Unique Format & Special Kiss Awaits Wheelman Drivers

It’s hard to come up with an original idea in racing these days. Since the first car race was held back in 1895, promoters have continuously tried to top one another in car count, on-track action, and atmosphere surrounding their events. So when Brandon Ford Wheelman Series owner Steve Dorer witnessed the Vermont Milk Bowl on Speed51’s Short Track America on MAVTV one night, he knew a cool idea when he saw it.


“I watched the whole thing and I thought it was a really cool format,” Dorer said on Speed51’s The Morning Bullring on Monday. “So hats off to them for coming up with something so cool and unique. A three-segment format and the winner kissing a cow. I tried to incorporate that into something down here, and I came up with three segments of 33 laps, with 10 minute intervals in between the segments that they all stop on the frontstretch. They can do anything they want to their car in 10 minutes, except for changing tires.”


Heralded as the season finale for the Brandon Ford Wheelman Series, the first annual High Kick 99 will be held Saturday, October 26 at Citrus County Speedway and already entries are lining up out the door for this unique event to the Sunshine State.


“We’ll start them straight up in the first segment based on qualifying,” Dorer continued. “At the end of the first segment we’ll do a complete invert for the second segment, and then at the end of the second segment we’ll do another complete invert for the third segment. The guy who wins the third segment will get a nice little trophy. But the overall winner will be the guy who accrues the fewest amount of points by finishing the best out of all three segments. He’ll win the grand prize of the payout as well as the High Kick 99 trophy, and he’ll also be lucky enough to be the guy to kiss the donkey that we’ll have there for all the kids to see.”


But why a donkey?


“Well, I couldn’t use a cow because that’d be a direct copy of the Milk Bowl, so I came up with something else. I couldn’t name it the ‘Jack A– 99’ or the ‘Kiss My A– 99’ obviously for media and promotional reasons. So I came up with the High Kick 99 and we figured the drivers that have nicknamed us already would come up with the rest.”

Race fans who want to witness this unique brand of racing but can’t make it down to Citrus County Speedway can witness all of the Brandon Ford Wheelman Series High Kick 99 live on the Speed51 Network. If you don’t have a premium subscription to Speed51, you can sign up here for $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year.


– Story by: Allick Jorgensen, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @AJorgensen24

– Photo credit: Brandon Ford Wheelman Series

Unique Format & Special Kiss Awaits Wheelman Drivers