That wraps up our coverage from Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Congratulations to Burt Myers, the (unofficial) winner of the UNOH Southern Slam 150 and the 2010 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Champion.

Our Modified coverage is not complete for the weekend, however, as we will be live with Trackside Now coverage of the World Series NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour finale at Thompson International Speedway Saturday and Sunday.  We will also be live Saturday and Sunday at the Winchester 400 CRA Super Late Model event in Indiana.

Until then, good night from Charlotte! 

Burt Myers, unofficially the winner of the UNOH Southern Slam 150 at Charlotte Motor Speedway and 2010 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Champion
Burt Myers’ team will be leaving at 8am Friday morning and will be traveling up to Thompson International Speedway in Connecticut for the World Series NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour finale this weekend.
UNOH Southern Slam 150 Unofficial Results
1 1 Burt Myers 150
2 02 Tim Brown 150
3 11 Zach Brewer 150
4 25 John Smith 150
5 19 Daniel Hemric 150
6 36 L.W. Miller 150
7 40 Frank Fleming 150
8 10 Johnny Sutton 150
9 8 Jonathan Kievman 150
10 7 Thomas Stinson 150
11 44 Brandon Hire 150
12 31 Gene Pack 149
13 48 Brad Robbins 149
14 12 Mike Norman 149
15 97 Bryan Dauzat 147
16 79 James Civali 127
17 4 Jason Myers 122
18 47 Andy Seuss 96
19 77 Gary Putnam 94
DNS 0 Greg Butcher 30
The engines and shocks out of the top-two finishers have been taken out and will be brought to the NASCAR R&D Center here in Concord, North Carolina for further inspection.  That does not mean that there is an issue, however, as it was something that was planned beforehand. 
Again, you won’t want to miss this stuff!
We will have all the recaps next week.  
We’re back, and all we will say is you will not want to miss our Leftovers after this race.  Yes, there were some pushing, shoving  and some fists thrown in the garage area after the race.  
We’ll be out getting post-race reaction.  We’ll have more after a while, including the unofficial finish, when we return. 
Unofficial race top-five:  Burt Myers, Tim Brown, Zach Brewer, John Smith and James Civali. 
CHECKERED FLAG:  Burt Myers has won the UNOH Southern Slam 150 and is unofficially the 2010 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Champion.  
Daniel Hemric has moved to fifth. 
If he can hang on for four more laps, Burt Myers will be the winner and the champion. 
Five to go:  Myers is more than a second ahead of Brown.
Myers is .88 seconds ahead of Brown with seven to go. 
10 to go:  Myers is up two carlengths on Brown.  Miller has gotten back to seventh, but he will have to finish ahead of Myers at this point to have a shot at the title.
GREEN FLAG:  Tim Brown got a great start on the outside.  They are side-by-side through one and two before Myers gets back ahead in turn three. 
There will be 13 laps to go when they go green.  Burt Myers will lead Tim Brown, Zach Brewer, John Smith, Frank Fleming in the top-five.  
Civali is in the pits, while Miller is at the end of the line, still on the lead lap in 10th. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 131:  James Civali has spun out LW Miller from the third spot.  Miller tried getting back at Civali and swerved at him under catuion.
Lap 120:  Myers has put 11th-place Johnny Sutton a lap down.  
Lap 118:  Zach Brewer has gained ground on LW Miller and rides in his tire tracks for third. 
Lap 115, 35 to go:  Burt Myers leads Tim Brown, LW Miller, Zach Brewer and John Smith. 
Lap 112:  Burt Myers is four carlengths ahead of Tim Brown, who is the same distance ahead of Miller.
Lap 109:  Brandon Hire spins in turn two, but no yellow. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 107:  Myers clears Miller, but so does Tim Brown, who moves to second. 
Civaili is back on track, nine laps down. 
One lap to green 
Andy Seuss has been evaluated in the infield care center and released. 
Back under yellow now.
Comment From Twisty 

I think the 11 point lead is more accurate. NASCAR’s six point lead doesn’t seem to include the five bonus points for leading the most laps – which although Burt Myers has “clinched”, he won’t technically get until after the race is over. 

