All of us at 51, including tonight’s coverage team Duke Kentfield, Ally Fulson, Elgin Traylor and Bob Dillner, plus our photographers Jim DuPont and Rick Ibsen, wish you a good night from Bristol and thanks for checking out tonight’s Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage.  Good night! 
Speed51.com will have more post-race coverage later in the week, including winners’ interviews, photo galleries and much more. Stay tuned to Speed51.com, our Facebook Feed and our Twitter page for more news not just here from Bristol, but throughout the short track world. 
That concludes our coverage of the 2011 UNOH Perfect Storm 150 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Congratulations to Ryan Newman and Frank Fleming, the winners of their respective divisions tonight. 
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Director Chad Little told Speed51.com that the normal tech proceedure on each of the top-five drivers cars will take place after tonight’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Ryan Newman’s car and engine will not be pursued any more than another other competitor’s machine. He did assure us that Newman’s car did not have steel intake manifold gaskets like the team had used at NHMS, which resulted in the win being taken away from Newman. 
The ECR Engine team helps NASCAR officials with tech on the winning car of Ryan Newman. (Speed51 Photo)
Frank Fleming was declared the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour winner for his best in class 4th place finish. (Speed51 Photo)
Ryan Newman celebrates his victory. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ryan Newman’s car gets to the NASCAR tech area. (Speed51 Photo)
The front end of Corey LaJoie’s damaged #71. (Speed51.com Photo)
Mike Stefanik’s car suffered extensive damage. (Speed51.com Photo)
James Civali (#79) tries to hold off Todd Szegedy (#2) and Ryan Newman (#77). (Speed51.com Photo)
Ryan Newman with the UNOH crew in victory lane. (Speed51 Photo)
Erick Rudolph (#98), Bobby Santos (#4) and Ryan Newman battle early in the race. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’ve got photos and a bit more news from the track here, stay tuned. 
NASCAR Officials have just announced in the Media Center that Mike Stefanik has been transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Stefanik did get out of his car under his own power after a crash earlier tonight. 
Comment From Ray 

Thanks for the coverage. 

Comment From Chris 

nice job on the Trackside Now, really glad you had it going, 

Frank Fleming was the highest finishing Southern Modified driver. He will get credit for the south win. 
Comment From PRO Shocks 1 

congratulations…..Ryan Newman and team on your win 

Comment From Guest 

Thanks for updates!!!! 

Unofficial NWMT UNOH Perfect Storm 150 Results :

1. Ryan Newman
2. Justin Bonsignore
3. Todd Szegedy
4. James Civali
5. Patrick Emerling
6. Eric Beers
7. Ron Silk
8. Frank Fleming
9. Andy Seuss
10. Eric Goodale
11. Eric Berndt
12. Woody Pitkat
13. Matt Hirschman
14. Jason Myers
15. Austin Pack
16. John Smith
17. Burt Myers
18. Ed Flemke, Jr.
19. LW Miller
20. Jamie Tomaino
21. Rowan Pennink
22. Wade Cole
23. Tim Brown
24. Mike Stefanik
25. Doug Coby
26. Bobby Santos
27. Gary McDonald
28. Corey LaJoie
29. George Brunnhoelzl III
30. Bryon Chew
31. Erick Rudolph
32. Daniel Hemric
33. Andy Petree
34. Ron Yuhas, Jr. 

