That wraps up our coverage from the Wayne Carter Classic here at Grundy County Speedway (IL). We want to thank Lisa Thomas Salon for being the presenting sponsor of our radio cover and our Trackside Now coverage. Check out Speed51.com tomorrow for another great day of short track racing coverage. Goodnight. 
Unofficial Results – Wayne Carter Classic 125
1 25K Matt Kenseth
2 66 Steve Carlson
3 8 Eddie Hoffman
4 43 Matt Kocourek
5 78 Skylar Holzhausen
6 12 Nick Murgic
7 64 Griffin McGrath
8 87 Nathan Haseleu
9 22P Nick Panitzke
10 21S Tim Schendel
11 33C Jeff Cannon
12 52 Chris Wimmer
13 75W Chris Weinkauf
14 X Michael Bilderback
15 25S Jeff Storm
16 77E Jonathan Eilen
17 9k Mark Kraus
18 39 Andrew Morrissey
19 71 Blake Brown
20 75T Joel Theissen
21 51 Becca Kasten
22 1 Billy Knippenburg
23 97 Jamie Iverson
24 96 John Nutley
25 72 Jacob Goede
26 53 Boris Jurovic

Ross Kenseth in victory lane. (51 Photo)
We will try to post the full results before we go. 
Kenseth wins and Carlson holds off Hoffman by half a car length for second. Kocourek in fourth and Holzhausen in fifth. 
final lap for kenseth. 
two to go…carlson is holding. 
four to go and hoffman is on the inside of Carlson for second. 
Kenseth gets a five car length lead with five to go 
About to go green. 
Top five with seven to go. Kenseth, Carlson, Hoffman, Kocourek, and Skylar Holzhausen. 
caution flies with seven laps to go as Brown and Morrissey spins in the backstretch. 
10 to go for Kenseth who has a huge lead over Carlson. Big gap from Carlson to Hoffman. 
Hoffman gets Haseleu sideways down the front. and takes over third. Kocourek follows to fourth. Haseleu back to fifth. 
20 to go…Kenseth’s lead is to about half a straightaway. Hoffman is looking to challenge Haseleu for third. 
25 to go…Kenseth has a five-car length lead on Carlson 
30 to go. Kenseth, Carlson, Haseleu, Hoffman, Kocourek. 
Hoffman gets past Kocourek for fourth with 39 to go. 
You can listen to the live broadcast on speed 51 radio. Top five with 44 to go. Kenseth, Carlson, Haseleu, Kocourek, Hoffman. 
Eilen and Kraus get together in turn four. Caution flies with 45 to go. 
single file re-start and we are back to green. 
50 laps to go and Jonathan Eilen spins coming out of turn two. 
62 laps to go and Kenseth goes outside of Carlson and takes the top spot with 60 to go. 
65 to go with Carlson in the lead and Kenseth on his bumper. Murgic in third with Haseleu in fourth and Matt Kocourek in fifth. 
70 to go with Steve Carlson in the lead and Kenseth in second. Chris Wimmer in third. 
http://www.speed51.com/2011_Stories/ASA_MW/ASAMT_radio.html Check out the radio broadcast! We are live right now. 
Iverson and Weinkauf get together in turn one causing a melee. Iverson, Nutley, and Kraus also involved. 72 laps to go. 
Looks like McGrath made contact with Holzhausen. Both to the rear. 
Holzhausen spins in turn four to bring out a caution. 
50 laps in with CArlson in the lead. Kenseth second and Murgic in third. Haseleu in fourth and Schendel in fifth. 
Green with 82 to go. 
Carlson will be your new leader. 
Both Kasten and Panitzke go to the rear. 
Kasten gets into Panitzke coming out of turn two causing Panitzke to spin with 82 to go. Caution flies. 
Panitzke continues to lead with Kasten in second with 85 to go. 
Lanes have been chosen…we are going green next time by. 
86 laps to go. 

Weinkauf and Holzhausen make contact in turns three and four. Causing Holzhausen to spin. Hoffman got tangled up along with Blake Brown. 
35 laps in…Panitzke continues to lead with Kasten in second and Carlson in third. Kenseth is fourth and Goede in fifth. 
Going back to green with Panitzke in the lead. 103 laps to go. 
Jamie Iverson spins in turns three and four the first lap back to green. He moves on to re-join the field at the rear. 
Doubling up for the re-start. 
Carlson in fourth and Schendel in fifth. 
First caution with Panitzke in the lead, Kenseth second, Kasten third, 
22 laps in and Jeff Cannon spins in turn four. 
Nick Panitzke takes the early lead in the Wayne Carter Classic with Ross Kenseth in second. 
http://www.speed51.com/2011_Stories/ASA_MW/ASAMT_radio.html Check out the radio broadcast! We are live and getting ready for the main event. 
Erik Darnell wins the ASA Midwest Truck Tour feature with Austin Luedtke in second and Scott Hansen in third. 
five to go and John Wood spins in turn two to bring out a caution. Five lap dash when we go green. 
Luedtke gets by Hansen for second with 15 to go. 
Darnell makes the pass on the outside of Hansen to take over the lead with 18 to go. 
Hansen leads with 20 to go with Darnell in second and Luedtke in third. 
Wood stops on the track to bring out a caution with 21 to go. Hansen leads with Austin Luedtke in second. Erik Darnell in third. Corso was fourth and John Wood in fifth. 
Wood pulls off and Hansen re-takes the top spot. 
Wood sounds like he has a miss in his engine. 
Here’s Weinkauf, who will start 14th due to the invert after setting fast-time during qualifying.
Wood goes on the inside of Hansen going down the backstretch with 26 to go and takes over the lead. 
Jerry Wood moves to second with 28 laps to go. 
Hansen continues to lead at the re-start with Rick Corso challenging Jerry Wood for second. 
Caution flies on lap six when Bruener spins coming off of turn two. 
Joel Theisen will start 26th tonight.
A lap later Hansen takes over the top spot. 
Mark Bruener is in the lead in the ASA Midwest Truck Tour feature five laps in. Scott Hansen is in second. 
http://www.speed51.com/2011_Stories/ASA_MW/ASAMT_radio.html Check out the radio broadcast! We are live right now as we lead up to the feature events. 
Stephanie Losiniecki becomes the first female to ever win an ASA Midwest Tour feature event as she holds off Chris Marek to win the ASA Midwest Sportsman Tour feature. 
Comment From Gary Mascari