According to our pit reporter Matt Dillner, Andy Seuss’ team, along with NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Crew Chief Kevin “Bono” Manion, is anxiously awaiting their car to return from the tow truck so they can get to work on it.

James Civali’s #79 has a broken steering rack and the team is working on the car feverishly.  

More officially, yet still unofficial, according to NASCAR PR, Burt Myers has a six point lead as they run. 
RED FLAG:  For extensive cleanup on the frontstretch.  Seuss busted the radiator on the #47 and there are a lot of fluids where he hit the wall.
By our quick (and perhaps fuzzy) mathematics, Burt Myers unofficially has an 11 point lead on LW Miller. 
As they run:  Burt Myers leads LW Miller, Tim Brown, Frank Fleming and John Smith in the top-five.  Sixth through 10th are Brewer, Kievman, Hire, Stinson and Hemric. 
That caution, barring trouble for LW Miller and Burt Myers, should leave Miller and Myers as the remaining title contenders. 
Civali still sits in the pits, five laps down under caution as Seuss’ car gets hooked up to a wrecker. 
The wreck started when Frank Fleming and others got stacked up in turn two, causing Andy Seuss to get into Fleming and shoot hard right into the outside wall.  Jason Myers and James Civali made contact as they all got stacked up, as well. 
Seuss has climbed from his #47, but his night, and his championship hopes, are done.
James Civali was also involved.  Civali has hit the pits and has lost at least a couple laps.
YELLOW LAP 95:  Andy Seuss has hit the turn four wall, as Jason Myers and John Smith spun around him.
Pit reports say the rotors on Andy Seuss’ car are glowing a bright red as he tries to hold of Civali for sixth. 
Lap 90:  Myers and Miller run bumper-to-bumper, while Tim Brown is two seconds behind them in third. 
Lap 87:  Myers got hung up a bit by the lapped car of Gene Pack, allowing LW Miller close right back in for the lead. 
Lap 83:  Myers has a one-second lead on Miller.  Brown, Fleming and Jason Myers round out the top-five.

Championship contenders Andy Seuss and James Civali run sixth and seventh, respectively.

As they run, Burt unofficially has a one-point lead on Andy Seuss for the championship.
Burt Myers has locked up five bonus points for leading a lap and another five for leading the most laps, having led from the start. 
Lap 75: HALFWAY:  Burt Myers leads LW Miller, Tim Brown, Frank Fleming and Jason Myers int he top-five.  Sixth through 10th are John Smith, Andy Seuss, James Civali, Zach Brewer and Jonathan Kievman.
Lap 68:  Myers has opened back up a six carlength lead on Miller.  Deeper in the field Jason Myers, John Smith and Andy Seuss are having one heck of a time getting by the lapped car of Mike Norman
Frank Fleming has a rear-view mirror full fo Jason Myers for fourth. 
Civali enters the top-10 on lap 64 
Lap 60:  Andy Seuss is peppering the back bumper of John Smith for the sixth spot. 
Lap 57:  Miller has closed to within one carlength of Burt Myers for the race lead.  Brown is three carlengths behind Miller in third.
Lap 50:  B. Myers leads Miller, Brown, Fleming, Hire, J. Myers, Smith, Seuss, Brewer and Kievman in the top-10. 
All cars have continued on. Fleming’s slide back to fourth moves Miller to second and Brown to third.
Behind him, Daniel Hemric did not come up to speed at the start, either.  
RESTART Lap 48:  Fleming can’t get traction on the outside and slides back.
Restart order:  B. Myers, Fleming, Miller, Brown and Hire in the top-five.  6-10 are J. Myers, Hemric, Smith, Seuss and Brewer.  Civali will restart 17th. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 42:  Civali spun out at the rear of the field trying to avoid hitting other cars as they stacked up ahead of him. 
Brandon Hire got out of the groove on the start and stacked up the field. 
Civali will restart 16th when the field goes back to green. 
Running Order:  Burt Myers leads Frank Fleming, LW Miller, Brandon Hire and Tim Brown in the top-five.  6-10 are Jason Myers, Daniel Hemric, John Smith, Andy Seuss and Zach Brewer. 
YELLOW FLAG:  Lap 36:  LW Miller got into the back of James Civali as they battled for third.  Civali spun coming out of turn two with now further contact.
Lap 32:  Gary Putnam has pulled his car into the garage. 
Lap 30:  Myers is up four carlengths sitll, but Fleming, Civali and Miller are nose-to-tail behind him.  Seuss still runs 10th, 4.5-seconds behind the leader. 
Lap 26:  Bryan Dauzat has lost a lap to the field.
Lap 25:  Myers is up three carlengths on Fleming.  Civali is right behind Fleming in third.  Hire, Miller and Brown follow right behind. 
Andy Seuss’ brake rotors are glowing red as he tries to get by John Smith for ninth. 
Lap 19:  Mike Norman has gone a lap down to leader Burt Myers 
Lap 18:  The top-five are bumper to bumper.  Myers, Fleming, Civali, Hire and Miller. 
Lap 15:  Burt Myers leads Fleming, Civali, Hire, Miller, Brown, Jason Myers, Hemric, Smith and Seuss in the top-10. 
Lap 12:  Burt Myers has opened up a half-second lead on FLeming.  Civali is putting pressure on Fleming for second now.
Lap 9:  Frank Fleming is putting pressure on Burt Myers for the lead.  The whole field single-file.
Lap 6:  Myers and Fleming run one-two, about four carlengths up on James Civali, who has passed Hire for third.
Lap 3:  Civali runs fourth and Seuss is ninth.  The field is single-file.
Myers leads lap one and has cleared Hire.  Fleming runs third but wants second from Hire
GREEN FLAG:  Burt Myers pulls ahead of Brandon Hire into one, but they remain side-by-side through one and two 
One lap to green 
The cars are rolling for their pace laps. 
Comment From Guest 

