Speed51.com Trackside Now – 10/31/09 – USARacing Pro Cup at South Boston Speedway (VA) (Replay)


Good morning here from South Boston Speedway.   Track drying efforts have been underway all morning here for the USARacing Pro Cup Strutmasters 250 season finale event.   The rains seem to have lifted and the sun is trying to peek its way through the clouds.   We will be here with you live for all of the action all today.


BREAKING NEWS : USARacing Pro Cup officials have announced that they will have a 250-lap  event in the Championship Series next  season  at North Wilkesboro Speedway (NC) on October 3, 2010.   This is very good news for the historic short track, which has sat dormant for many years.


The Limited Late Models are now on track for a brief practice session.   Here are the events to follow :1:30pm – Pre Race Ceremonies
2:00pm – Strutmasters.com 250
Limited Late Model race to follow


Pro Cup teams practiced and qualified here yesterday.   Here is the top-five from each practice session as well as the qualifying results.

1 00s Lucas Ransone 15.978 Ford Fusion
2 73 Jeff Agnew 16.019 Ford Fusion
3 54 Clay Rogers 16.071 Chevy Impala
4 57n Bryce Walker 16.09 Chevy Impala
5 22n Derek Kale 16.11 Chevy Impala
1 73n Jeff Agnew 15.901 Ford Fusion
2 22s Drew Herring 15.918 Ford Fusion
3 54s Clay Rogers 15.934 Chevy Impala
4 00s Lucas Ransone 15.978 Ford Fusion
5 22n Derek Kale 16.041 Chevy Impala

Qualifying Results :

1 54s Clay Rogers 15.823 Chevy Impala
2 22s Drew Herring 15.951 Ford Fusion
3 68 Allen Purkhiser 16.024 Ford Fusion
4 73n Jeff Agnew 16.055 Ford Fusion
5 56 Brandon Ward 16.077 Chevy Impala
6 00s Lucas Ransone 16.089 Ford Fusion
7 65s A.J. Frank 16.112 Chevy Impala
8 07s Matt Lofton 16.121 Chevy Monte Carlo
9 22n Derek Kale 16.148 Chevy Impala
10 23 J.P. Morgan 16.192 Chevy Impala
11 41s Rusty Skewes 16.394 Ford Fusion
12 57n Bryce Walker 16.471 Chevy Impala
13 06s Bobby Gill 16.482 Ford Fusion
14 04s Larry Barrett 16.589 Chevy Monte Carlo
15 75n Ronnie Souders Jr. 16.628 Chevy Impala
16 24n Dwayne Tatman 16.714 Chevrolet
17 1n Brett Butler 16.758 Chevy Monte Carlo
18 13s John Gibson 17.01 Ford Fusion
19 55s Tom Powers Sr. 17.024 Ford Fusion
20 7n Delbert Tatman 20.23 Chevrolet
21 31s Logan Ruffin NT Chevy Monte Carlo


The series’ 2010 season will once again conclude here at South Boston Speedway in South Boston, Virginia but the road to the finale with house a few changes from the 2009 season.   They will kick off the 2010 season at the brand new  Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, GA and make a stop at  the re-opening  North Wilkesboro Speedway (NC) in October.   Here is the touring series’ complete 2010 schedule :

1 27-Mar Gresham Motorsports Park Jefferson, GA 250
2 17-Apr New Smyrna Speedway New Smyrna Beach, FL 250
3 1-May Hickory Motor Speedway Hickory, NC 250
4 15-May Rockingham Speedway Rockingham, NC 200
5 29-May Langley Speedway Hampton, VA 250
6 12-Jun South Boston Speedway South Boston, VA 250
7 26-Jun Lake Erie Speedway Erie, PA 250
8 10-Jul Salem Speedway Salem, IN 200
9 17-Jul Motor Mile Speedway Radford, VA 250
10 30-Jul Iowa Speedway Newton, IA 150
11 14-Aug Langley Speedway Hampton, VA 250
Championship Series
12 28-Aug Concord Speedway Concord, NC 250
13 11-Sep Bristol Motor Speedway Bristol, TN 200
14 3-Oct North Wilkesboro Speedway North Wilkesboro, NC 250
15 23-Oct Gresham Motorsports Park Jefferson, GA 250
16 6-Nov South Boston Speedway South Boston, VA 300



PHOTO : Track drying efforts here at South Boston Speedway (51 Sports Photo)


USARacing Pro Cup drivers have taken to the stands for their autograph session,  Halloween style.




PHOTO : Drivers signing autographs for several fans who are entered in the costume contest here today. (51 Sports Photo)


Clay Rogers comes into today’s race looking for his third USARacing Pro Cup title.   He currently leads the points standings by 43 markers over J.P. Morgan.   Drew Herring is third, 85 points out, not mathematically eliminated but in reality he would need a lot of help.   We’ll monitor the situation throughout the day.