Thanks for the Great job on reporting the race. Next best thing to being there. 

Five to go and Woznicki holds on to the lead over Marek. 
Stephanie Woznicki is in the lead with nine to go as they get the green. 
Nine to go and Suderland goes to the inside of Cain…they lock up and Cain does a slow slide in front of Suderland in turn two to bring out a caution. Woznicki takes over the top spot with Marek in second. 
Starting Lineup for the Wayne Carter Classic
1 22P Nick Panitzke
2 66 Steve Carlson
3 25K Ross Kenseth
4 51 Becca Kasten
5 21 Tim Schendel
6 97 Jamie Iverson
7 87 Nathan Haseleu
8 64 Griffin McGrath
9 39 Andrew Morrissey
10 52 Chris Wimmer
11 12 Nick Murgic
12 72 Jacob Goede
13 78 Skylar Holzhausen
14 75W Chris Weinkauf
15 53 Boris Jurkovic
17 33C Jeff Cannon
17 8 Eddie Hoffman
18 43K Matt Kocourek
19 96 John Nutley
20 71 Blake Brown
21 77E Jonathan Eilen
22 25S Jeff Storm
23 9K Matt Kraus
24 X Michael Bilderback
25 O1 Billy Knippenburg
26 75T Joel Theisen
10 to go with Cain still in the lead and Suderland second. Woznicki is in third. Chris Marek is in fourth. 
26 cars start the ASA Midwest Tour event. 
Comment From Gary Mascari

How many cars In the main feature? 

Comment From Gary L.

Im bumed to. Was supposed to be racing tonite but had a family emergency this morning. Thanks speed 51 for the broadcast. 

Jerome Suderland is now challenging Cain for the lead with 14 to go. 
Former Grundy County superstar Pat Kelly’s son, Nathan, now runs in the Sportsman division. (Speed51.com Photo) 
Three car battle for the lead as Cain takes over the top spot with 16 to go. 
19 laps to go…Cain gets on the inside of Weese to challenge for the top spot. 
Randy Weese is in the lead of the ASA Midwest Sportsman Tour feature with Aaron Cain running second with 22 laps to go. 
We will have the full lineup for the Wayne Carter Classic posted shortly. 
Bilderback, Knippenburg, and Thiesen 
Sorry…was given wrong info 
Provisionals went to Nutley, Brown, Eilen and Kraus 
Comment From Gary

When do announce the two provisional spots? 

Comment From Kevin K. 

I’m bummed i not there. was so close to going. Go Steve C. 

The line for concessions is twice as long as this picture captures.
http://www.speed51.com/2011_Stories/ASA_MW/ASAMT_radio.html Check out the radio broadcast! We are live right now as we lead up to the feature events. 
Tim Schendel wins heat race number two.

1 21 Tim Schendel
2 39 Andrew Morrissey
3 87 Nathan Haseleu
4 12 Nick Murgic
5 25K Ross Kenseth
6 78 Skylar Holzhausen
7 22P Nick Panitzke
8 43K Matt Kocourek
9 33C Jeff Cannon

Tim Schendel still leads. Two laps to go. 
Ross Ksenseth works the high lane around Nic Murgic looking for fourth. 
Andrew Morrissey now working in for second with 7 laps to go. 
Tim Schendel leads the first lap. 
Tim Schendel and Nathan Haseleu lead the pack to turn one. 
Cars in Heat Two

43K Matt Kocourek
33C Jeff Cannon
22P Nick Panitzke
25K Ross Kenseth
21 Tim Schendel
87 Nathan Haseleu
39 Andrew Morrissey
12 Nick Murgic
78 Skylar Holzhausen

Griffin McGrath wins

1 64 Griffin McGrath
2 72 Jacob Goede
3 97 Jamie Iverson
4 52 Chris Wimmer
5 75W Chris Weinkauf
6 51 Becca Kasten
7 66 Steve Carlson
8 53 Boris Jurkovic
9 8 Eddie Hoffman

Halfway: it’s McGrath, Goede and Iverson. Chris Wimmer and Chris Weinkauf are the top five. 
And so is Jeff Storm.
Jacob Goede moves into second. 
Eddie Hoffman falls to dead last as Griffin McGrath takes the lead. 
Blake Brown is in the show. 
Jamie Iverson and Griffin McGrath will be the front row.