Thanks for the coverage guys!!!! 

Comment From Riggs Racing 

Thanx Duke. Now Lets Go Andy & Riggs Racing. 

Engines have fired. 
Post Re-Draw

1 Burt Myers
2 Brandon Hire
3 Frank Fleming
4 LW Miller
5 James Civali
6 Tim Brown
7 Jason Myers
8 Daniel Hemric
9 John Smith
10 Andy Seuss (Fast Time)
11 Johnathan Kievman
12 Zach Brewer
13 Bryan Dauzat
14 Johnny Sutton
15 Gary Putnam
16 Thomas Stinson
17 Gene Pack
18 Mike Norman
19 Brad Robbins
20 Greg Butcher
Comment From KyleMac 

Good luck to both Andy and James!!! 

Thanks Twisty!  Looking forward to covering the World Series NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event with you this weekend at Thompson International Speedway! 
Comment From Twisty 

Great coverage tonight. Thanks Duke! Time to get a bowl of ice cream, settle in by the fire and “watch” 150 excited laps of Modified racing on the computer. 

It’s hard to say with as massive as the grandstands are here on the frontstretch and as spread out as the fans are.  We may be way off here, but probably around 2,000 people have stayed after Sprint Cup qualifying for the Modified event. 
Comment From long island mod maniac 

Whats the crowd attendance? 

The Modifieds are gridded on the frontstretch…we are only seven minutes to the command to fire engines. 
Comment From Riggs Racing 

Andy Seuss Is bringin the championship home for Riggs Racing. 

Comment From Jim 

Thank you for the awesome coverage & pictures! 

Comment From Steve 

I think tonight will be Civali 

Official word from NASCAR PR is that green flag will wave at 8:45pm, in about 15 minutes. 
Comment From Upside Down Turtle 

I do not like Green Eggs and Ham and I’m not Sam I Am…But tonight that #47 is really going to Jam. Good Luck Dr. Seuss! 

The top three in NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour points all have some Northern flavor.  Point leader James Civali is from Meriden, Connecticut, and cut his racing teeth on the short tracks around the Nutmeg State, before competing in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East.

Andy Seuss is a Hampstead, New Hampshire native and has competed in several different Modified tours throughout New England.

Third-place point runner L.W. Miller may live in Mooresville, North Carolina now, but he is a native of Dushore, Pennsylvania and spent several years on the Northern Whelen Modified Tour.

