In 2004, Steve Wallace won the Snowball Derby driving for car owner Richie Wauters. After Saturday’s North/South Super Late Model Challenge at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville (TN), it’s pretty safe to say that a reunion won’t be taking place any time soon.


Early in the 100-lap race, contact was made multiple times between Wallace and Mason Mingus, who was racing for Wauters on Saturday. The final bit of contact came in turn three when Wallace got his No. 66 underneath the back bumper of Mingus’ No. 5 and Mingus went head-on into the wall at the historic race track.


Mingus’ front-end was pancaked, knocking him out of the race. Wallace was parked by the race officials (the race was tri-sanctioned between the ARCA/CRA Super Series, Southern Super Series and CARS Tour). 


A few minutes later, a video by Tim Clagg surfaced on social media showing a brawl already underway between Wallace, Mingus, Wauters and members of their crews and families. 


In the days since the events took place, both drivers have since taken to social media to explain their sides of the incident.


Mingus took the blame for the fight, saying on his Twitter late Saturday night that, “I waited until he was exiting the tunnel heading to his hauler before I jumped on his golf cart and did what I hope will make him think twice about continuing to wreck people. I normally hold myself to a higher standard than to run around starting pit fights but sooner or later someone is going to get hurt due to his reckless driving.”


Mingus continued by saying, “I haven’t received anything but ‘thank you’s’ and praise for what I did because everyone has been a victim to Steven Wallace at some point.”



Wallace took to his Facebook on Monday and shared a cell phone recording of’s highlight video with the caption, “He did the same thing to me but I didn’t run out of talent over correct and drive my car wide open threw (sic) the wall!!! #truthhurts.”



Wallace followed that up by sharing a cell phone recording of Tim Clagg’s video with the caption, “Last fun fact!!! This video is about 30 seconds late into it. I didn’t get my ass beat. Me and my wife we’re (sic) on a golf cart when I got jumped by three guys.”


The full on-track incident between Wallace and Mingus can be seen below.


To see the full highlights from the North/South Super Late Model Challenge, click here.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51 Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

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Wallace, Mingus Share Thoughts on Crash & Fight