Here are the cars in this heat.
8 Eddie Hoffman
53 Boris Jurkovic
66 Steve Carlson
51 Becca Kasten
97 Jamie Iverson
64 Griffin McGrath
52 Chris Wimmer
72 Jacob Goede
75W Chris Weinkauf
Heat race one is on the track. 
John Nutley beats out Blake Brown, Jonathan Eilen, and Jeff Storm were in above Kraus.
Last lap Kraus clears Knippenburg for the final transfer spot. 
Mark Kraus is all over Knippernburg for the final spot. 
Great battle for fifth between Knippenburg and Kraus as Kraus is all over him for the final spot. 
Billy Knippenburg used the restart to move into five. Seven to go. 
Jonathan Eilen shoots up to third as Nutley still leads. 
Tim Olson
The ASA Midwest Tour uses the choose a lane re-start with the leader out front by himself. 
Brandon Hill is in sixth with Michael Bilderback in seventh and Billy Knippenburg is eighth.
Top five: John Nutley, Blake Brown, Jeff Storm, Jonathan Eilen and Mark Kraus make up the transfer spots.
Rihn appears to have some damage but is able to drive away 
Ronnie Rihn makes hard contact with the outside wall in turns one and two. 
ASA MT top brass Tim Olson watches the action while the sun sets at Grundy. 
Eilen and Mark Kraus round out the top-five with 15 laps in. 
The crews are all lined up on the fence to watch the races from the pits.
Blake Brown is in second, and Jeff Storm is third. 
will try to post the lineup for the Wayne Carter Classic when it comes available.
Lap 7: John Nutley leads the last chance race.
Mark Roman…you full question didn’t come through 
top five make it to the main event. 
The ASA Trucks and Sportsman divisions are here as well. (51 Photo)
Nathan Haseleu checks out his car in the pits. (Speed51.com Photo)
Joel Thiesen goes to the rear for his involvement in Darnell’s spin 
Two laps in and Danny Darnell spins in turn one to bring out the caution. 
Earlier today, we posted many photos of the cars competing tonight. 
Sorry…we will post what we can but can’t guarantee all cars. 
Comment From patiently waiting:)

are you going to post pictures of all the cars? 

Transponders are an electronic scoring system and yes all of the cars have to run them. It is very efficient. 
Comment From Bud Pierce

What is the purpose of the transponder and do all cars have to have them to run? 

Eric Pierce spins in turn one. 
John Nutley and Jonathan Eilen on the front row. 
The ASA Midwest Tour last chance race is on the track for a 30-lap race. Top-five will advance to the Wayne Carter Classic. 
Andrew Morrissey’s #39. (Speed51.com)
Erik Darnell wins the Truck Heat Number #1. 
They Say Short Track Racing is dead, NOT in Grundy County tonight!!! (51 Photo)
Trucks are on the track now. Sorry about the mix up. 
The ASA Midwest Last Chance race is up next. 
Aaron Cain from Slinger, WI won the first ASA Midwest Sportsman Tour six-lap heat.
Comment From larry 

Saw Kenseth win in Columbus on monday he’ s my pick 

Our Radio coverage has begun. Check out the local classes and the Heats and the Last Chance race from the call of the ASA Midwest Tour announcer Eric Huenefeld is on the call. 
We will start off with Sportsman heats. 
Don’t forget to join our Facebook to get up to the date information, photos and results on the short track racing world. Our page is facebook.com/speed51
We are in a bit of a delay as the crowd coming into the Grundy County Speedway is so long we have some of the scorers out selling tickets. This place is that packed. 
Comment From Guest 

Jake Goede 

Comment From eric b 

#66 on the outside poll run and hide dewey!!!! 

Our Live Radio coverage will be kicking off a littler sooner then expected. http://www.speed51.com/2011_Stories/ASA_MW/ASAMT_radio.html We will tell you when we go live. 
One fan is sportin’ ARTGO Challenge Series shirt.
Comment From ben wilder 

great to see the fans turn out,short track racing rules,speed 51 rocks 

Comment From nick odell 

Is anyone taking video to buy later? 

Comment From bachaus 

morrissey wins 

Comment From Dave K 

Boris Jurkovic, he is always a threat to win , “Kick their ass!” 

Comment From Bill Kuhlow 

Nathan Haseleu is the man 

Comment From Guest 


Comment From Mike 

What type of Chassis are the Darnells in 

The roll for tonight’s race a 14 as the ASA Midwest Tour goes with an 8 plus the roll of the dice which was a six. So half of the field will be an inverted. 
Comment From eric b 

steve carlson is the king of the short tracks he will reign tonight 

It’s going to be hard to find a seat tonight as the fans are coming by the hundreds. (51 Photo)
Comment From ben wilder 


Ross Kenseth is a fan favorite. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Dave Brower – Mankato MN 

# 12 Nick Murgic 

Comment From Dave Brower – Mankato MN 

# 72 Jacob Goede 

Comment From Ranger John from MN 

Nathan Haseleu is my pick 

Comment From Dean 

Ross Kenseth wins tonight 

Comment From amy 

chris weinkauf 

The fast qualifiers just made their way to the start finish line of all 3 divisions. 
Ok, let us know who will be the winner tonight. Here is your chance to share with us who is going to win tonight’s Wayne Carter Classic. 
Boris Jurkovic looks over his car. (Speed51.com Photos)
Comment From nick odell 

just want to say thanks for hosting this race online form my home track. i get to listen from CA!!!! 

