BRADFORD, VT – Old Timer night sponsored by Sabil & Sons at Bear Ridge Speedway (VT) saw old and new on the track with over a dozen “Old Timers” making the circuit around the Ridge for the annual visit on Saturday night.

In the DIRTcar Bond Auto Sportsman Modifieds, Ed Patterson has finally captured that looming win. Starting seventh on the grid Patterson quickly made his way to the front taking the lead from pole sitter Mike Dunn. As the laps ticked off Dunn found himself slipping back to third as DJ Robinson made the move past him for the runner-up position. With the absence of the points leader, the top guns did their best to make their way to the front to try to narrow the points gap. The laps and luck would not be there for Jason Gray and Kevin Chaffee as they both finished outside the top-five. When the checkers waved Patterson, Robinson, and Dunn made the trip to victory lane with Derek Barker and Bryan King coming home fourth and fifth.

Logan Oliver has been to victory lane several times this year in the DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Pro Stock Sportsman Coupes, but has never been able to get there first. Tonight the stars were aligned properly for Oliver, who grabbed the lead on lap 1. Thomas Placey was the only one to set a challenge against Oliver, but late in the race he found himself too high off the grove, and watched as the field flew by, ending his chances for any kind of a good finish. This was fine for Jeff Robins and Teddy Salomaa who stayed the course and were able to claim the second and third-place spots in victory lane. Josh Harrington and Matt Ellsworth rounded out the top-five.

The USAC DMA Midgets continue to see Adam Pierson dominating the field. Pierson as always started from deep in the pack and sailed to the front for his seventh win of the season. The race took 30 minutes to complete due to a red flag when the No. 5 machine driven by Tim Hodge went for a wild ride off turn one. Mechanical problems sent him sailing thru the trees and after the safety and wrecker crews found him, he was declared a bit shook up but OK. When racing resumed Jeff Champagne and Mike Chaffee were the ones on the move as they worked their way up to the second and third-place positions on the field. That is how the top-three would cross the line with Champagne making his third appearance in victory lane as the bridesmaid and Chaffee with his first trip there. Joe Krawiec and Josh Sunn completed the top-five.

In the Laquerre’s Sports Limited Late Models, Jason Giguere claimed another win to help solidify his bid for the points championship. Visiting for the first time this season and starting from the back of the pack Derek O’Hearn was able to keep his nose clean surviving the cautions to come home in second. The third and final victory lane spot was claimed by Michael Greene. Rob Williams struggled throughout the night and was only able to make it up to the fourth spot.

Mike Ryan claimed his sixth win of the season in the KDD NAPA Weglarz Property Service Ridge Runner Hornets and Fast Fours main event, with Rob Gioia the first Fast Four coming home in second. To date only one event has been won by a Fast Four when Tim Martin showed up for a week. Coming home in third was Hornet driver Chris LaForest, with Charlie Lakin and Hunter Garduno rounding out the top five.

Bear Ridge Speedway’s 47th season of stock car racing continues on Saturday, August 30th for the ROCK99 Weekly Racing with TOPLESS night sponsored by Dead River Co. The card will include the weekly Bond Auto Parts DIRTcar Sportsman Modified, Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Pro Stock Sportsman Coupe, Laquerre’s Sports Limited Late Model, Weglarz Property Service Fast Four, and KDD NAPA Auto Parts Hornet divisions.

Sprint Cars of New England will be on hand and they along with the Sportsman Modifieds will be going topless. This ever popular event gives the fans a chance to see a bit more inside the cars, and provides the opportunity for the drivers to figure out the handling all over again. As the dog days of summer come to a close and only five weeks remaining in the 2014 racing season, be sure to mark your calendar and get to the Ridge to see the best short track dirt racing in New England.

-Bear Ridge Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Alan Ward

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Sabil & Sons night

99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bond Auto DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Feature (40 laps)
27 Ed Patterson
4 DJ Robinson®
9 Mike Dunn
1B Derek Barker
X Bryan King
5 Gary Siemons
OO Jason Gray
42c Josh Currier
73 Kevin Chaffee
24 Jordan Fornwalt
10 Derek Graham
1x TC Forward®
O1 Mike Gendron
15 Adam Pierson
11 Josh Sunn
77 Alan Hammond
42t Robert Tucker
28 Bob Shepard
34 Richie Simmons
17 Travis Shinn
10s Ryan Christian®
23 Tyler Austin

DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Pro Stock Sportsman Coupe Feature (30 laps)
26 Logan Oliver®
4 Jeff Robbins
8 Teddy Salomaa
71 Josh Harrington
21 Matt Ellsworth
24 Jeremy Beckley
81 Louie Cadwell
18 Jason Colbeth
44 Michael Danforth
34 Billy Simmons
3 Jesse Smith
14 Mitchell Frost®
43 Earl Maxham
16 Brian Chaffee ®
22 Thomas Placey
16c Kevin Chaffee
32 Jerry Catterall

USAC DMA Midgets (25 laps)
76m Adam Pierson
77 Jeff Champagne
18c Mike Chaffee
6 Joe Krawiec
76 Josh Sunn
12 Adam Whitney
1w Ray Miller
11v Vince Lucca
47 Scott Holcomb
2 Scott Viets
37 Tyler Rivard
o9 Amanda Habel
24 Tom Thompson
9 Dean Christensen
5 Tim Hodge
11r Alex Rose
78 Rob Williams

Laquerre’s Sports Limited Late Model Feature (20 laps)
23 Jason Giguere
55 Derek O’Hearn
29 Mike Greene III
7w Rob Williams®
2 Derrick Stearns®
57 Kevin Harran®
91 James Fadden
11 Travis Smith
94 Cary Moulton®
18 Matt Lashua

Weglarz Property Service Fast Fours/KDD NAPA of Bradford Ridge Runner Hornets (20 laps)
86 Mike Ryan
4 Rob Gioia
56 Chris LaForest
3 Charlie Lakin
13 Hunter Garduno
8 Sean Perron
54 Ryan Farnham
28 Dave Durkee
29 Jesse Durkee
87 Don Reynolds
71 Cody Stearns®
81 John Dunham
31 Lisa Austin

Trend of New Winners Continues at Bear Ridge