Freedom 300

Date: September 11, 2020

Track: Lee USA Speedway (Lee, NH)

Sanction: Open Competition

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What Happened: 

Derek Griffith charged to the front from his seventh starting position, taking the lead from Eddie MacDonald on Lap 38 to win the inaugural Freedom 300.  Originally scheduled for 150 laps, the race was shortened to 100 laps due to curfew.  The win was Griffith’s second $10,000 victory in six days.


Lap Leaders: 

Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. (1-24), Eddie MacDonald (25-37) and Derek Griffith (38-100).


Unofficial Results:

112GDerek Griffith
293CTMike Hopkins
317MAEddie MacDonald
416Joey Doiron
597Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
623Dave Farrington, Jr.
752Dave Darling
835Derek Ramstrom
988Brandon Barker
1061Nick Cusack
1146Dylan Estrella
1240Mike Mitchell
1309xJeremy Davis
1430Fred Astle
1548Larry Gelinas
1694Garrett Hall
1717Kevin Folan
1809Frankie Eldridge
1982Bobby Baillargeon
207CTCory Casagrande
2193Ryan Green
2201Bill Helliwell


News & Notes: 

This is the inaugural Freedom 300 at Lee USA Speedway.  The race will pay $10,000 to the winner. Street Stocks will also compete in a 75-lap, $5,000-to-win race.


Bobby Baillargeon made contact with the turn three wall during today’s opening practice, but he made repairs prior to the scuff session.


Adam Lovejoy set the fastest time out of 40 Street Stocks that participated in Street Stock time trials.


Adam Lovejoy, Jimmy Renfrew Jr., Bobby Seger Jr. and Kyle Hewins won heat races for the $5,000-to-win Street Stock race.


Chase Locke won the 30-lap feature for the NEMA Lites. Randy Cabral claimed the 25-lap NEMA Midgets feature.


Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. won the $5,000-to-win Street Stock race after it was shortened to 25 laps due to curfew.


Time Trials:

197Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 14.789
217MAEddie MacDonald14.861
393CTMike Hopkins14.880
416Joey Doiron14.913
552Dave Darling14.923
623Dave Farrington, Jr. 14.924
712GDerek Griffith14.925
840Mike Mitchell14.954
946Dylan Estrella14.982
1088Brandon Barker15.054
1193Ryan Green15.082
127CTCory Casagrande15.102
1335Derek Ramstrom15.105
1461Nick Cusack15.109
1548Larry Gelinas15.122
1682Bobby Baillargeon15.184
1794Garrett Hall15.230
1830Fred Astle15.283
1909xJeremy Davis15.34
2009Frankie Eldridge15.419
2117Kevin Folan15.448
2201Bill Helliwell16.200


Scuff Session Results:

116Joey Doiron14.845
223Dave Farrington, Jr. 14.864
335Derek Ramstrom14.952
417MAEddie MacDonald15.005
593Ryan Green15.011
693CTMike Hopkins14.040
752Dave Darling15.058
894Garrett Hall15.058
940Mike Mitchell15.063
1088Brandon Barker15.074
1161Nick Cusack15.108
1297Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 15.176
1348Larry Gelinas15.242
1482Bobby Baillargeon15.257
1509Frankie Eldridge15.302
167CTCory Casagrande15.369
1730Fred Astle15.375
1817Kevin Folan15.379
1946Dylan Estrella15.455
2009xJeremy Davis15.660


Practice Results:

140Mike Mitchell14.997
293CTMike Hopkins15.047
317MAEddie MacDonald15.070
488Brandon Barker15.151
516Joey Doiron15.168
646Dylan Estrella15.188
752Dave Darling15.193
897Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 15.221
948Larry Gelinas15.222
1094Garrett Hall15.247
1112GDerek Griffith15.271
1293Ryan Green15.291
1335Derek Ramstrom15.305
1423Dave Farrington, Jr. 15.307
1561Nick Cusack15.320
1630Fred Astle15.321
1709xJeremy Davis15.424
187ctCory Casagrande15.467
1909eFrankie Eldridge15.609
2082Bobby Baillargeon15.645
2117Kevin Folan15.744
2201hBill Helliwell15.795



01Bill Helliwell
7CTCory Casagrande
09eFrankie Eldridge
09xJeremy Davis
12GDerek Griffith
16Joey Doiron
17Kevin Folan
17MAEddie MacDonald
23Dave Farrington, Jr.
30Fred Astle
35Derek Ramstrom
40Mike Mitchell
46Dylan Estrella
48Larry Gelinas
52Dave Darling
61Nick Cusack
82Bobby Baillargeon
88Brandon Barker
93Ryan Green
93CTMike Hopkins
94Garrett Hall
97Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.


Schedule of Events:

4 p.m. – Pro Stock Open Practice (One Hour)

12 p.m. – Practice (Street Stocks, NEMA Lites, Six Shooters & NEMA)

5:30 p.m. – Pro Stock Scuff Session

3:45 p.m. – Local Division Practice Begins

6 p.m. – Driver’s Meeting

6:30 p.m. – Time Trials (Street Stocks & Pro Stocks)

6:55 p.m. – National Anthem

7 p.m. – Heat Racing Begins

  • NEMA Lites (10 laps)
  • Six Shooters (10 laps)
  • NEMA (10 laps)
  • Street Stocks (10 laps)

8 p.m. (approx.) – Features Begin

  • NEMA Lites (30 laps)
  • Six Shooters (20 laps)
  • Street Stock Consi (10 laps)
  • NEMA (25 laps)
  • Street Stocks (75 laps)
  • Pro Stocks (150 laps)
  • Fireworks

Trackside Updates: Freedom 300 at Lee USA Speedway