Clay Rogers and his wife Cheryl are  expecting their first child  anytime during the next two weeks so we assume that Clay would like to get this over, the sooner, the better.   Second place point man, J.P. Morgan is also getting married in the near future.   So both have more on their minds than just the Championship.


The Limited Late Model cars are still on track for their practice session as the Pro Cup drivers wait to get back across the track after their autograph session.


Several teams have stretched tarps over their pit stalls to keep them dry and others have set up fans to help dry the moisture that has settled on pit road.


The $500 costume contest is now underway on pit road.   Entries include Scarlett O’Hara, a hot dog vendor complete with weiner dog, Fred Flintstone and the usual suspects a witch, Freddy Kruger, Dorothy, and an angel.


Check out championship contender, J.P. Morgan talking to our Bob Dillner about his run at the 2009 USARacing Pro Cup title.http://www.youtube.com/speed51video#p/u/3/SHlM6ajy3IM


Pro Cup officials have just announced that drivers will climb into their cars here shortly for a “Rolling Introduction.”


Our previously pictured astronaut won the Halloween costume contest and collected $500.Pre-race ceremonies have concluded, engines have fired and the 21-car Pro Cup field is making its way onto the track for their final race of 2009.


The field has just received the one to go signal and will be going green next time by.




Clay Rogers gets away clean and leads Drew Herring into turn one.


Rogers and Herring have broken away from Allen Purkhiser and Jeff Agnew in third and fourth.


On lap five, Drew Herring made his way beneath Clay Rogers for the lead  coming off of turn four but was unable to complete the pass.


Lap 8 : Drew Herring has snatched the lead from Clay Rogers early in the event as Jeff Agnew peeks below Allen Purkhiser for third.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 13The 00 of Lucas Ransone spun on the front straightaway collecting the 41 of Rusty Skewes and the 07 of Matt Lofton.


Skewes’ #41 machine is badly damaged and will have to be put on the hook.   It seems his day has ended early.


As track  crews are clearing the  surface of debris, we’ll take a moment to recap the top-10.1. Drew Herring
2. Clay Rogers
3. Allen Purkhiser
4. Jeff Agnew
5. Brandon Ward
6. A.J. Frank
7. Derek Kale
8. Bryce Walker
9. J.P. Morgan
10. Bobby Gill


Drivers have just received the one to go signal and will be back under green shortly.




Drew Herring and Clay Rogers got away clean and have stepped away from the rest of the top-10.The #00 of Lucas Ransone has been black-flagged due to a bungee cord hanging from his rear bumper.


Jeff Agnew has made his way by Allen Purkhiser for third after several laps of side by side battling.


The top-two have a straightaway lead on Jeff Agnew who is leaving the rest of the field and closing in on them.


Rogers is following directly in Herring’s tire tracks and looking beneath him each lap off turn four but hasn’t been able to make his move yet.


The field has calmed considerably and are running single-filed all around the .4 mile racing surface here in South Boston, VA.Herring and Rogers have begun lapping cars on lap 43, starting with the 355 of Tom Powers.


Rogers continues to stalk Herring as Jeff Agnew has driven away from the field with his sights set on Herring and Rogers.


Coming off of turn four, Bobby Gill made his way under the #65 of A.J. Frank when Frank closed the door on Gill and the two collided.   Luckily, both straightened out and continued without spinning.


As the top-three begin lapping the tail end of the field, the positions behind them have shaken up quite a bit as Bobby Gill has made a march towards the front and Allen Purkhiser has fallen back.Top-10 :1. Drew Herring
2. Clay Rogers
3. Jefff Agnew
4. Brandon Ward
5. Derek Kale
6. Allen Purkhiser
7. Bobby Gill
8. A.J. Frank
9. Bryce Walker
10. J.P. Morgan


On lap 62, Clay Rogers has made his way back around Drew Herring for the lead.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 65The yellow flag is in the air for debris in turn one.


Rogers, Agnew, Brandon Ward, Derek Kale, Allen Purkhiser, Bobby Gill, AJ Frank, Bryce Walker, JP Morgan, have all pitted for fresh rubber under this caution.   Drew Herring stayed on track and regained the lead.


J.P. Morgan and Bryce Walker made minor contact on pit road under that round of pitstops.


The #75 of Ronnie Souders received the Lucky Dog Award under that caution.




Drew Herring lead the field to the green followed by Clay Rogers, Derek Kale, Jeff Agnew, Brandon Ward, Bobby Gill and Allen Purkhiser.


Four-time USARacing Pro Cup Champion Bobby Gill has made his way by Brandon Ward here on lap 74 to take over the fifth spot.