Comment From Ray Skoglund 

Safe race to all go get um James bring the Hills their first championship!! 

Comment From Eppin Exterminator 

Go Andy Seuss! Bring home a big trophy to Hampstead, New Hampshire! 

Comment From Scott Poland 

Hemric FTW 

NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying has concluded and NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour drivers are reporting to their cars.
Comment From chris 

go burt and jason myers 

In the driver’s meeting, it was announced that the motions for pre-race ceremonies for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event will be put into place once NASCAR Sprint Cup Series qualifying is complete.  There are nine Sprint Cup cars left to take time. 
The first-ever NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour UNOH Southern Slam 150 “class photo.” (Jim DuPont Photo)
As mentioned earlier, the teams will not be able to access any kind of live pit road tonight. But, it is only a four-tire race, so they should not need to pit unless in cases of flat tires or other emergencies. The crews will be positioned in what is known as the “ARCA Garage” here at the track, to the side of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series garage. 
Comment From Brittany 

Where do they pit? 

UNOH Southern Slam 150 Starting Lineup
(Sorted as they will start. Lap times included. Top-10 qualifiers re-drew for starting position)

1 Burt Myers 15.162
2 Brandon Hire 15.288
3 Frank Fleming 15.174
4 LW Miller 15.098
5 James Civali 15.167
6 Tim Brown 15.156
7 Jason Myers 15.125
8 Daniel Hemric 15.113
9 John Smith 15.156
10 Andy Seuss (Fast Time) 15.071
11 Johnathan Kievman 15.372
12 Zach Brewer 15.373
13 Bryan Dauzat 15.438
14 Johnny Sutton 15.479
15 Gary Putnam 15.648
16 Thomas Stinson 15.681
17 Gene Pack 15.883
18 Mike Norman 15.914
19 Brad Robbins 16.196
20 Greg Butcher no time

Tonight’s 150-lap event is scheduled to start in about two hours, after NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying, which is just about to start. 
As mentioned previously in our coverage (scroll down to see anything you may have missed), tonight’s race will air on SPEED Saturday at 2:30pm ET. 
Comment From Steve 

Is the race televised 

Andy Seuss was all smiles about receiving the Coors Pole Award, but probably isn’t as pleased with having to start 10th after the re-draw. (Jim DuPont Photo)
That is the policy both for the Northern Tour and the Southern Tour. We believe the redraw is usually at least four and as many as 10 each race. 
Comment From Guest 

Why even have time trials if half the starting field gets to draw out of their hat for a position? Is this the format for all Southern Modified races or just because it is in front of the Cup guys at Charlotte? 

UNOH Southern Slam 150 Starting Lineup
1 1 Burt Myers
2 44 Brandon Hire
3 40 Frank Fleming
4 36 L.W. Miller
5 79 James Civali
6 02 Tim Brown
7 4 Jason Myers
8 19 Daniel Hemric
9 25 John Smith
10 47 Andy Seuss
11 8 Jonathan Kievman
12 11 Zach Brewer
13 97 Bryan Dauzat
14 10 Johnny Sutton
15 77 Gary Putnam
16 7 Thomas Stinson
17 31 Gene Pack
18 12 Mike Norman
19 48 Brad Robbins
20 0 Greg Butcher
Fast-timer Andy Seuss has drawn the 10-pill, meaning he will start 10th. Burt Myers has re-drawn the pole. 
The re-draw will be a 10. That means the top-10 qualifiers will draw their starting position out of a hat. 
Daniel Hemric poses with his car before his qualifying lap. (51 Photo)
Brandon Hire gets sideways on his qualifying lap. (51 Photo)
L.W. Miller on his qualifying run. Miller timed in second-quick. (51 Photo)
Andy Seuss takes the checkers on his pole run. (51 Photo)
UNOH Southern Slam 150 Unofficial Qualifying Speeds *These are actual laps speeds and not the times*
1 47 Andy Seuss 59.717
2 36 L.W. Miller 59.611
3 19 Daniel Hemric 59.551
4 4 Jason Myers 59.504
5 02 Tim Brown 59.382
6 25 John Smith 59.382
7 1 Burt Myers 59.359
8 79 James Civali 59.339
9 40 Frank Fleming 59.312
10 44 Brandon Hire 58.870
11 8 Jonathan Kievman 58.548
12 11 Zach Brewer 58.544
13 97 Bryan Dauzat 58.298
14 10 Johnny Sutton 58.143
15 77 Gary Putnam 57.515
16 7 Thomas Stinson 57.394
17 31 Gene Pack 56.664
18 12 Mike Norman 56.554
19 48 Brad Robbins 55.569
20 0 Greg Butcher Not Time
Greg Butcher did not take time. 
Qualifying is now complete.