Eddie Hoffman will start from the pole for his heat. (51 Photo)
Heat Race Line Ups for The Super Late Models

1 8 Eddie Hoffman
2 53 Boris Jurkovic
3 66 Steve Carlson
4 51 Becca Kasten
5 97 Jamie Iverson
6 64 Griffin McGrath
7 52 Chris Wimmer
8 72 Jacob Goede
9 75W Chris Weinkauf

1 43K Matt Kocourek
2 33C Jeff Cannon
3 22P Nick Panitzke
4 25K Ross Kenseth
5 21 Tim Schendel
6 87 Nathan Haseleu
7 39 Andrew Morrissey
8 12 Nick Murgic
9 78 Skylar Holzhausen

Super Late Model Last Chance Race Starting Lineup

1 96 John Nutley
2 77E Jonathan Eilen
3 9K Mark Kraus
4 71 Blake Brown
5 25S Jeff Storm
6 99D Erik Darnell
7 34 Brandon Hill
8 22B Russ Blakeley
9 30 Larry Schuler
10 29 Ronnie Rihn
11 85 Danny Darnell
12 75T Joel Theisen
13 1 Billy Knippenburg
14 2 Michael Bilderback
15 22S Jeremy Spoonmore
16 24 Jim Olson
17 99S Jordan Sims
18 54 Erik Pierce
19 7G James Getait
20 13 Brett Peters
21 33O Danny Odell

We are going to take a little break as we have some time before racing starts at 7:30 CT. 
Comment From Daniel Vining 

Great car count. Looks like it’s going to be a whale of a race! 

If you are looking at this photo your not in line to see the action here tonight. (51 Photo)
Erik Darnell will also run a truck here tonight at Grundy County Speedway (IL)
PAST Wayne Carter Classic Winners
2003 Ron Breese Jr.
2001 Eddie Hoffman
1999 Steve Carlson
1998 Eddie Hoffman
1997 Joe Shear
1996 Dave Weltmeyer
1995 Joe Shear
1994 Joe Shear
1993 Joe Shear
1992 Steve Holzhausen
1991 Kevin Cywinski
1990 Steve Carlson
1989 Ted Musgrave
1988 Joe Shear
1987 Dick Trickle
1986 Joe Shear
1985 Butch Miller
1984 Dick Trickle
1983 Tom Refner
1982 Jim Sauter
1981 Larry Schuler
1980 Mark Macuit
1979 Mike Miller
1978 Mike Miller
1977 Larry Phillips
1976 Dave Watson
1975 Tom Refner
Mark Kraus’ #9 (Speed51.com Photo)
SLM Time Trial Results

1 75W Chris Weinkauf Merrill, WI 15.190
2 78 Skylar Holzhausen Bangor, WI 15.1901
3 72 Jacob Goede (TS) Carver, MN 15.197
4 12 Nick Murgic (TS) Rosemount, MN 15.212
5 52 Chris Wimmer (TS) Wausau, WI 15.232
6 39 Andrew Morrissey (TS) DeForest, WI 15.249
7 64 Griffin McGrath (TS) Cedar Rapids, IA 15.251
8 87 Nathan Haseleu (TS) Marshall, Wi 15.272
9 97 Jamie Iverson (TS) Escanaba, MI 15.283
10 21 Tim Schendel (TS) Sparta, WI 15.289
11 51K Becca Kasten Mecquon, WI 15.296
12 25K Ross Kenseth (TS) Spring Valley, IL 15.2961
13 66 Steve Carlson (TS) West Salem, WI 15.298
14 22P Nick Panitzke (TS) Sauk Centre, MN 15.33
15 53 Boris Jurkovic Orland Park, IL 15.357
16 33 Jeff Cannon (R) Kouts, IN 15.364
17 8H Eddie Hoffman Wheaton, IL 15.373
18 43 Matt Kocourek Franklin, WI 15.415

Top 18 Locked in
19 96 John Nutley Midlothian, IL 15.431
20 77E Jonathan Eilen (TS) Hampton, MN 15.443
21 9K Mark Kraus Stratford, Wi 15.455
22 71 Blake Brown Franksville, WI 15.458
23 25S Jeff Storm (TS) Waterford, WI 15.461
24 99D Erik Darnell Beach Park, IL 15.476
25 34 Brandon Hill Genoa City, WI 15.518
26 22B Russ Blakeley Whitewater, WI 15.523
27 30 Larry Schuler Minooka, IL 15.568
28 29 Ronnie Rihn Cottage Grove, WI 15.575
29 85 Danny Darnell Beach Park, IL 15.59
30 75T Joel Theisen (R) Maple Grove, MN 15.6
31 1 Billy Knippenburg Plainfield, IL 15.602
32 2 Michael Bilderback (TS) South Beloit, IL 15.614
33 22S Jeremy Spoonmore (R) Somonauk, IL 15.631
34 24 Jim Olson (R) Harvard, IL 15.664
35 99S Jordan Sims Sault Ste Marie, ON, CA 15.694
36 54 Erik Pierce Lake of the Hills, IL 15.824
37 7G James Getait Batavia, IL 15.901
38 13 Brett Peters Joliet, IL 15.906
39 33O Danny Odell Morris, IL 16.373
40 4 Thor Anderson Bondurant, IA DNQ

Fast-time qualifier Chris Weinkauf. (Speed51.com Photo)
Chris Marek’s ASA Sportsman car. (Speed51.com Photo)
President of the ASA Midwest Tour Tim Olson (left) and the new ASA Midwest Regional Director Ron Snow.
It’s going to be a few minutes before we have the Super Late Model times as the ASA Midwest Tour is timing the other two divisions as well. 
Scott Null’s #62 Sportsman.

