In 2017, Midland, Michigan’s Travis Eddy did something that his father, seven-time ASA champion Mike Eddy, did not do in his historic career: win a championship at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway, beating the likes of 2018 Winchester 400 winner Jeff Choquette on his way to three wins and five top three finishes in five nights in the Florida Modified Division.


After taking a year off from World Series competition, Eddy will head back to New Smyrna Speedway to defend his crown from 2017.  His last start of 2018 came at the Florida half-mile during Governor’s Cup weekend, where he took the win in the 75-lap Modified race.  With his recent success, he is feeling confident about doing well at this year’s edition of the World Series.


“I’ve got a lot of confidence going in because when we went there in 2017, we won the World Series, and when we went there in November, we won the Governor’s Cup,” Eddy told  “Mainly when we show up for Speedweeks, we just kind of hope we have enough luck to stay out of trouble and finish all the races and hope everything from there goes well.”


When Eddy goes to New Smyrna, he takes a different car than the one he usually races with in the I-CAR All-Star Modifieds and other races in the Midwest.  Racing a car that only sees the track a few times a year adds a different element to their preparation for the World Series.


“When we go down there, we run a car that we never run anywhere else,” Eddy said.  “Every time we go down there, we gain on it a little bit, so we keep adjusting and making it a little better.  The car’s only got maybe ten or twelve races on it total and it’s a whole different setup than what we run around here in the north.  We keep improving and making it better.  Hopefully from the last year and the year before we learned a few things and we can be even better yet.


“You can’t run bump stops down there and no travel limiters,” Eddy continued.  “You have to run regular conventional springs.  Besides that, it’s just little body stuff and stuff like that that doesn’t mean too much.”


Having won the Florida Modified championship in his last trip to Speedweeks, Eddy knows what it takes to get the job done.  This time around, he is looking to continue his streak of success and take another Florida Modified championship back to the Wolverine State.


“We just got to hope to stay out of trouble, not have bad luck.  I think it’s more not hoping for good luck, but just not having bad luck to stay out of trouble.  I know if we stay out of trouble, we’ll at least be in the front couple of cars every night.  Also, surviving tech.  That’s also a big deal down at New Smyrna.”


-By Koty Geyer, Regional Editor (Indiana and Michigan) – Twitter: @KGeyer3

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Travis Eddy Returns to New Smyrna WS After 2017 Title