The Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance found themselves on the card Saturday evening at Wyoming County International Speedway. Twenty-three drivers registered for the event but by the end of night, Chris Volger found himself in Victory Lane.


The No. 40 of Jason Dinzler and the No. 5 of Sam Rotunda lead the field to the green flag with stiff competition in their rearview mirrors.


Dinzler pulled out to the front to take the lead early with the No. 91 of Dylan Bancroft falling into second right behind him.  Rotunda, after making contact on the backstretch with Robert Fink, brought out the first caution of the night on lap eight.


Due to unknown issues, Bancroft was forced to give up his second place running position and retire to the pits.


Chris Vogler, who had been knocking on Bancroft’s back door, inherited the outside pole for the restart.  Vogler was able to take over first and lead by a comfortable margin until Nick Robinson, who weaved his way up from an 11th starting position, stole the second spot from Shaun Frarey in the span of six laps.


Vogler and Robinson spent several laps battling side-by-side for the lead, Vogler coming across the start-finish line just one orange bumper ahead every time. A caution for the No. 14 of Paul Flye on lap 23 stacked the battling duo up for another restart.


Robinson was able to get the jump on Vogler, but a red flag halted the action once again.  The No. 13 of Aaron Higgins and the No. 17 of Amber VanOrden got hooked together in turn 4 and required track officials to tow them back to the pits.


Once the race resumed, the No. 75 of Zach Willis, who started 10th, gained seven positions in five laps, and took over second.  With seven laps to go, the final caution flew for a spin in turn two.  On the restart, Vogler chose the top lane, a decision he would later say was due to the No. 51 being “a rocket on the outside”.


Volger and Willis went side-by-side through turns one and two, while the second row of drivers, Joel Gleason and Eric Hadley, made contact and spun in front of the field.  No other cars were caught up in the spin and Vogler was able to pull out his first win since the Sandra Vogler Memorial in 2016.  Willis and Super Stock rookie driver Cole Hicks rounded out the podium.


“The race was awesome,” Volger said in Victory Lane.  Volger added that he considers Wyoming County “his” track, making his first win in two years a little sweeter.


Thanks to Big Time Service for their sponsorship of the 50-lap event at Wyoming County. Join us

next week on August 10 at Spencer Speedway For C&D Automotive Night.


Feature Finish: #51 Chris Vogler, #75 Zach Willis, #46 Cole Hicks, #38 Frarey, #15 Robinson,

#81 Reese, #40 J. Dinzler, #71 Hadley, #5 Rotunda, #25 Gleason, #90 Peckham, #17

VanOrden, #84 Schoonmaker, #13 Higgins, #3 Underwood, #14 Flye, #64 S. Dinzler, #29

Frisbie Jr, #12 Larrivee, #7 Hunter, #6 Miller, #91 Bancroft, #78 Fink


Heat Winners: #51 Vogler, #40 J. Dinzler, #91 Bancroft


(After review, the 5 car was scored wrong on the last lap, our mistake, cars from 9th back were paid (1) position extra, the points will reflect the corrected finish)


– Shylo Fuchs / New York Super Stocks Press Release

-Photo Credit: Mark Ranalletta

Vogler Conquers the Bullring With Sunoco New York Super Stocks