With the 2016 racing season in the books, we know that many short track racers out there are already hard at work preparing for the 2017 season.  As racers begin preparing their cars for the upcoming racing season, all of us at Speed51.com want to see the progress made in the shop.  That’s why we’ve started the hashtag #51ShopPics.


We want all racers everywhere to send us pictures of their cars in the shop using #51ShopPics on Twitter as they prepare for another racing season.  Whether you drive a Super Late Model or a Street Stock or anything in between, we want to see it.  If it’s completely put together and ready for the season (because we know some of you are crazy like that and are already prepared for the first race), or it’s still just a frame, we want to see it and other short track racing fans want to as well.


The homepage of Speed51.com powered by JEGS has a Twitter box on the right side of the page where all tweets that use the hashtag #51ShopPics can be seen.  With visitors from all over the world checking in daily on Speed51.com, your shop pics will be seen by millions of racing fans.


So be sure to tweet those shop pics, racers.  Because even though you won’t be getting cabin fever, the rest of us will, and looking at those sweet shop pics will be the perfect way to cure the itch until the season begins.


-51 Sports.  Photo Credit: Kenny Lang Twitter

Use #51ShopPics to Show Off Your Shop Pics to Race Fans