MANHATTAN, Kan. — Every once in a while we are blessed with the presence of an individual who, through selfless acts of courage, inspire us to do remarkable things we never thought possible.


It’s rarely on purpose. Instead, these people don’t necessarily inspire through the words they say but rather by the super-human strength they show in bearing a cross most of us could never fathom carrying.


Grant Junghans was one of those people.


This past Saturday night while many of us were watching or competing in the sport we cherish, and celebrating the end of dirt track racing’s annual hibernation, Grant raced beneath the final checkered flag that all of us will someday take.


As evidence of his impact on the racing community and those with whom he crossed paths, news of his passing quickly circulated through social media, and by morning enough tears had fallen to soak every dirt track on the planet.


And while we mourn the loss of a great friend, great competitor and great teacher, we can rejoice in the lessons he taught us. Never give up and cherish every moment of your existence. We owe him that much.


It’s safe to say that no better race has ever been run than the 27-lapper Grant Junghans just completed.


All of us at the USMTS-employees, officials, competitors, sponsors and fans-will miss you, Grant. Our deepest sympathies are with Grant’s family and close friends. To his parents, thank you for bringing him into this world and sharing him with us.


Information regarding memorials, funeral arrangements and more will be announced in due time. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Grant on his website at or his Facebook page at


-United States Modified Touring Series Press Release

-Photo Credit: United States Modified Touring Series

USMTS Pays Tribute to Late Racer Grant Junghans