TRD Micro Showdown Kicks Off With Non-Wing Thriller

The TRD Micro Showdown kicked off Tuesday night at Millbridge Speedway (NC) in thrilling fashion, with Alex Bright outdueling Austin Quick to claim the $2,000-to-win Non-Wing Micro Sprint feature on opening night.


Bright passed Quick on lap 21 of the 30-lap event with a slide job in turn four of the Salisbury, North Carolina bullring and pulled away to take the checkered flag.


Bright led the opening lap after starting on the pole for the race, but Quick assumed the top spot on lap two.  Bright felt he had the car to win the race throughout the event, but gained more confidence and his car and the racing surface as the race progressed.


“I think the car was there the entire race,” said Bright in victory lane.  “Once he got me, I figured out I needed to drive it a little harder, get on the gas a little bit more.  I adjusted the shocks a little bit, but I pretty much just started driving it harder and it worked.  Hopefully, we can get it going good tomorrow with the wing on, also.”


Quick admitted that, while Bright was gaining knowledge behind him, he may have grown complacent leading the race, comfortable with his pace and line.


“When you run second, you can get not so comfortable,” Quick explained.  “You can judge your speed better.  That’s where he got me, his corner entry was way better than mine.  I got comfortable, didn’t really feel anyone, didn’t really hear anyone.  I ended up, just my fault, not searching enough.  That’s where the race was lost.”


Still, Quick was excited to have a strong run in his first visit to the Charlotte area, with several NASCAR stars in attendance during the buildup to the World of Outlaws World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.


“I think the coolest part is, I’ve never been down here so this is my first experience in general being here,” said Quick.  “It’s NASCAR land.  It’s the network of being able to rub elbows and race in front of everybody.  You’ve seen awesome Outlaw Kart videos, and a Micro Sprint is something we’ve always wanted here.  To finally get it is cool.”


While Quick was making his first trip to “NASCAR land,” NASCAR K&N East winner Chase Cabre was enjoying a foray into a Micro Sprint, and turned it into a podium finish. Cabre was ecstatic to come away with a strong finish against Micro Sprint regulars.


“These guys are good,” said Cabre.  “This is what they do.  These guys run this stuff all the time, that’s no excuse.  They’re just good.  It’s a testament to their skills and what they do behind the wheel.


“I thought we were going to have a shot at it when they started racing each other.  I thought I was going to be able to set up two-for-one. It’s fun racing with these guys. They race clean and they know what they’re doing.  It’s super-fun.”


The TRD Micro Showdown continues on Wednesday night, headlined by the $5,000-to-win Winged Micro Sprint feature.  Many of Tuesday’s competitors will again compete on Wednesday night, but Bright doesn’t expect much of tonight’s experience to carry over.


“Winged and Non-Winged is a little bit different.  We learned a little bit about the track, how it might end up.  Car-wise, I think it will be a clean slate for everyone tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.”


Race fans who missed Tuesday’s race or want to watch Wednesday’s portion of the TRD Micro Showdown can click here for more information on Speed51’s pay-per-view broadcast of the event.


TRD Micro Showdown Non-Winged Feature Results


Pos # Driver
1 20B Alex Bright
2 28Q Austin Quick
3 41 Chase Cabre
4 41C Brian Carber
5 42 Emerson Axsom
6 28 Carson Kvapil
7 R7 Brenden Bright
8 93 Matt Carr
9 2 Jaxon Bishop
10 5P Daison Pursley
11 23J Matt Jones
12 42N Tim Nye
13 5T Ryan Timms
14 7S Skylar Hunter
15 20 James Morris
16 75 Brent Crews
17 880 Kameron Morral
18 97B Nash Ely
19 55 Nick Drake
20 3H Robby Hoffmann


-Story by: Zach Evans, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: photo / Kyler Hope

TRD Micro Showdown Kicks Off With Non-Wing Thriller