It feels like deja vu as Clay Rogers finds himself, once again, following directly in Herring’s tire tracks as they pull away from the field as we approach lap 80.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 83Lucas Ransone spun in turns three and four.


The #24 of Dwayne Tatman is the Lucky Dog recipient under this caution.


Drew Herring, Derek Kale, Bobby Gill, Allen Purkhiser, Brett Butler and Bryce Walker have all hit pit road.Under the last caution, Clay Rogers took fuel only in an attempt to maintain track position and Drew Herring has chosen to do the same thing under this caution.


As the field takes one to go, here are the top-five.1. Clay Rogers
2. Jeff Agnew
3. Brandon Ward
4. AJ Frank
5. Logan Ruffin




Caution is back out on lap 97 for a spin by Larry Barrett in turn four.


Logan Ruffin, Drew Herring, J.P. Morgan, and Dwayne Tatman have all hit pit road.


Despite his misfortunes today, Lucas Ransone has pretty much locked up the USARacing Pro Cup Raybesto’s Rookie of the Year title.




Here is your top ten on lap 105.1. Clay Rogers
2. Jeff Agnew
3. Brandon Ward
4. AJ Frank
5. John Gibson
6. Bobby Gill
7. Matt Lofton
8. Derek Kale
9. Bryce Walker
10. Allen Purkhiser


Derek Kale is aggressively pressuring Bobby Gill for the sixth spot.


As Kale and Bobby Gill battle side by side for sixth, Drew Herring is sizing up Bryce Walker for ninth.


Kale has now taken sixth away from Gill and is now looking below the #13 car of John Gibson.


The field has just been given the halfway signal here at lap 125 as Clay Rogers continues to lead Jeff Agnew, Brandon Ward, AJ Frank, Derek Kale, John Gibson, Bobby Gill, Matt Lofton, Bryce Walker, Brett Butler, JP Morgan, Drew Herring, and Allen Purkhiser.


A battle has heated up for the 10th spot between second and third place championship contenders JP Morgan and Drew Herring.   Herring has bumped Morgan a few times but Morgan holds on to the spot.


Bobby Gill has just made his way by John Gibson for sixth here on lap 138.As that was happening, several cars checked up in turn four and JP Morgan was forced to slide up the track just enough to open the door for Herring, who jumped at the chance to grab the ninth spot away.


The #55 of Tom Powers, who has gone several laps down, has pulled into the pits here on lap 142 and crews are looking under the hood.


Derek Kale has made his way by Brandon Ward for third.Meanwhile, Matt Lofton seems to be fading fast as Herring and Morgan close in on John Gibson for seventh.


Clay Rogers has a straightaway lead over Jeff Agnew, Derek Kale, Brandon Ward, AJ Frank, Bobby Gill, Drew Herring, JP Morgan, Brett Butler, Matt Lofton, Allen Purkhiser, and Bryce Walker.


The lapped car of Logan Ruffin has spiced up the battle for second as Derek Kale and Brandon Ward were able to make their way by Jeff Agnew while simultaneously lapping Ruffin.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 160The #68 of Allen Purkhiser spun in turn four.


Clay Rogers, Matt Lofton, Allen Purkhiser, Brandon Ward, Jeff Agnew, AJ Frank, Bobby Gill and Logan Ruffin have all come to pit road under this caution as Larry Barrett receives the Lucky Dog Award.




Derek Kale leads Drew Herring, JP Morgan, Brett Butler, Bryce Walker, Bobby Gill and Clay Rogers.


Clay Rogers has made several attempts to get under Bobby Gill and take the sixth spot away, none have been successful.


Bobby Gill has made his way under Bryce Walker for fifth and Clay Rogers, Jeff Agnew and Brandon Ward followed suit. Walker has now fallen back to ninth.


Meanwhile Drew Herring is closing in on Derek Kale for the lead while JP Morgan is a straightaway back in third.


Clay Rogers has now taken the fifth spot from Bobby Gill and Jeff Agnew and Brandon Ward have followed to freight train Gill the same way they did Bryce Walker a few laps back.


Rogers has now also made his way by the #1 car of Brett Butler for fourth and has a bullseye set on JP Morgan in third.


Brandon Ward and Bobby Gill have also made their way around Butler as Rogers takes third away from JP Morgan.   It appears it will only be a matter of laps before Clay Rogers erases Derek Kale and Drew Herring’s straightaway lead over him as we reach lap 200.




The #65 of AJ Frank blew a right front tire in turns three and four.


Bryce Walker, Allen Burkhiser, Larry Barrett, and Logan Ruffin have all come to pit road under this caution


Here is the top-10 at lap 204.1. Derek Kale
2. Drew Herring
3. Clay Rogers
4. Jeff Agnew
5. Brandon Ward
6. JP Morgan
7. Bobby Gill
8. Brett Butler
9. Ronnie Souders
10. Larry Barrett




With Rogers in his rear-view mirror, Drew Herring wasted no time in taking the lead away from Derek Kale.   Rogers also wasted no time in following Herring to the second spot.


