and they have a little more leeway on us but, were going in with everything we got.”


Back to the same song and dance about seat time, Wallace re-iterates that once his team and him make it to more races he believes they will be more successful. This weekend ahead holds a lot in store for Wallace as he prepares to take on Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville for the North/South Super Late Model Challenge. 


Race fans who can’t make it to Nashville can watch all of the action live on Speed51.com via a pay-per-view broadcast. Fans can purchase their live video ticket by clicking here.


-By Kendra Adams, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @2KendraAdams

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

Wallace Seeking Success and Seat Time at North/South SLM Challenge