COEBURN, VA – Kres Vandyke claimed another Wallace Kia LMSC division win Saturday at Lonesome Pine Raceway. Vandyke used a late-race restart to power his No. 15 to the lead and claim his second victory of the season at LPR.

Ryan Stiltner started on point for the 100 lap LMSC feature. Stiltner and Beane battled door-to-door until the second circuit, when Stiltner was able to clear the No. 31 for the lead.

A three car spin in turn three would bring out the first caution on lap six. Stiltner would charge back to the lead on the restart.

Finchum – on the move – had made his way into second-place by lap 18. Finchum would hold in second-place while Stiltner continued to lead.

The second caution of the night waved on lap 48 when the No. 55 spun on the back straightaway.

Kres Vandyke celebrates in victory lane with his crew and family. (Drew Hiewarter/

Kres Vandyke celebrates in victory lane with his crew and family. (Drew Hiewarter/

Stiltner would elect the outside, placing Fincum on the inside for the restart. Finchum powered on the inside line to take over the lead. Only one lap could be completed before the caution waved for a spin on the backstretch.

Finchum would again power his No. 19 to the lead on the restart. Trouble for Flemming and Gray in turn three as the two would go spinning up the track and bring out the caution on lap 77. Finchum – the leader – was forced to stop to avoid the accident and was placed at the rear of the lead lap cars (sixth-place) per race procedures.

Back under green, Stiltner and Vandyke raced into turns one and two, made contact and allowed Blevins to power around both. Blevins would enjoy the lead for only a short time before the caution waved again for a two car pileup on the front straightaway.

Vandyke charged back to the lead to restart the race and never relinquished to claim his second win of 2014 at Lonesome Pine.

With the green flag waving, Kirby Gobble took the lead to start the 30 lap Street Stock feature.

The caution waved on lap 13 for a two car spin in turns one and two and would set the field for a restart. Gobble would again power to the lead and dominate the remaining laps to claim his fourth Street Stock win.

David Brown was on the pole following an invert of two positions in the Mod-4 division. Brown powered to an early lead on lap one. 11 laps would be completed before the first yellow flag would wave for a spin in turn one.

Brown would again power to the lead, but Williams was battling hard for the top spot and would take the lead on the following lap.

A three car pileup on the backstretch triggered another caution and an eventual red flag on the speedway on lap 20.

On the restart, Williams would use the inside line to power around the No. 13. Williams would lead the remaining laps en route to his first victory of 2014.

Keith Helton broke to the lead on the opening lap of the Pure-4 race.

John Ketron would dive his No. 26 to the inside of Helton on lap five. The two would continue to race hard until Ketron could complete the pass on lap nine.

Ketron never relinquished his lead and drove to his third victory of the season.

Nasty Jones took the lead from Brad Ball on lap two of the Pure Street and Iron Warriors combined race. Jones led all the remaining laps to claim his first win since 2003. Aaron Ratliff won the Iron Warriors portion of the race.

Brandon Crumbley took the lead on the opening lap of the Rookie Pure-4 race. The caution was displayed on lap three for a three car wreck involving Crumbley, Deese and Jeter.

Derrick Gilliam inherited the lead for the restart and drove on to take the checkered flag.


LMSC (100 laps) – Unofficial:
1. 15 Kres Vandyke
2. 19 Chad Finchum
3. 22 Ryan Stiltner
4. 31 Thomas Beane
5. 97 Brian Blevins
6. 10 Jake Keaton
7. 37 Adam Gray
8. 34 Terry Stone
9. 99 Matthew Eades
10. 55 Mardy Roberts
11. 60 Justin Fontaine
12. 6 Jonathan Flemming
13. 35 Sam Steffey
14. 2 Keith Stiltner
15. 75 Jenna Wagner
16. 40 Chris Tunnell
17. 6 Jared Bruner
18. 9 Dink Torbett

Street Stock (30 laps):
1. #3 Kirby Gobble; 2. #25 Rob Austin; 3. #6 Chris Tunnell; 4. #11 Jeff Counts; 5. #11r Sam Hurd; 6. #21 Jeff Williams; 7. #3b Cliff Partin; 8. #5 Joe Evans; 9. #8 Jared Bruner; 10. #19 John Harrell; 11. #16 Freddie Taylor, Jr.; 12. #1 Jamie Whitt; 13. #11b Jamie Meadows

Mod-4 (30 laps):
1. #73 Chucky Williams; 2. #88 Joshua Gobble; 3. #45 Billy Duty; 4. #7 Rocky Yates; 5. #31 Carey Brown; 6. #9 Hershell Robinette; 7. #36 Evan Sheets; 8. #01 Ron Hensley; 9. #33 John McClanahan; 10. #1 Jody Lane; 11. #22 Brian Hunt; 12. #49 Brett Compton; 13. #2 Dennis Arnold; 14. #13 David Brown

Pure-4 (25 laps):
1. #26 John Ketron; 2. #74 Keith Helton; 3. #28 Jason Ketron; 4. #00 Jon Pittman; 5. #16 Jackie Jackson; 6. #33 Bruce Crumbley; 7. #88 Dan Hall; 8. #22 Jason Yates; 9. #44 BC Penley; 10. #06 Bill Livesay; 11. #2 Kenneth Street; 12. #94 Mitch Gibson; 13. #14 Jonathan Feagins; 14. #27 Mark Meade; 15. #17 Tracy Bailey

Pure Street (15 laps):
1. #13 Nasty Jones; 2. #7 Duke Bare; 3. #17 Brad Ball; 4. #33 Iggy Greer; 5. #9 Rusty Ratliff; 6. #22 Emma Stiltner

Iron Warriors (15 laps):
1. #12 Aaron Ratliff; 2. #97 Elvis McCoy

Rookie Pure-4 (15 laps):
1. #34 Derrick Gilliam; 2. #11 Jackson Austin; 3. #00 Craig Phelps; 4. #16 Michael Nelson; 5. #53 Mook Jeter; 6. #27 Chris Meade; 7. #2 Cody Blackwell; 8. #88 James Gailey; 9. #06 William Jones; 10. #25 James Deese; 11. #7 Brandon Crumbley; 12. #94 BJ Large; 13. #01 Jack Clevenger

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– Lonesome Pine Raceway Press Release.  Photo Credit: Drew Hierwarter/

Vandyke Capitalizes on Late-Race Caution to win at Lonesome Pine