Rogers and Herring battle side by side on lap 210 for the lead.


Clay Rogers is once again in the top spot with 38 laps remaining.   Rogers is trailed by Herring, Derek Kale, Jeff Agnew, Brandon Ward, and Bobby Gill in sixth.




It appeared Jeff Agnew got loose in turn four, however he straightened the car up and continued but spooked the #65 of AJ Frank who spun and has now made his way behind the wall.


The field will take the green flag with 27  laps to go.




Rogers is away clean followed by Herring, Brandon Ward, Derek Kale, and Bobby Gill.




The caution is back out on the track for a spin in the turn four by the #68 of Allen Purkhiser.Derek Kale has received the black flag here on lap 227 as smoke is billowing from the rear of his #22N machine.


Logan Ruffin has passed the pace car and received the Lucky Dog Award.




Clay Rogers has pulled away with 17 laps to go as Drew Herring and Brandon Ward battle side by side for second.


Clay Rogers is now only 10 laps away from his third USARacing Pro Cup championship as well as a win in the Strutmasters.com 250 here at South Boston Speedway as he now leads by a straightaway over Drew Herring and Brandon Ward.


Brandon Ward has made his way under Drew Herring for second here on lap 244.


The white flag is in the air for Clay Rogers.


Clay Rogers has won the Strutmasters.com 250 here at South Boston Speedway and his third USARacing Pro Cup Championship.


Rogers was followed by Brandon Ward, Drew Herring, Jeff Agnew and Bobby Gill.We will have the full finishing order shortly.


Although Clay Rogers is a veteran of this series, he was not without experienced competition as Brandon Ward who finished second was the winner here in the spring and Drew Herring who finished third was previously a track champion here.


Lucas Ransone has been named the 2009 USARacing Pro Cup Raybesto’s Rookie of the Year.


Clay Rogers’ first words as the 2009 USARacing Pro Cup Championship?”I’m coming for you, Bobby Gill.”Gill has four series’ championships and is the only driver with more championships than Rogers.


Unofficial Results from the Strutmasters.com 250:1. Clay Rogers
2. Brandon Ward
3. Drew Herring
4. Jeff Agnew
5. Bobby Gill
6. J.P. Morgan
7. Matt Lofton
8. Bryce Walker
9, Brett Butler
10. Logan Ruffin
11. Larry Barrett
12. Allen Purkhiser
13. Ronnie Souders Jr.
14. Dwayne Tatman
15. Derek Kale
16. A.J. Frank
17. John Gibson
18. Tom Powers Sr.
19. Lucas Ransone
20. Rusty Skewes
21. Delbert Tatman



PHOTO : 2009 USARacing Pro Cup Champion and Strutmasters.com 250 winner Clay Rogers in Victory Lane. (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO : JP Morgan gives friend Clay Rogers a congratulatory hug in victory lane. (51 Sports Photo)


The Limited Late Model race is now underway.   It is lap 10 and Justin Snow is leading Danny Willis Jr, Joey Throckmorton, Tommy Peregoy and Michael McQuire.


You can here more on Clay Rogers on Speed51 radio live from Buffalo Wild Wings in Concord, North Carolina, this Tuesday night from 6-8pm on Racetalkradio.com.


Here on lap 35, Danny Willis Jr has made his way by Justin Snow for the lead and is followed by Joey Throckmorton, Tommy Peregoy and then Snow.


The caution is back in the air on lap 47  for the second time as the #27 was collected by a spinning George Spencer in turn three.   The two made hard contact and the race has been red-flagged.   George Spencer appears to be ok but Jeb Burton has been assisted into the ambulance as he seems a little woozy after the hit.


The cars are back rolling as the track is no longer blocked and crews are clearing the racing surface.


Burton has exited the ambulance under his own power and appears to be ok.


The yellow flag is back in the air on lap 51.


The cars were back under green until lap 57 when the yellow flew once again for a spin in turn four by Matt Taylor.`


The green flag is back in the air on lap 62, Danny Willis leads Joey Throckmorton, Justin Snow, Tommy Peregoy and Jeff Olean.


With 24 laps to go here in the Limited Late Model race, the top-five remains the same.


Danny Willis has won the Limited Late Model feature   followed by Joey Throckmorton, Justin Snow, Tommy Peregoy and  Jeff Olean.


That concludes our coverage here from South Boston Speedway.   Stay tuned to Speed51.comthroughout the week for more coverage and video.Congratulations to Clay Rogers on his third USARacing Pro Cup Championship and goodnight!

Trackside Now: USARacing Pro Cup Season Finale at South Boston Speedway – 10/31/09