With Christmas just days away and almost everybody taking part in some last-minute shopping, we checked in with a few racers from around North America to find out what they’d like to get from Santa Claus this year.


We called up Canadian driver Patrick Laperle to find out what he wants Santa to bring him this year, and we were interrupted by Laperle before we could even finish the question.


“Oxford 250!” said Laperle.  “The trophy from that and the check that comes with it.”


graphic smyrna world seriesBut Patrick, that race is in August, and it’s only December.  Plus, don’t you want to win the race?  But if you really just want the trophy and the check, well maybe good ole St. Nick can arrange that one for you.


Although, after the way you spoke earlier this year after a disqualification at Airborne Park Speedway (NY), are we sure you’re not on the naughty list?


After getting off the phone with Mr. Laperle, we decided to give Wisconsin Super Late Model driver Natalie Decker a call to see what she’d like to find under the tree.  Her gift was certainly one that is more affordable than Laperle’s.


“What I want under the tree is the Dr. Seuss book ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ because when I was little I gave all my Dr. Seuss books away because I thought I was too old for them.” said Decker.  “But I have decided to be a kid at heart forever.”


Any Dr. Seuss book is a classic, so we hope that you will find that under the tree on Friday morning, Natalie.


NASCAR K&N Pro Series East driver Spencer Davis is still technically a kid at just 16 years old, so we gave Spencer a call as well figuring that he’d maybe want a new XBOX One or Playstation 4 or Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots or something like that.


“That’s a tough one,” Davis replied.


Is it, though?  We’re just a couple days away, Spencer.  You can’t think of anything at all?


“I’d like to see a lot of race car parts under my Christmas tree,” Davis said, finally.  “A bunch of boxes from JEGS would really be great.”


Okay, Spencer, you’re a racer.  We can’t fault you for wanting car parts, and you definitely are choosing the right place to order them from, too.


Lucas Oil Modified driver Dylan Cappello wants what just about any 19-year-old kid wants under the tree, and that’s money.  But unlike many 19 year olds, he doesn’t want to spend that money on clothes or other material items.


“A check from our sponsors so we can do a lot more racing in a lot of different places next year would be great,” said Cappello.


How about multi-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race winner, Woody Pitkat?  Would a Sherriff Woody action figure from Toy Story have him happy?


“I really want everybody to be happy and healthy and to have a good holiday,” said Pitkat.  “And hopefully everybody gets what they want from Santa Claus.  But for me as a racer I’d like to land a Modified Tour ride.”


So you’re saying no to the Sherriff Woody action figure?


“I’d really like a NASCAR Modified Tour ride.”


We can totally understand that, Woody.  Unfortunately, that might be out of our budget, but hopefully someone in the Northeast can help you out with that.


Former SRL Southwest Tour champion Derek Thorn and Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series driver Jared Landers both said they just want to make memories with their families during the holiday season.


“An all-expense-paid deer hunting trip for my boys and I,” said Landers.  “There’s more fun and memories made with a family hunting trip that they will never forget.”


“A lot can get put on the back burner during race season,” said Thorn.  “So the holidays are a great time to catch up with and enjoy time with the family.  That’s the best present you could ask for.”


We tend to agree with that, Derek.  We hope that everyone gets to enjoy some quality time with their families throughout the holidays, and that every single one of our readers has a safe and Merry Christmas.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

Trophies, Dr. Seuss Book & Parts on Racers’ Christmas Lists