The two-time defending winner of the legendary Oxford 250 at Maine’s Oxford Plains Speedway isn’t sure just how much racing he’ll be doing during the 2015 season, but Travis Benjamin is certain that wherever he races this year there will be just one goal for his race team.


“We just want to win races,” Benjamin told powered by JEGS.  “I don’t care where it’s at.”


Benjamin takes the checkered flag in the Oxford 250 (Benjamin Motorsports Photo).

Benjamin takes the checkered flag in the Oxford 250. (Benjamin Motorsports Photo)

Benjamin took home trophies from two Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North races last year, both of which were at Oxford, including his second straight win in the 250.  While he said at this point in time his schedule is in question after the first six PASS North events of the season, race fans can count on marking their calendars for August 30 to watch Benjamin make his attempt at tying Ralph Nason’s record of three straight Oxford 250 wins.


“Everybody is excited about it,” said the 2013 and 2014 Oxford 250 winner.  “It was cool to hear everyone last year saying, ‘You won it once, but can you do it again?’ and now that we did it again they’re saying, ‘He’s going after Ralph’s record.’  That’s definitely the number one goal.”


As a result of his back-to-back $25,000-plus paydays at the Oxford 250 and a $20,000 win in the Re/Max 250 Super Late Model race at Speedway 660 (Canada), Benjamin is actually in a pretty good financial place to start off the season.


“I won’t lie,” began Benjamin, “between the 250 the last two years and the win at Speedway 660 I’m sitting better than I ever have before.”


Part of the reason why Benjamin has yet to commit to running the full season is a fear of tearing up equipment and throwing away money if he’s not in the title hunt.  But let it be known, if the team is rolling and making a charge at their second PASS North title, the Morrill, Maine driver will do his best to keep racing.


“Most likely we’ll do all we can,” said the 2012 PASS North champion.  “If we’re running well we’ll stick with it.  If I can keep my sponsors happy and we have the budget to keep doing it then we’ll keep doing it.”


The other reason Benjamin’s schedule is up in the air is due to the time he wants to spend with his seven-year-old son, Kaiden.  Kaiden plays

Benjamin congratulates Kaiden before a race (Benjamin Motorsports Photo).

Benjamin congratulates Kaiden after a race. (Benjamin Motorsports Photo)

baseball as well as races go-karts at Richmond Karting Speedway (ME).  Benjamin explained that he doesn’t want to do anything to risk a good future for his son.


“When I was in my twenties it didn’t bother me to go take out and loans to do this,” said Benjamin referring to his racing career.  “But I’m in my mid-30s now and I don’t want to do that anymore.  I’m not going to take out a loan to go racing.   So I’m not going to dig myself into a big hole to go racing.  Not unless it’s for my son.”


While Benjamin isn’t sure of whether or not he’ll be running the full PASS North schedule this upcoming season, there’s no question that he’s excited about the races that are on his schedule already.


“You look at the series and we’ve had four different champions in four years,” he said.  “Every year we have eight different winners.  The series is awesome.  It’s very competitive and the rules are pretty decent.  And I think we’ll be strong.”


-By Rob Blount, Northeast Editor & Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount & @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo Credit: Benjamin Motorsports Photo

Two-Time Oxford 250 Winner Taking it Step-By-Step in 2015