February 20, 2017 — Volusia Speedway Park staff and management worked through the night Sunday to provide support to the family and friends of the participants involved in the incident in the pit area outside of Turn 2 during the World of Outlaws feature event portion of the program and to further evaluate all aspects of the situation.


Prior to the 46th annual running of the DIRTcar Nationals, the safety measures in place at the speedway have done their job. Under its current ownership since 2005, no race car has compromised a catch fence at the speedway. The safety arrangement in Turns 1 and 2 at Volusia Speedway Park includes an earthen reinforced steel guardrail on the racing surface, a buffer area and a cable reinforced steel catch fence.


The catch fence protecting the pit area at the exit of Turn 2 utilizes a different configuration than that which is used around the balance of the facility. As a result, in addition to repairing the catch fence, the pit area closest to the racing surface in Turn 2 will be closed to all competitors, participants and officials for the remaining six nights of racing. While not affected by the incident Sunday night, a small set of bleachers intended for use by competitors and crew members that would have fallen within the restricted area has also been removed.


“Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of our racing family injured Sunday night, and we are encouraged by the reports of the excellent care they are receiving at Halifax,” said Brian Carter, CEO of Volusia Speedway Park.  “We have implemented additional safety measures and are very proud of our emergency medical personnel and their response to the incident.”


-Volusia Speedway Park Press Release

-Photo credit: DIRTcar

Volusia Speedway Park Statement Clarifies Safety Procedures