Andy Seuss is the fast-timer. L.W. Miller is second-quick, with Daniel Hemric, Jason Myers and Tim Brown in the top five. Sixth through 10th will be John Smith, Burt Myers, James Civali, Frannk Fleming and Brandon Hire. 

Gene Pack
Lap 1: 54.918
Lap 2: 56.664
Best Lap: 56.664
The last car is on the track…Gene Pack. 
Zach Brewer
Lap 1: 58.324
Lap 2: 58.544
Best Lap: 58.544
Miller is now second-quick, bumping Hemric to third. 
L.W. Miller
Lap 1: 58.67
Lap 2: 59.611
Best Lap: 59.611
Hemric has jumped up to second-quick. 
Daniel Hemric
Lap 1: 58.682
Lap 2: 59.551
Best Lap: 59.551
A brief break is on the track for debris on the frontstretch.

Andy Seuss remains on top of qualifying with just a few cars remaining. Jason Myers is second, Tim Brown is third, John Smith is fourth and Burt Myers is fifth. 

Frank Fleming
Lap 1: 59.312
Lap 2: 59.102
Best Lap: 59.312
Johnny Sutton
Lap 1: 56.897
Lap 2: 58.143
Best Lap: 58.143
Burt Myers
Lap 1: 58.789
Lap 2: 59.359
Best Lap: 59.359
Brad Robbins
Lap 1: 55.569
Lap 2: 55.371
Best Lap: 55.569
Andy Seuss is still atop the board, with Jason Myers, Tim Brown, John Smith and James Civali in the top five. 
James Civali
Lap 1: 59.339
Lap 2: 59.289
Best Lap: 59.339
Gary Putnam
Lap 1: 57.515
Lap 2: 57.325
Best Lap: 57.515
John Smith
Lap 1: 58.804
Lap 2: 59.382
Best Lap: 59.382
Jonathan Kievman
Lap 1: 58.076
Lap 2: 58.548
Best Lap: 58.548
Andy Seuss is atop the board, with Jason Myers, Tim Brown, Brandon Hire and Bryan Dauzat in the top-five. 
Thomas Stinson
Lap 1: 55.347
Lap 2: 56.554
Best Lap: 56.554
Tim Brown
Lap 1: 59.382
Lap 2: 59.016
Best Lap: 59.382
Andy Seuss now has fast time. 
Andy Seuss
Lap 1: 59.717
Lap 2: 58.64
Best Lap: 59.717
We apologize that we’re only able to provide speeds, not lap times. Currently Jason Myers is the fastest, followed by Brandon Hire, Bryan Dauzat and Mike Norman. 
Brandon Hire
Lap 1: 56.579
Lap 2: 58.87
Best Lap: 58.87
Bryan Dauzat
Lap 1: 56.335
Lap 2: 58.298
Best Lap: 58.298
Mike Norman
Lap 1: 55.301
Lap 2: 56.554
Best Lap: 56.554
We will only be given speeds live in our perch. We will have lap times after qualifying, we hope. 
Jason Myers
Lap 1: 58.858
Lap 2: 59.504
Best Lap: 59.504
Qualifying has begun. Jason Myers will be the first qualifier. 
NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour cars ready to qualify. (51 Photo)
This is a four-tire race. The only time tires will be allowed to be changed is if they are deemed flat by NASCAR officials. But, pitting will be extremely difficult because the cars will have to return to the infield garage area to make their service. There is no infield pitting area here on the CMS quarter-mile. 
Comment From Hamburgler 

Is there a tire rule for tonight? Not sure there was one at Tri County. 