Don’t forget we will have live radio coverage on the all the action here at Grundy County Speedway (IL). SPEED TV and 51 front man Bob Dillner will be on the call with Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor of the Wayne Carter Classic 125. We plan to start 8:30pm CT and that’s 9:30pm ET  http://www.speed51.com/2011_Stories/ASA_MW/ASAMT_radio.html
Peters has come back out now to take his laps.
Lap 1: 15.906
Only gets one lap, that did not make the top 18. We will have the rundown soon. 
75w Chris Weinkauf and 78h Skylar Holzhausen tied for the fast time, but Weinkauf will get the spot for having gone out first.

The crew records notes on Eddie Hoffman’s #8 after qualifying. (Speed51.com Photo)
25s Jeff Storm
Lap 1: 15.497
Lap 2: 15.461
Best: 15.497 
25 Ross Kenseth
Lap 1: 15.392
Lap 2: 15.296
Best: 15.296 
24o Jeff Olson
Lap 1: 15.664
Lap 2: 15.720
Best: 15.664 
22b Russ Blakeley
Lap 1: 15.523
Lap 2: 15.568
Best: 15.523 
Jonathan Eilen talks things over after qualifying. (Speed51.com Photo)
22s Jeremy Spoonmore
Lap 1: 15.706
Lap 2: 15.631
Best: 15.631 
22p Nick Panitzke
Lap 1: 15.330
Lap 2: 15.373
Best: 15.330 
Nick Murgic pulls off the racetrack. (Speed51.com Photo)
21s Tim Schendel
Lap 1: 15.289
Lap 2: 15.312
Best: 15.289 
13 – Brett Petters
Lap 1: No Transponder
Lap 2: No Transponder
No Times 
12m Nick Murgic
Lap 1: 15.212
Lap 2: 15.305
Best: 15.212 
9k Mark Kraus
Lap 1: 15.476
Lap 2: 15.455
Best: 15.455 
John Nutley pulls off the track after time trials. (Speed51.com Photo)
8 Eddie Hoffman
Lap 1: 15.373
Lap 2: 15.460
Best: 15.373 
7G – James Gregait
Lap 1: 15.901
Lap 2: 15.936
Best: 15.901 
X Michael Bilderback
Lap 1: 15.583
Lap 2: 15.614
Best: 15.583 
Steve Carlson having a post-qualifying meal. (Speed51.com Photo)
01k Billy Knipperburg
Lap 1: 15.637
Lap 2: 15.602
Best: 15.602 
Skyler Holzhausen is fast. (Speed51.com Photo)
99d Erik Darnell
Lap 1: 15.652
Lap 2: 15.476
Best: 15.476 
99s Jordan Simms
Lap 1: 15.723
Lap 2: 15.694
Best: 15.694 
97i Jamie Iverson
Lap 1: 15.307
Lap 2: 15.283
Best: 15.283 
96 John Nutley
Lap 1: 15.431
Lap 2: 15.462
Best: 15.431 
87h Nathan Haseleu
Lap 1: 15.392
Lap 2: 15.272
Best: 15.272 
Becca Kasten’s #51. (Speed51.com Photo)
85d Danny Darnell
Lap 1: 15.655
Lap 2: 15.590
Best: 15.590 
78h Skylar Holzhausen
Lap 1: 15.239
Lap 2: 15.190 – Ties Fast Time
Best: 15.190 
77e Jonathan Eilen
Lap 1: 15.443
Lap 2: 15.482
Best: 15.443 
75w Chris Weinkauf
Lap 1: 15.296
Lap 2: 15.190
Best: 15.190 – Fast Time 
75t Joel Theissen
Lap 1: 15.610
Lap 2: 15.617
Best: 15.610 
72g Jacob Goede
Lap 1: 15.197
Lap 2: 15.276
Best: 15.197 – Fast Time 
71 Blake Brown
Lap 1: 15.524
Lap 2: 15.458
Best: 15.458 
66 Steve Carlson
Lap 1: 15.483
Lap 2: 15.298
Best: 15.298 
64m Griffin McGrath
Lap 1: 15.276
Lap 2: 15.251
Best: 15.251 
54 Eric Pierce
Lap 1: 16.377
Lap 2: 15.824
Best 15.824 
53 Boris Jurkovic
Lap 1: 15.433
Lap 2: 15.357
Best: 15.357 
52 Chris Wimmer
Lap 1: 15.383
Lap 2: 15.232
Best: 15.232 – Fast Time 
51 Becca Kasten
Lap 1: 15.321
Lap 2: 15.296
Best: 15.296 
43k Matt Kocourek
Lap 1: 15.479
Lap 2: 15.415
Best: 15.415 
Eddie Hoffman (left) and Ross Kenseth talk prior to qualifying. (Speed51.com Photo)
39m Andrew Morrissey
Lap 1: 15.249
Lap 2: 15.376
Best: 15.249 
34 Brandon Hill
Lap 1: 15.539
Lap 2: 15.518
Best: 15.518 
33 Danny Odell
Lap 1: 16.373
Lap 2: 16.541
Best: 16.373 
33 Jeff Cannon
Lap 1: 15.415
Lap 2: 15.364
Best: 15.364 
Chris Wimmer’s car is primed and ready (Speed51.com Photos)
Larry Sculler
Lap 1: 15.568
Lap 2: 15.628
Best: 15.568 
Ronnie Rhin
Lap 1: 15.610
Lap 2: 15.575
Best: 15.5757 
Driver X is Michael Bilderback tonight. He is running Jon Reynolds car at GCS. (Speed51.com Photos)
Just a reminder the top 18 are locked in to the Wayne Carter Classic after time trials. 
The Tour cars are ready for qualifying. (Speed51.com Photos)
ASA Midwest Tour drivers have been called to their cars. 
Thor Anderson has withdrawn from today’s race. 
Cars getting ready for time trials. (Speed51.com Photo)
Time trials for the Super Late Models are coming up shortly. 
The starting field will consist of 26 cars. Positions 1-18 will come from
qualifying with and inversion of Eight (8) plus the roll of the dice. Positions
(19-23) will come from the last chance event. Provisional position 24-
Highest in 2011 ASAMT Points, Position 25- Highest in Grundy County
Speedway 2011 Points, Position 26- Highest Touring Star to not make the
event. If ALL Touring Stars are in the event, the provisional reverts back to
the Highest in 2011 points to not make the event. 
Comment From Ed 