We will have full results shortly. 
Lap 150 : CHECKERED – Ryan Newman wins the UNOH Perfect Storm 150. 
WHITE FLAG : Newman leads Bonsignore by a corner. 
Lap 146 : Four laps to go and Newman is pulling away through lapped traffic. 
Lap 144 : Newman leads Bonsignore by five car lengths. 
Lap 142 : Newman leads Bonsignore, Szegedy, Civali, Emerling and Beers. 
Lap 140 : Bonsignore is running faster lap times than Newman but only has a handful of laps to catch him. 
Lap 139 : Newman is now battling some lapped traffic as he works his way around this half mile. 
Lap 136 : Silk and Emerling battle side by side for 6th and Emerling takes the spot. 
Lap 137 : Bonsignore drives hard into turn three under Szegedy and takes the second spot. 
Lap 135 : Newman leads, Szegedy, Bonsignore, Civali, Beers, Silk, Emerling, Fleming Flemke and Seuss 
Lap 133 : Miller has hit pit road and they are looking under the hood. 
Lap 130 : Newman leads Szegedy by a car length and Bonsignore is right on the rear bumper of of Szegedy’s #2. 
Lap 129 : LW Miller is off the pace. 
Lap 128 : All the while Bonsignore waits patiently in third. 
Lap 127 : Now Newman powers by Szegedy for the lead. 
Lap 126 : Civali falls all the way back to fourth as Szegedy takes the lead. 
Lap 125 : Civali, Szegedy, Newman and Bonsignore are nose to tail for the top-4 spots. 
Lap 122 : Civali, Newman and Szegedy are battling very tight for the lead as Bonsignore closes in on them. 
Lap 120 : Newman now looks under Szegedy for second. 
Lap 118 : Civali back to the lead around Szegedy. 
Lap 117 : Bonsignore now takes fourth from Suess. 
Lap 116 : Newman makes his way back by Seuss for third while Szegedy takes the lead from Civali. 
Lap 114 : Szegedy is right in the tire tracks of Civali sizing him up to make his move for the lead while Civali makes his car as wide as he can. 
Lap 113 : Seuss gets around Newman on the outside for third. 
Lap 111 : GREEN – Civali leads into turn one over Szegedy and Newman. 
The yellow flag is back out for what we assume is debris. 
One lap to green. 
Under this caution….

1. Civali
2. Newman
3. Szegedy
4. Bonsignore
5. Seuss
6. Beers
7. Silk
8. Flemke
9. Berndt
10. Emerling
11. Fleming
12. Pitkat
13. Miller
14. Goodale
15. J. Myers
16. Hirschman
17. Pack
18. Brown
19. Smith
20. Cole
21. B. Myers
22. Coby

Lap 104 : CAUTION – Stefanik, Goodale, and Brown all tangle in turn one. 
Lap 103 : Szegedy looks under Civali for the lead but can’t keep it under Newman long enough and falls to third. 
Coby is in the pits and out of the race for motor issues. 
Lap 98 : Civali leads, Szegedy, Newman, Seuss, Goodale, Bonsignore, Brown, Beers, Silk and Stefanik. 
Lap 94 : James Civali now leads Szegedy Newman and Seuss. 
Lap 92 : Szegedy gets loose coming off turn four and Civali takes the lead off turn for the next lap. 
Lap 91 : The field is 3-wide going around LW Miller. 
Lap 90 : GREEN – Szegedy leads Miller into turn one from the outside. 
We are one lap from the green. 
The top 6 cars are now 3 Southern Tour cars and 3 Northern Tour cars. 
Szegedy now leads Miller, Brown, Civali, Goodale, Seuss, Bonsignore, Newman, Stefanik and Beers under this caution. 
Eric Beers slid close to pit wall for his three tire stop.
Szegedy will now hold the lead and he has already pitted. 
Newman, Beers, Civali, Silk and Coby have all hit pit road along with many of the lead lap cars. 
The Mystic Missile team looks under the hood
Bobby Santos is out of the race for engine issues. 
Lap 84 : CAUTION – Emerling spins off turn four. 
Lap 82 : Civali is getting impatient in third behind Beers and looks under him for the opportunity to make his move every lap. 
Lap 78 : Silk looks under Coby for the fourth spot lap after lap. 
Lap 76 : Newman leads Beers by two car lengths who leads Civali by one. Coby, Silk and Bonsignore follow them. 
Lap 75 : Santos is off the pace and hitting pit road. 
Lap 73 : Szegedy, Pitkat and Miller are three-wide for eighth. 
Front end damage to John Smith’s car after making contact with Pennink.
Lap 70 : Silk and Coby are side by side for fourth. Coby gets the spot. 
Pennink has to stop to replace the right front.
Lap 68 : Beers flies by Civali for second and is now right in Newman’s tire tracks sizing him up. 
Lap 67 : GREEN – Newman leads Civali into turn one as Beers looks to the outside of them both. 
One lap to green. 
Smith’s #25 machine has significant front end damage from his scuffle with Pennink. 
James Civali has also come in for tires. 
Burt Myers receives the free pass under this caution as Andy Seuss hits the pits for fresh rubber. 
Lap 63 : CAUTION – Pennink made contact with Smith and loses a tire coming off turn four and it follows him down the front straightaway. 
Lap 62 : Newman pulls away and Stefanik and Silk battle side by side for second. 
Lap 61 : GREEN – Newman takes the lead from the outside once again over Stefanik. 
We are one lap from the green. 
Todd Szegedy who started at the tail of the field and was involved in an early caution is now up to the 13th spot. 
At this pace it appears we may reach the time limit for this race before we reach lap 150, which could affect pit strategy for some teams. 
Lap 59 : CAUTION – Wade Cole spins on the front straightaway. 
Lap 59 : Newman now leads Silk, Beers, Silk, Civali and Bonsignore single filed. 
Lap 55 : GREEN – Newman leads Silk into turn one with Beers and Silk side by side for third behind them. 
Santos’ stop.
One lap to green. 
We are hearing that all modified action including victory lane must be complete by 7:30 to accomodate the start of the NCWTS at 8pm. 
Pennink’s team addresses a flat right front.
Daniel Hemric has come back to the pits and officially retired from the race. 
Andy Seuss has come from a 22nd starting spot up to the ninth spot and LW Miller has come from 25th to 10th in just 53 laps here at Bristol. 
Bobby Santos has hit pit road under this caution and changed the right front and left rear. 
NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour point leader George Brunnhoelzl III says the car that was caught up in the last caution was not the car he was planning to take to Caraway on Friday. He has finished in the top-5 in every race so far this year until now. 
Justin Bonsignore started 19th and is now in the 6th position. 
Drivers are reporting oil on their windshields and it seems that could have been the issue on that restart that caused so many vehicles to spin. 
Ryan Newman was warned by NASCAR on previous restarts to slow them up a bit, when he did on this restart the rest of the field wasn’t really anticipating it. Stefanik came down on second place Civali got him out of line. The rest of the field proceeded to check up from there. 
Lap 47 : CAUTION – Goodale, Pennink, and Brown spin at the start finish line. 
Szegedy takes four new tires.
Lap 46 : GREEN – Newman gets another great start on Civali and leads into turn one with Stefanik on his tail. 
Tomaino will lose a lap for speeding on pit road. 
Todd Szegedy has come in for four tires. We are one lap from the green flag. 
We are now at lap 45 under the yellow flag. 
We are now hearing that leader Ryan Newman’s crew will be ready to pit his machine anytime after lap 65 so we will be watching for pitstops here very soon. 
We are now rolling back under the yellow flag. 
Under the red flag at lap 42….