The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour teams are getting ready for qualifying, which is scheduled to begin in about 10 minutes. 
Modified fans, this is the start of an exciting weekend of championship events, and we’ll have all the action for you here on Speed51.com. In addition to Matt “Duke” Kentfield providing updates during tonight’s NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event for 51 here at CMS, he’ll be flying up to Thompson International Speedway (CT) for the World Series NASCAR Whelen (Northern) Modified Tour finale this weekend. Duke and 51’s Mike Twist will be at the keyboard for the World Series action this weekend. 
The concrete is certainly in bounds for the drivers here tonight. In fact, it’s the preferred way around the backstretch here in the quarter-mile track. The concrete patches are actually the pit stalls for the 1.5-mile track. 
Comment From SGH 

I see in that pic that Jason Myers didnt hit the concrete is it off limits 

Tonight’s UNOH Southern Slam 150 will be broadcast on a tape-delayed basis by SPEED Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm ET. Rick Allen and Phil Parsons will be on the call from the booth, while friend of 51 Derek Pernesiglio will be handling the pit road duties. 
Tonight’s race will be 150 laps, with caution laps counting. There will only be tire changes allowed if NASCAR deems tires to be flat. 
We checked in with the points contenders on their strategies here tonight. The consensus amongst them all is to hope for a strong qualifying run that puts them in the post-qualifying re-draw (the number of cars re-drawing will be determined by pill draw after qualifying), then get up front and lead laps to earn as many points as possible to clinch the championship. 
Junior Miller has not competed with the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour this season. He has stuck primarily to Bowman Gray Stadium and a few one-off non-Tour events away from the Stadium this year. 
Comment From Guest 

where’s junior miller? 

Jason Myers speeds off turn two in the CMS infield quarter-mile track.
Johnny Sutton (#10) and Thomas Stinson (#7). (51 Photo)
Greg Butcher (#0) and Mike Norman (#12) fight for position in practice. (51 Photo)
Burt Myers (right) talks over changes to his #1 Modified with his father Gary. (51 Photo)
We’re still a little less than two hours away from qualifying here at CMS. The NASCAR Nationwide Series just wrapped up their first official practice of the race weekend (they had a full-day test yesterday here at CMS). We saw several Nationwide Series drivers checking out Modified practice from the infield, including Joey Logano, Justin Allgaier and Chase Miller. 
We also chatted with Zach Brewer, who returned to the Charlotte area at about 5pm Wednesday night after spending all week with his longtime friend Shane Hmiel in an Indanapolis hospital. Brewer said that tonight, he will be racing to honor his friend Shane, who continues to progress in his recovery from devastating injuries suffered last Saturday night in a USAC Silver Crown crash at Terre Haute Action Track in Indiana. Brewer will be returning to Hmiel’s bedside after the race.

Brewer also would not commit to doing so because it would be hard for him to do and also wanted to see how tonight’s race ended up, but he has been asked by USAC to drive one of Hmiel’s Silver Crown cars at the front of the field during pace laps for Saturday’s race at Toledo Speedway (OH). 

Gene Pack
Gene Pack may be running his final NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event here tonight. The patriarch of the Pack racing family may be putting more efforts into his grandson Austin’s Modified racing efforts in 2011. There are plans that Austin Pack, who has been running at Bowman Gray Stadium on a weekly basis since getting behind the wheel of his late father Brian’s #81 cars, will be competing on the Southern Tour next year, but those plans are tentative because Austin will be going to college next Fall. Therefore, if Austin races more, Gene will be racing less. If Austin focuses on college and football, perhaps Gene will be racing more. 
Speed51.com caught up with Tim Brown’s crew and got to the bottom of why the #02 car spun out late in practice. Turns out, Brown had a radiator cap blow off, causing water to get onto the tires and caused the #02 to loop in turn three. Brown had a second cap blow off during practice, too, on his way back into the pits. The crew went into the NASCAR Sprint Cup garage and got a more durable radiator cap for the remainder of the day.

Yesterday, Brown announced that he would be behind the wheel of the same T&C Motorsports #02 car that he is driving this weekend full-time on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour in 2011. 