How many cars will start in the feature? 

We have 16 Sportsman and 11 Trucks. 
Comment From Steve Bechtel 

Any car counts on the Sportsman and Trucks? 

We have learned that Erik Darnell is out here in a Left Hander House truck. 
Trucks are now on the track now for practice. 
Comment From ASA Midwest Tour 

The ASA Midwest SCAG Power Equipment Truck Series will run next at Hawkeye Downs Speedway on June 10th and the ASA Midwest Sunoco Sportsman Division will compete at Elko Speedway (with the Trucks and SLMs) on July 8th & 9th for the GrandStay Clash 

While the other classes are on the track for practice the Late Models are going through the tech line in preparation for time trials. 
The Practice for the Sportsman and the Trucks are underway. Right now the Sportsman are on the track. 
Comment From ASA Midwest Tour 

Don’t forget our next race for the ASA Kwik Trip Midwest Tour Presented by ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment and GrandStay Hospitality Super Late Models is at Illiana Motor Speedway on Saturday, June 18th. 

Some cars did not have transponders on their cars. He was on the track we did see that. 
Comment From Bud Pierce 

What is going on with the # 54 of Erik Pierce? I do not see him in the practice standings. 

Toby Nuttleman is working on the 51 BDI Racing car this weekend for Becca Kasten. 
Comment From guest 

who’s the crew cheif for the Kasten car this weekend? 

Dan is not here today. 
Comment From ASA Fan 

Is Dan Fredrickson there? I had seen his name on the list that he was going to be there. 

Practice 2 Times
1 66c Steve Carlson 15.445
2 12m Nick Murgic 15.478
3 72g Jacob Goede 15.495
4 52w Chris Wimmer 15.516
5 97i Jamie Iverson 15.524
6 53j Boris Jurkovic 15.527
7 51k Becca kasten 15.553
8 25k Ross Kenseth 15.574
9 87h Nathan Haseleu 15.578
10 75w Chris Weinkauf 15.586
11 21s Tim Schendel 15.626
12 43k Matt Kocourek 15.633
13 39m Andrew Morrissey 15.633
14 64m Griffin McGrath 15.651
15 34h Brandon Hill 15.686
16 77e Jonathan Eilen 15.693
17 33 Jeff Cannon 15.694
18 X Michael Bilderback 15.702
19 78h Skylar Holzhausen 15.737
20 22p Nick Panitzke 15.760
21 85d Danny Darnell 15.760
22 25s Jeff Storm 15.763
23 96 John Nutley 15.768
24 71b Blake Brown 15.770
25 29 Ronny Rihn 15.805
26 75t Joel Theissen 15.823
27 22b Russ Blakeley 15.823
28 22s Jeremy Spoonmore 15.860
29 4a Thor Anderson 15.864
30 9k Mark Kraus 15.902
31 99d Erik Darnell 15.913
32 99s Jordan Simms 15.923
33 01k Billy Knipperburg 16.079
34 24o Jeff Olson 16.237
Our Race coverage on the radio will start at 8:30pm Central time and 9:30pm for the East Coast crowd.   We will have the link later on today. 
Comment From amy 

how do you listen in on the practice and race 

Eric Pierce at Speed here at Grundy County. (51 Photo)
Chris Weinkauf in his number 75. (51 Photo)
Steve Carlson led the second practice. (51 Photo)
Comment From Guest 

Woo-hoo Rebecca!! 

Comment From ASA Fan 

Best looking car is the 25 of Storm!! 

Comment From Grundy Fan 

Wow look at all that fresh paint on the walls! hope it can stay that way! 

Practice is in the books for the Super Late Models.  We will have the second, and final round times up shortly. 
Practice One Times