1. Newman
2. Civali
3. Stefanik
4. Silk
5. Beers
6. Coby
7. Santos (pole sitter)
8. Pennink
9. Bonsignore
10. Goodale
11. Berndt
12. Hirschman
13. Seuss
14. Miller
15. Brown
16. Fleming
17. Pack
18. Flemke
19. Szegedy
20. J. Myers
21. Smith
22. Cole
23. McDonald
24. Pitkat
25. LaJoie
26. Brunnhoelzl
27. Chew
28. Emerling
29. B. Myers
30. Tomaino
31. Rudolph
32. Petree
33. Yuhas
34. Hemric 

Daniel Hemric is back in his #19 car and headed back out onto the track once the red flag is lifted. 
LaJoie is out of the car and walking under his own power. We are hearing that it might have been the sway bar that broke and sent LaJoie’s #71 into the wall here at Bristol Motor Speedway. 
We are now under the RED flag. 
It looked like something may have broken on the #71 of LaJoie as he went straight into the turn one wall. 
LaJoie, Pitkat, Brunnhoelzl and Chew all involved. LaJoie and Chew have major damage. 
Lap 42 : YELLOW – Corey LaJoie hits hard in the turn one wall. 
Lap 40 : Stefanik now takes third from Silk. 
Lap 38 : By the time they come back around Newman has a five car length lead over Civali and Silk battling side by side for second. 
Lap 37 : Newman once again leads Civali at the line and down into turn one. 
Wade Cole is being sent to the rear for pitting to soon. 
We are one lap away from green. 
John Smith, #25, is pitting for fuel and a right rear adjustment under this caution. 
Under this caution…