We’re headed out to the Mod garage area, which is in the old ARCA garage area here at CMS (under an metal roof, but not a full-blown garage like the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide teams are in here today). We’ll chat with some drivers and get their take on the practice. We’ll have some updates in a little while. 
Comment From Chris 

Good Luck to Zach Brewer tonight 

Burt Myers at speed (51 Photo)
Daniel Hemric is in a second Hillbilly Racing entry here at CMS as a teammate to James Civali. (51 Photo)
That’s correct. Hemric is the 2009 Legends Car Pro Division National Champion and has spent time behind the wheel of several Pro and Super Late Models over the past year or so. Hemric has competed in a NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event earlier this year at Caraway Speedway (NC), but suffered a mechanical failure during the race. 
Comment From Mr. Whipple 

That Hemrick lad, he’s the young hotshoe that comes from Legends and ran a little PASS South, correct? 

Championship contenders L.W. Miller (#36) and Andy Seuss (#47). (51 Photo)
UNOH Southern Slam 150 Practice Speeds
*These are actual laps speed and not the times*
1 79 James Civali 60.350
2 02 Tim Brown 60.092
3 47 Andy Seuss 59.872
4 4 Jason Myers 59.872
5 1 Burt Myers 59.785
6 36 L.W. Miller 59.757
7 11 Zach Brewer 59.618
8 19 Daniel Hemric 59.406
9 8 Jonathan Kievman 59.133
10 97 Bryan Dauzat 59.013
11 40 Frank Fleming 58.881
12 25 John Smith 58.655
13 7 Thomas Stinson 58.575
14 77 Gary Putnam 58.540
15 31 Gene Pack 58.472
16 44 Brandon Hire 58.461
17 10 Johnny Sutton 58.072
18 48 Brad Robbins 57.766
19 0 Greg Butcher 57.744
20 12 Mike Norman 57.526
Tim Brown finished practice second on the charts, but spun out late in the session in turn three. (51 Photo)
Civali set fast time in his last lap on track during practice. 
James Civali was quickest in WSMT practice. (51 Photo)
Practice is now complete for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. James Civali is atop the board, with Tim Brown, Andy Seuss, Jason Myers and Burt Myers in the top five.

We’ll have full practice results as soon as they are made available by NASCAR. 

With 10 minutes left James Civali leads Andy Seuss, Tim Brown, LW Miller and Zach Brewer. 
Brown’s car was pushed back to the pits. Practice is back underway. 
Tim Brown has spun in turn four and there is smoking coming from the car. Brown has his hand out the window looking for a push. 
Andy Seuss is now on top of the speed chart. It’s Seuss, Tim Brown, Jason Myers, LW Miller, and Daniel Hemric in the top five. 
Tim Brown and Jason Myers are now first and second on the speed chart. 
Hemric has been on the track, in fact he is third on the speed chart behind Zach Brewer and James Civali. 
Comment From HemricFanFromNY 

Is Daniel Hemric on the track yet? 

We just had another spin in turn two it looks like it was Frank Fleming. He didn’t hit anything. 
Earlier in the week it was announced that Tim Brown, better known as “The Rocket”, will be driving the No. 02 T and C Motorsports modified owned by Tommy and Connie Lythgoe on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour in the 2011 season. 
Brandon Hire has just spun in turn four. We are under yellow in this practice session. 
Early on James Civali is on top of the charts with a speed of 58.351. 
Cars are getting up to speed as this practice will go until 1:45pm. 
For the first time today cars are rolling on to the track for practice. 
Earlier this morning, NASCAR Whelen All-American Series National Champion Keith Rocco was in the infield media center at CMS for a press conference. (51 Photo)
Whelen Southern Modified Tour Championship contender James Civali waits out the brief rain shower. (51 Photo)
NASCAR has just announced that the track is being dried and once the cars get on the track they will practice until 1:45pm. If for some reason they don’t practice before then the race lineup will be set by points and practice will take place in the qualifying time slot. 
The rain has subsided and jet dryers are on the the track getting it ready. But, the first WSMT practice session is in jeopardy of not happening. The second sessions is scheduled from 1-1:45pm and is still on schedule. 
NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified tires ready for tonight’s race. (51 Sports)
Provided by NASCAR PR