1 51k Becca Kasten 15.563
2 72g Jacob Goede 15.667
3 25k Ross Kenseth 15.678
4 75w Chris Weinkauf 15.697
5 52w Chris Wimmer 15.702
6 12m Nick Murgic 15.739
7 21s Tim Schendel 15.766
8 78h Skylar Holzhausen 15.770
9 4a Thor Anderson 15.778
10 87h Nathan Haseleu 15.790
11 22s Jeremy Spoonmore 15.821
12 34h Brandon Hill 15.844
13 22p Nick Panitzke 15.890
14 43k Matt Kocourek 15.916
15 97i Jamie Iverson 15.922
16 85d Danny Darnell 15.933
17 96 John Nutley 15.939
18 X Michael Bilderback 16.032
19 77e Jonathan Eilen 16.043
20 9k Mark Kraus 16.060
21 25s Jeff Storm 16.085
22 75t Joel Theissen 16.131
23 24o Jeff Olson 16.284
24 72g Jacob Goede 15.667
25 25k Ross Kenseth 15.678
26 75w Chris Weinkauf 15.697
27 52w Chris Wimmer 15.702
28 12m Nick Murgic 15.739
29 21s Tim Schendel 15.766
30 78h Skylar Holzhausen 15.770
31 4a Thor Anderson 15.778
32 87h Nathan Haseleu 15.790
33 22s Jeremy Spoonmore 15.821
34 34h Brandon Hill 15.844
35 22p Nick Panitzke 15.890
36 43k Matt Kocourek 15.916
37 97i Jamie Iverson 15.922
38 85d Danny Darnell 15.933
39 96 John Nutley 15.939
40 X Michael Bilderback 16.032

Speed51.com’s staff will award the first-ever Speed Media Best Appearing Car on Friday during Trackside Now coverage of the ASA Midwest Tour Wayne Carter Classic 125 at Grundy County Speedway (IL). Speed Media, based in Cedar Springs, Michigan, is setting the standard for racecar designs and graphics. Speed Media’s designs have won many awards, including the fan-voted Speed51.com Best Appearing Car Award during the Snowball Derby weekend in the past. To find out who’s in the running and who wins, tune in to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage on Friday from Grundy. 
Thor Anderson’s car has come to a stop in turn one in the grass. 
Some cars are missing their transponders
Nick Murgic just jumped in the second spot in practice with a time of 15.478 
Second practice has run clean thus far with Steve Carlson topping the charts with a 15.445. 20 minutes left in final practice. 
Ross Kenseth’s #25. Kenseth won the CRA race on Monday. (51 Photo)
Brandon Hill’s number 34. (51 Photo)
Eddie Hoffman won with this car last weekend here at Grundy County. (51 Photo)
Becca Kasten was the fastest driver in the first practice. (51 Photo)
We plan to have a link up early next week. 
Comment From Steve Bechtel 

I’m gonna be at Grundy tonight but would like to listen to the radio broadcast at a later time, do you guys archive your radio stuff? 

The second and final round of practice is on the track for practice. 
We are working on the full list, but some did not have transponders on their cars. 
Jeff Strom’s number 25. (51 Photo)
Ross Kenseth won here a few weeks back in the Local Late Model show. In the tech line he tells the story and maybe adds some drama too it. (51 Photo)
37 Supers are on the grounds 
First Practice session is over…
Becca Kasten was quickest with a 15.563
Jacob Goede 15.667
Ross Kenseth 15.678
Chris Weinkauf 15.702
Nick Murgic 15.739
Tim Schendel 15.766
Skylar Holzhausen 15.770
Thor Anderson 15.778
Nathan Haseleu 15.790
Nick Panitzke is here 
Becca Kasten is currently the quickest car in practice. 
Practice just begun and quickly into practice Nathan Haseleu has some mechanical issues as smoke comes out of the rear of the car.
Practice Starts at the top of the hour. We will be back with more in a little bit. 
ASA Midwest Points Coming into Today

1 25K Ross Kenseth (TS) 320
2 39 Andrew Morrissey (TS) 317
3 21 Tim Schendel (TS) 300
4 87 Nathan Haseleu (TS) 283
5 72 Jacob Goede (TS) 282
6 2 Michael Bilderback (TS) 278
7 25S Jeff Storm (TS) 271
8 22P Nick Panitzke (TS) 270
9 64 Griffin McGrath (TS) 266
10 75W Chris Weinkauf 261

We want to thank our Trackside Now presenting sponsors for this race, Lisa Thomas Salon with two locations in the Illinois area. check them out at www.lisathomassalon.com
Comment From Guest 

Hear there is 40 Late Models in the pits already with more trickling in, this is going to be a great show 

Comment From Guest 

It’s a shame that Brett the Jet isn’t there today. 

Steve Carlson (R) waits to go into the tech line. (51 Photo)
Recap from 51’s last trip to Grundy County – http://www.speed51archives.com/2007_stories/ASA_MW/ASA_Grundy_County_recap_july.html
While your at Facebook at 51’s page too –  Our page is facebook.com/speed51
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Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/asamidwesttour

Comment From Pete Pistone 

Thanks 51 for the coverage and to Steve Einhaus and the gang at the ASA Midwest Tour. Looking forward to a great event and what a tremendous weekend for Chicagoland racing with the ARCA/NWS doubleheader Saturday night at Chicagoland Speedway. Best wishes for a great show and brodcast! 

We love to hear it when people are coming to the track later.  51 was at Grundy a few year’s back as our frontman Bob Dillner did a story on the ASA Midwest Tour.  This is the first time with our Trackside Now Coverage and Radio coverage. 
Comment From Guest 

First time Speed51 has been to Grundy, I think our locals will surprise some of you. Thanks for the coverage today. Gonna watch here for now and head out later on to watch in person 

