Virginia Racer Scores First World Series Win in Nailbiting Finish

Conner Jones and Hunter Wright battled to a side-by-side finish in the Pro Late Model portion of Night Three at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.  At the conclusion of the 35-lap race, Jones edged Wright by a margin of 0.063 seconds according to electronic timing and scoring.


The win was Jones’ first in a full-bodied race car, coming at one of the truly historic venues in short track racing.


“It’s great,” Jones said on the NBC Trackpass broadcast about his first World Series win.  “I never really thought of anything like this.  I’ve never won in a big car like this.  It’s great.”


Over the second half of the race, Jones withstood several challenges from Wright before finishing side-by-side against the Tennessee racer.  Jones said the objective was simple during the closing laps.


“Don’t screw up,” said Jones.  “That was basically the whole scenario right there.  I screwed up a couple of times to let the 29 under me.  That last one, I got tight and he got into my rear, got me loose.  We were still able to get to the finish line first.”


Wright was pleased with both the runner-up finish and how cleanly his battle with Jones played out.  Without much in the way of damage to repair, Wright can focus on finding speed during Monday’s off day for Pro Late Model teams.


“We’re still lacking a little bit,” said Wright.  “I was just trying to make a move when I had a chance.  He ran me clean and left me plenty of room, so I wasn’t going to run all over him for the win.  It was a good, clean race between us.  We’re still lacking a little bit, but fortunately, we won’t be spending tomorrow fixing the car, we’ll be spending it making it faster.”


Will Cox completed the podium, scoring anothere strong finish in his Donnie Wilson Motorsports entry.


“Just making sure that your car is stable, that your team sets up the car right, which Donnie Wilson does every single time.  It was a little tight, but we were able to pull through.”


Cox was in a precarious position watching the two leaders battle for the win, but knew his car was in the right position should the battle between Jones and Wright go awry.


“It was crazy, but thanks to my great spotter Brendan Lines, we were able to be right on top of them.”


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Pro Late Model Night Three Unofficial Results

114Conner Jones2
229Hunter Wright6
33Will Cox4
451Stephen Nasse3
581Jett Noland8
626SKody Swanson7
75BJade Buford10
876Jerick Johnson12
912Justin Drawdy14
1015Jean-Phillipe Bergeron1
118Chad Butz16
125Jerry Artuso15
1377HColt Hensley11
1441Hayden Sprague28
1523Steve Schultz17
1653Zachary Tinkle13
1730Spencer Bragg19
1811David Weaver27
1912NYChase Williams20
2017Kevin Folan24
215MJeremy Miller9
2238Josh Hicks5
239Braison Bennett18
2477Andrew Scheid21
2588Paige Rogers22
26149Max Calles-McDonald23

Virginia Racer Scores First World Series Win in Nailbiting Finish