When most people hit 55 years old they start to evaluate their life and consider scaling back what they’re doing.  Whether it’s at the day job as they close in on retirement or any hobbies that are physical in nature, it’s usually time to dial it back and slow down.  But that isn’t the case for Dirt Modified driver Kenny Tremont.  There’s no slowing down in Tremont’s plans.  He’s been going fast for too long.


Between racing the Super DIRTcar Series, racing at Albany-Saratoga Speedway (NY), Lebanon-Valley Speedway (NY) and Devil’s Bowl Speedway (VT), Tremont told viewers of “Let’s Talk Racing” on Devil’s Bowl’s Facebook page that he has plans of running close to 65 races in 2017.


Dirt Mods 300x300 (1)That’s certainly not slowing down in any way.  And who could blame Tremont if he did decide to dial things back?  After all, he’s been racing since the year the original Star Wars came out in 1977 when he was just 15 years old.  Seven Star Wars movies and 30 years later, Tremont has amassed more than 340 wins.


So why does Tremont keep coming back for more?


“I think it’s the competitiveness,” Tremont told the show’s host Justin St. Louis and track promoter Mike Bruno.  “Just because you had a great season the year before, you can come back and have a bad year and be like ‘What happened?’ I think that’s the desire that makes me want to come back and run well.”


When Tremont hits the track for the first time this year in his No. 115 Big-Block Modified he’ll be doing so with a Troyer chassis. He made the switch back to Troyer in 2016 after racing a Bicknell chassis in recent years.


“We sold all of our Bicknell stuff,” Tremont explained.  “Everything will be Troyer.  I just felt it was getting stale.  Bicknell has really good people.  I just felt as though I needed a fresh start.  We just didn’t run as good and I needed to try something different.”


Tremont told the “Let’s Talk Racing” hosts that he plans on racing full-time at Devil’s Bowl Speedway once again where he has seven track championships on both the dirt and asphalt.


Tremont said he hopes to even run a couple of races on asphalt again at Devil’s Bowl.  He said he has plans to run the season opener as well as the Vermont Championship Weekend in September.


When asked by a fan on the Facebook Live of “Let’s Talk Racing” why Tremont continues to race at Devil’s Bowl where he has accomplished so much, Tremont said “It’s a little bit of everything” that brings him back.


“It’s a pretty part of the country, as odd as that sounds.  I like the landscape and the setting. It’s a little bit more laid back and there’s nice people there. The people that you race against are honest people and I like being a part of that.”


Being an honest person is one of the reasons why Tremont was nominated for “Best Personality” in this year’s Speed51 Awards in addition to a couple of other categories.  Tremont said he just tries to be a good person to people.


“I think it goes back to the golden rule of how you’d like to be treated.  I am nice to people and treat them like a human being because that’s how I want to be treated.”


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-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Daryl Canfield/Speed51.com photo

Veteran Tremont Showing No Signs of Slowing Down in 2017