Pre-Race Entry List
1 – Bill Knippenburg – Plainfield, IL
2 – Michael Bilderback – South Beloit, IL (TS)
4 – Thor Anderson – Bondurant, IA
5 – Travis Sauter – Prairie Du Sac, WI
7 – Erik Darnell – Beach Park, IL
7G – James Gregait – Batavia, IL
8 – Eddie Hoffman – Wheaton, IL
9 – Mark Kraus – Stratford, WI
9 – Tommy Pecaro – Markesan, WI
12 – Brandon Hill – Genoa City, WI
12 – Nick Murgic – Rosemount, MN (TS)
12 – Becca Kasten – Mequon, WI
16 – DJ Weltmeyer – Dyer, IN
21 – Tim Schendel – Sparta, WI (TS)
22 – Nick Panitzke – Sauk Centre, MN (TS)
22 – Jeremy Spoonmore – Somonauk, IL (R)
24 – Jim Olson – Harvard, IL (R)
25 – Ross Kenseth – Cambridge, WI (TS)
25 – Jeff Storm – Waterford, WI (TS)
29 – Ronnie Rihn – Bloomer, WI
33 – Jeff Cannon – Griffith, IN (R)
33 – Danny Odell – Morris, IL
36 – Danny Fredrickson – Lakeville, MN
39 – Andrew Morrissey – De Forest, WI (TS)
43 – Matt Kocourek – Franklin, WI
52 – Chris Wimmer – Wausau, WI (TS)
53 – Boris Jurkovic – Joliet, IL
54 – Erik Peirce – Lake In The Hills, IL
63 – Gary LaMonte – Milwaukee, WI
64 – Griffin McGrath – Cedar Rapids, IA (TS)
66 – Steve Carlson – West Salem, WI (TS)
71 – Blake Brown – Franksville, WI
72 – Jacob Goede – Shakopee, MN (TS)
75 – Joel Theisen – Maple Grove, MN (R)
75 – Chris Weinkauf – Merrill, WI
77 – Jonathan Eilen – Hampton, MN (TS)
78 – Skylar Holzhausen – Bangor, WI
85 – Danny Darnell – Beach Park, IL
87 – Nathan Haseleu – Pardeeville, WI (TS)
96 – John Nutley – Midlothian, IL
97 – Jamie Iverson – Escanaba, MI (TS)
99 – Jordan Sims – Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, CA

Today’s Schedule
11:00am- Pit Gate Opens
12:30pm- Driver Meeting
1:00pm- Practice Begins (45mins)
2:00pm: Truck and Sportsman Pit Gate Opens
2:30pm: Practice Round 2 ASAMT (45mins)
3:45pm: ASAMT Qualifying Tech Open
3:45pm: Sportsman and Truck Practice Begins
4:45pm: Practice Complete
5:00pm: ASAMT Qualifying (Trucks and Sportsman to Follow)
6:30pm: ASA Autograph Session (30-40 mins)
7:15pm- Opening Ceremonies
7:30pm- Racing Begins
Truck Heats- 6 Laps
Sportsman Heats- 6 Laps
ASAMT Last Chance- 30 Laps
ASAMT Fast Heats- 8 Laps
ASA SCAG Truck Feature- 50 Laps
ASA Sunoco Sportsman Feature- 35 Laps
ASA Midwest Tour Wayne Carter Classic- 125 Laps 
Tom Reffner won the first back in 1975 – He told this story to the ASA Midwest PR team – On September 7th, 1975, 49 late models arrived to compete and several thousand fans filled the grandstands to see the top Chicagoland drivers go up against the top out-of-state drivers at Grundy County Speedway.

Tom Reffner, in his 1974 American Motors Javelin, set a new track record and took the checkered flag for first ever ARTGO racing event. The race was 59 laps in honor of Wayne Carter who brought racing to the Grundy County Fair 59 years earlier.

Founder of ARTGO, Art Frigo called up Reffner a few weeks prior and asked if he was coming down for the race. “I told him I was and believed Dick Trickle and others were also planning to come down for it too,” said Reffner.

Reffner remembered being in victory lane, but admittedly does not remember many of the race details. “I remember the day and how much Art and John McKarns had hyped the event up to be a big show with a great pay off compared to most events in the area,” recalled Reffner.

It was the Wayne Carter Classic that started Reffner’s successful ARTGO career and put a Midwest touring series on the map. The event has since been a historic one. Reffner won that first event and continued on to win the 1975 ARTGO championship. He also won the championship in 1978 and was leading the points in 1979 until he got hurt in an event at Elko Speedway.

He came back, but did not race full-time in the series after that. “I ran almost every single event until 1980 when they switched to a claim motor. I just wasn’t able to get all the parts and pieces I needed, even though I was a proponent of the switch. I just wasn’t very competitive after that,” added Reffner.

What’s different between the 1975 Wayne Carter Classic and the 2011 Wayne Carter Classic? Well, according to Reffner, it’s hard to pinpoint any distinct differences. The cars are much more equal now and most can go out a be competitive right off the bat.

“Back then it was more build-your-own. When I started out, I always built my own stuff. In ’78 I ran bought chassis and raced them until I quit. Today, everybody’s so equal because they all have access to the same equipment. The difference is in the driver,” continued Reffner.

Just like the first event, several thousand fans will fill the grandstands to see the top Chicagoland drivers go up against the top out-of-state drivers for the “Wayne Carter Classic 125 presented by ECHO Bear Cat.” While the series may have changed since that first race, the competition and love for racing remains the same. In Tom Reffner’s words, “ASA has made a lot of super stars out of drivers!”

Today we make some history as the ASA Midwest Tour brings back the Wayne Carter Classic here at Grundy County Speedway (IL). For years it was one of the biggest events for Late Model in the Midwest before it was stopped in 2003. 
Good Afternoon and welcome to Grundy County Speedway (IL).

Trackside Now – Wayne Carter Classic 125 – Grundy County Speedway – 6/3/11