1. Newman
2. Civali
3. Santos
4. Silk
5. Coby
6. Stefanik
7. Hirschman
8. Beers
9. Goodale
10. Pennink 

Todd Szegedy is the free pass car under this caution. 
Lap 33 : YELLOW – Patrick Emerling spins in turn four. 
Lap 31 : Coby is doing everything he can to get under Silk for the fourth spot. 
The #98 of Eric Rudolph is out of the race due to motor issues. 
Lap 25 : Newman continues to lead Civali, Santos, Silk, Coby, Stefanik and Hirschman as these modifieds are single filed around this half-mile. 
Daniel Hemric, who recently had knee surgery, has hobbled out of the infield care center and back into his car in hopes of getting back into this race. 
Lap 22 : Civali takes every chance he can to look under Newman to make a move for the lead. 
Lap 20 : GREEN – Newman takes the lead from the outside once again with Civali right on his bumper. 
We are going back green. 
1. Newman
2. Civali
3. Silk
4. Santos
5. Hirschman
6. Stefanik
7. Beers
8. Coby
9. Goodale
10. Pennink
11. Pitkat
12. LaJoie
13. Brown
14. Bonsignore
15. Berndt
16. Brunnhoelzl
17. Seuss
18. Smith
19. Miller
20. Chew
21. Fleming
22. Emerling 
We are currently on lap 15 under caution. 
The entire Hill organization is descended upon Daniel Hemric’s #19 to work on the car and try to get him back in this race. 
Comment From Guest 

Part-time Modified driver Ricky Knapp Jr is there helping change tires for Bobby Santos 

I will do the best I can but when these monsters are running exciting 14 second laps it’s a little tough. 
Comment From Chris 

Can you give us a full-field rundown say maybe about every 25 or so laps? It sure would be nice. 

Jamie Tomaino has come out of the pits to rejoin the field after his early-race altercation. 
Burt Myers is back on pit road where is crew is working on the front suspension once again. 
Under caution Newman leads Civali, Silk, Santos, Hirschman, and Stefanik. 
Petree’s car has significant front end damage. Yuhas also has major damage as well. 
Lap 9 : CAUTION – J. Myers, Yuhas, Hemric, Flemke, Petree all spin in turn three. 
Lap 7 : Newman and Civali battle side by side for the lead. 
Lap 7 : Newman takes the outside on the restart and pulls away from Santos into turn one. 
Myers pits.
We are now on lap 6 under caution and coming back around to the green flag. 
Burt Myers is also in the pits working on the right front suspension of his machine. 
Todd Szegedy was also part of that spin but was able to keep moving. Tomaino lost a lap in the pits checking the left front suspension. 
Lap 3 : CAUTION – Tomaino, B. Myers, Pack and McDonald all spin in turn four. 
Lap 1 : Newman moves to the outside on the start to get the lead on the first lap. 
Santos clears Rudolph for the lead before they ever reach the start finish line. 
GREEN FLAG : Pole sitter Bobby Santos has chosen the outside lane and Eric Rudolph is on the inside. 
We are one lap away from the green flag. 
It appears that almost every NASCAR Camping World Truck Series hauler has a handful of crew members on top ready to watch the ground pounders at Thunder Valley! 
Engines have fired and the mods are rolling off pit road for the start of the NWMT UNOH Perfect Storm 150. 
A few more notes before we get started. All restarts will be double-filed and the leader will chose his lane. It will be an 8-tire race including the four they qualified on and will be starting the race on. They may only change two tires per stop and they may not take fuel and tires on the same stop. Also, there will be no halfway break as in previous years – they will run 150 laps all the way through. 
Comment From pop v 

go mods 

As far as pit stops in this race, the teams are allowed to change four tires during the race at any point they want. There will be no halfway break in this race like in previous years. 
The Mod Squad ready to go here tonight. (Speed51.com Photo)
Burt Myers is on the grid and will start the UNOH Perfect Storm 150 from the rear of the field. 
Driver intro’s have concluded and we will be going green as soon as these drivers get strapped into their ground pounders. 
Comment From Dean 

By the grace of god and 600 horse power! Hope this is a good one! 

Comment From AJ from Riverhead 

Good luck to Eric Goodale and the RBS team. GO ERIC!!!! 

The race coverage will begin on SPEED at 6pm ET. 
Comment From Guest 

hey what time does this race come on speed channel 

In about 12 minutes, teams will be able to spend five minutes working on their cars for tonight’s race.
Speed51.com will again do the Speed Media Best Appearing Car Award in our Trackside Now coverage from the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC) on Labor Day, September 5th.
Bryon Chew is the winner of today’s Best Appearing Car Award and has won a $100 gift certificate from Speed Media. Visit them online at www.speed-media.com
The 51 staff has spoken and elected today’s Speed Media Best Appearing Car.

