Thousands of short track racing fans made their way to over the past three weeks to help crown the greatest pavement short track racer of all-time.  After six rounds of voting in the Short Track Bracket Challenge, race fans from all around North America have voted the late Wisconsin racer Dick Trickle as the greatest to ever race on pavement short tracks.


pfc-anim1Trickle blistered through the Midwest region and defeated Jody Ridley in the “Pavement Four” to earn himself a spot in the championship against Modified legend Richie Evans.  While Evans gave Trickle a run for his money throughout the two days of voting, it wasn’t enough.  Hundreds of votes were cast and Trickle ultimately defeated Evans with 59.67% of the vote.


Over (an estimated) 1200 wins highlight Trickle’s short track racing career.  He raced and won in everything from the ASA National Tour to the ARTGO Challenge Series to the NASCAR Xfinity Series and beyond.  He also won prestigious races like the Slinger Nationals, Florida Governor’s Cup, Oktoberfest and the World Crown.


That’s not to mention the success that Trickle had racing at local short tracks all around the Midwest region including his home state of Wisconsin.  When the No. 99 showed up to a race track no matter where it was, those in the pit area knew they had their work cut out for them.


Eventually Trickle made his way to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series where he became the true representative of grassroots racing in America.  He was the face of short track racing, he still is the face of short track racing and there’s a good chance he’ll always be the face of short track racing.


Dick Trickle is the greatest short track pavement driver of all-time and the Short Track Bracket Challenge just further solidifies that fact.


Fans wanting to take a look at the full Short Track Bracket Challenge that started with 64 of the greatest pavement short track racers of all-time can do so by clicking here.


-By Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

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Trickle Crowned Greatest Pavement Short Track Racer