Scoot Bloomquist is best known by short track racing fans for his intimidating driving style when wheeling the No. O Dirt Late Model on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and World of Outlaws Dirt Late Model Series.  But “Ole Bloomer” knows how to have some fun, too.

51 stumbled across the video below earlier today and found it too funny to not pass along to short track racing fans.  Take a look at the video to see him wheeling a makeshift go-kart (we think that’s what it is) around his shop at a fairly fast speed.


” New Sweet Chassis ”

Posted by Sherry Lough on Monday, April 13, 2015


Scott or anybody else who may know exactly what this machine is, send us an email at [email protected]  We’re sure everyone out there would like to know how this creation was put together and what exactly it is.


(Editor’s Note: Early indications are that this machine is what they call a “Razor Crazy Cart.”)


And Scott, maybe you should put a helmet on while you’re at it, too.


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Video: Bloomquist Wheels Makeshift ‘Thing’ Around Shop