Drumroll please….

1 Bobby Santos
2 Erick Rudolph
3 James Civali
4 Ryan Newman
5 Ron Silk
6 Mike Stefanik
7 Todd Szegedy (to rear)
8 Matt Hirschman
9 Doug Coby
10 Eric Goodale
11 Eric Beers
12 Andy Petree
13 Rowan Pennink
14 Tim Brown
15 George Brunnhoelzl III
16 Woody Pitkat
17 Corey LaJoie
18 Ron Yuhas, Jr.
19 Justin Bonsignore
20 John Smith
21 Frank Fleming
22 Andy Seuss
23 Bryon Chew
24 Eric Berndt
25 LW Miller
26 Jamie Tomaino
27 Patrick Emerling
28 Jason Myers
29 Daniel Hemric
30 Gary McDonald
31 Ed Flemke, Jr.
32 Burt Myers
33 Wade Cole
34 Austin Pack
Comment From Bob Finan 

As always Speed 51 all over it! 

Tim Brown admitted to 51 that his car is not very good here today.  He said it wasn’t good in qualifying, but when it was pointed out that he was the fastest Southern Modified Tour driver in time trials, he still said that his car was terrible.  Brown is hoping to make a few adjustments at 5:30pm when all teams will have five minutes to do so to make the #02 machine better.
Comment From Driver 

Thank you 51! I hope that kid can get in a top ride in the near future, he can def show his talent in a top ride! 

Pallai, racing on a budget this season, decided to skip the Bristol race to save the money that would have been spent to make the trip to Tennessee so that they can apply it to races closer to home this season on the Whelen Modified Tour. 
Comment From Driver 

No Richie Pallai Jr this week? Any news? 

Comment From Guest 


Doug Coby’s #52, nicknamed the B-52, qualified ninth. Tonight’s race will be the Tour veteran’s first-ever start at BMS. (Speed51.com Photo)
Erick Rudolph will start second tonight at Bristol. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’ll be announcing the Speed Media Best Appearing Car Award winner at 5pm tonight.  The Speed51.com staff is making their final votes on the winner as we speak. 
Comment From Guest 

Has the best appearing car award been decided yet? 

Tonight’s front row will be made up of teammate drivers from the Heinke-Baldwin Racing stables.  Team owners Al Heinke and Tommy Baldwin, Jr. have an development association with both Erick Rudolph, who drives for Heinke, and Bobby Santos III.
Comment From Ian 

Good Luck Santos, and Newman!!!!! 

Comment From Guest 

Congrats to Bobby Santos on winning the pole from the gang at Hoosier Tire Indianapolis. 

The Modifieds now have about two hours until the start of tonight’s UNOH Perfect Storm 150. 
Comment From PRO Shocks 1 

congrats to Tim Brown on being the fastest south qualifier 

According to Ed Flemke, Jr.’s team, they did not qualify because they broke the oil reservoir under the #10 machine just before qualifying tech.  How did that happen?  The car slipped off the jack as they were getting it off jack stands for tech.  The slipping forced the jack stands to move around and knock out the reservoir.  The car is repaired and Flemke will start at the tail. 
Todd Szegedy and his Mike Smeriglio-owned team told Speed51.com that they were afraid something was going wrong under the hood of the #2 machine after practice, but they gave qualifying a shot.  Szegedy admitted that it was like the car dropped the anchor in qualifying, losing quite a bit of speed.  They thought of just looking for the issue under the hood, but even just replacing a wire would send the car to the rear of the field.  Since they have to go to the rear anyway, the team decided just to go to a complete backup Bob Bruneau engine for tonight’s race.
Whelen Modified Tour Points
1 Ron Silk 1405
2 Rowan Pennink 1389
3 Todd Szegedy 1324
4 Ted Christopher 1296
5 Bobby Santos 1292
6 Eric Beers 1284
7 Doug Coby 1247
8 Matt Hirschman 1216
9 Mike Stefanik 1208
10 Erick Rudolph 1155
The engine comes out of the #2. (Speed51 Photo)
Whelen Southern Modified Tour Points
1 George Brunnhoelzl III 1045
2 John Smith 914
3 L.W. Miller 910
4 Jason Myers 880
5 Andy Seuss 841
6 Tim Brown 837
7 Frank Fleming 818
8 Austin Pack * 773
9 Thomas Stinson 742
10 Mike Norman 728
Todd Szegedy watches the engine being pulled out of his #2. (Speed51 Photo)
Comment From PRO Shocks 1 

