The Gulf Coast Midget Championship, USAC’s newest racing series, has announced a six-race schedule at two Texas venues for the 2017 season.


Stephenville’s 281 Speedway serves as the host of three dates including the series opener on April 1. In addition, the series visits the ¼-mile dirt oval on June 3 and the series season finale on August 5.


The ¼-mile dirt Superbowl Speedway in Greenville greets the USAC Gulf Coast Midget Championship on three occasions during the 2016 campaign as well on April 29, May 27 and July 29.


All cars participating in the series must appear and fit the guidelines of a traditional midget. Cars powered by spec engines such as the Honda/Ford Focus, Volkswagen or the Chevy II with an entirely stock-production head and block, etc. do not have a minimum weight. For all purpose-built racing engines, cars must meet a minimum weight of 1035 pounds (including driver).


All 1000cc or greater upright cars are eligible to compete without a minimum weight and may be chain-driven and utilize a traditional driveline or quick-change rear-end.


All four corners of the car must be fitted with Hoosier Tires. On the right rear, teams may use the SP2, SP3 or SP4. A D12 tire or harder compound must be used on the left rear.


A maximum 10-inch-width right rear rim may be used. However, a maximum 12-inch width tire may be mounted to the 10-inch rim. Cars with 1000cc engines can use a maximum 12-inch wide right rear wheel rim.


Only one right rear tire can be used for an entire racing event (heat race and all features) unless it is inspected and determined by a race official to be flat or a potential safety hazard. If another tire is required, the replacement tire must be of the same compound and brand as the tire being approved for removal. All tires will be marked following hot laps.


To compete in the USAC Gulf Coast Midget Championship, drivers must be at least 14 years old and a licensed member as a driver with USAC Speed2.

For more information on the USAC Gulf Coast Midget Championship, please contact Jon McIntyre at [email protected] or by phone at (214) 288-4375.
Apr 1: 281 Speedway (Stephenville, Texas)
Apr 29: Superbowl Speedway (Greenville, Texas)
May 27: Superbowl Speedway (Greenville, Texas)
Jun 3: 281 Speedway (Stephenville, Texas)
Jul 29: Superbowl Speedway (Greenville, Texas)
Aug 5: 281 Speedway (Stephenville, Texas)
-USAC Press Release


USAC Announces Schedule for New Gulf Coast Midget Championship