• Since the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour formed in 2005, there have been 71 races in the history of the series.
• Charlotte Motor Speedway opened in 1960 and Joe Lee Johnson won the first race held at the track on June 19.
• This will be the first NWSMT race at the track.
• The quarter-mile track hosts weekly racing as part of its Summer Shootout Series.
• Three of the previous four NWSMT champions are scheduled to race at CMS. 2007 champion L.W. Miller will be joined by 2008 champion Brian Loftin in the 26-car field. George Brunnhoelzl III, who won the title in 2009 and competed full-time in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour this season, is also scheduled to make a start on Thursday.
• A total of six drivers who have visited Victory Lane in the NWSMT will compete this Thursday. Leading the group will be Loftin and Miller, who share the record for most wins with 11.
• Burt Myers holds the career record for the most Coors Light Pole awards with 23 and enters this week’s race as the most recent winner on the tour after winning the Tri-County 150 at Tri-County Motor Speedway on Sept. 25, 2010.
• L.W. Miller has the opportunity to become just the second driver to win multiple titles if he wins the championship. Junior Miller won in 2005 & 2006.

NWSMT competitor Zach Brewer is a friend of USAC driver Shane Hmiel, who was injured last weekend in a crash at Terre Haute. Brewer is sporting some tribute decals to Hmiel here at CMS. (51 Photo)
UNOH Southern Slam 150 Entry List
1 0 Greg Butcher
2 1 Burt Myers
3 02 Tim Brown
4 4 Jason Myers
5 7 Thomas Stinson
6 8 Jonathan Kievman
7 10 Johnny Sutton
8 11 Zach Brewer
9 12 Mike Norman
10 19 Daniel Hemric
11 25 John Smith
12 31 Gene Pack
13 36 L.W. Miller
14 40 Frank Fleming
15 44 Brandon Hire
16 47 Andy Seuss
17 48 Brad Robbins
18 77 Gary Putnam
19 79 James Civali
20 97 Bryan Dauzat
Practice was scheduled to start in about 10 minutes, but a brief rain shower has fallen over Charlotte Motor Speedway.  There is no rain back behind it and the track should be free of rain for the rest of the day and evening. 
Here is how the point structure breaks down for the NASCAR Modified race. With only 20 cars on the entry list we have only listed down to the 20th spot.
Position Points
1 180
2 170
3 165
4 160
5 155
6 150
7 146
8 142
9 138
10 134
11 130
12 127
13 124
14 121
15 118
16 115
17 112
18 109
19 106
20 103
5 Bonus Points for Leading a lap
5 Bonus points for Leading the most laps
The top-five drivers all have a mathematical shot at wining the championship.  Here is the point distribution system for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. 

1 James Civali 1460
2 Andy Seuss 1457
3 L.W. Miller 1428
4 Burt Myers 1419
5 John Smith 1395
6 Jason Myers 1315
7 Zach Brewer 1264
8 Frank Fleming 1219
9 Brandon Hire 1218
10 Gene Pack 1166
7:00am NWSMT Haulers Enter
8:00am Garage Opens
8:15am Mandatory Drivers/Crew Chiefs/Spotters meeting / Qual Draw
8:30am NWSMT Inspection Begins
11:45 – 12:30pm Practice – NWSMT
1:00 – 1:45pm Practice – NWSMT
2:15pm Qualifying Tires Released from Impound
2:30pm Qualifying Inspection Begins
5:15pm Qualifying – NWSMT (2 laps) – Impound after
7:00pm Mandatory Drivers Meeting @ Media Center
8:00pm Mandatory Spotters Meeting @ NWSMT Hauler
8:45pm Driver Introductions
8:53pm Invocation
8:55pm National Anthem
8:56pm Command to Start Engines
8:58pm Pace laps
9:00pm THE UNOH SOUTHERN SLAM 150! (150 laps / 37.5 mi)
Good morning and welcome to Charlotte Motor Speedway, where today a new champion of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour will be crowned in the UNOH Southern Slam 150.

Trackside Now: UNOH Southern Slam 150 – Charlotte Motor Speedway – 10/14/10