congrats to Bobby and the Mystic Missile 4 team 

Comment From Brian 151 

way to go Santos in the chevy powered dodge 

The last two runnings of this race had breaks for teams to make adjustments and change tires.  Tonight, however, teams will get five minutes to make adjustments on their car at around 5:30pm tonight.  There will not be a break.  Teams have the option of changing up to four tires, but tires and fuel can not be taken in the same pit stop.
Comment From Daryl 

Is this an impound race? 

Todd Szegedy’s team is changing engines. (Speed51 Photo)
Stripped gear in Burt Myers #1. (Speed51 Photo)
Tim Brown was the fastest car of the Southern Modifieds (Speed51.com Photo)
Torn-up bearing in the rear-end of Burt Myers #1. (Speed51 Photo)
(Position – Car Number – Name, Hometown – Time)

1 4 Bobby Santos, Franklin Mass. 15.035
2 98 Erick Rudolph, Ransomville N.Y. 15.037
3 79 James Civali, Meriden Conn. 15.065
4 77 Ryan Newman, South Bend Ind. 15.069
5 6 Ron Silk, Norwalk Conn. 15.084
6 16 Mike Stefanik, Coventry R.I. 15.103
7 2 Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield Conn. 15.113
8 52 Doug Coby, Milford Conn. 15.122
9 3 Matt Hirschman, Northampton Pa. 15.123
10 58 Eric Goodale, Riverhead N.Y. 15.127
11 45 Eric Beers, Northampton Pa. 15.144
12 5 Andy Petree, Hickory N.C. 15.152
13 93 Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley Pa. 15.16
14 2 Tim Brown, Cana Va. 15.167
15 9 George Brunnhoelzl, III, W. Babylon N.Y. 15.208
16 28 Woody Pitkat, Stafford Conn. 15.217
17 71 Corey LaJoie, Concord N.C. * 15.222
18 64 Ron Yuhas, Jr., Groton Conn. 15.224
19 25 John Smith, Mount Airy N.C. 15.236
20 51 Justin Bonsignore, Holtsville N.Y. 15.249
21 40 Frank Fleming, Mt. Airy N.C. 15.285
22 11 Andy Seuss, Hampstead N.H. 15.332
23 88 Bryon Chew, Mattituck N.Y. * 15.342
24 46 Eric Berndt, Cromwell Conn. 15.35
25 73 L.W. Miller, Dushore Pa. 15.413
26 99 Jamie Tomaino, Jr., Lexington N.C. 15.436
27 7 Patrick Emerling, Orchard Park N.Y. * 15.471
28 41 Jason Myers, Walnut Cove N.C. 15.51
29 26 Gary McDonald, Ronkonkoma N.Y. 15.969
30 33 Wade Cole, Riverton Conn. 16.088
31 31 Austin Pack, Winston-Salem N.C. * 16.223
32 19 Daniel Hemric, Kannapolis N.C. * 16.647
33 10 Ed Flemke, Jr., Southington Conn. No Time
34 1 Burt Myers, Walnut Cove N.C. No Time

Bobby Santos spoke to us in the media center here at Bristol Motor Speedway after setting fast time in NWMT UNOH Perfect Storm 150 qualfiying and he talked about his thoughts about sitting on the pole his last time here as well as at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, for tonight’s race, as well as some special plans for the future.

“As modified drivers we love coming to New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Bristol Motor Speedway,” said Santos. “We’ve got great people behind us and me and Eric (Rudolph) will be a strong front row.”

“We’ll be running Richie Evans paint scheme on the Mystic Missile #4 in September at New Hampshire Motor Speedway,” explained Santos. “I’m honored to be a part of it and it means a lot to me since he is known as the best modified driver ever. Carrying his colors will be a really great honor to me.” 

Bobby Santos speaks to the media after his pole run. (Speed51.com)
NWMT UNOH Perfect Storm 150 Qualifying Results :

1.Bobby Santos
2. Erick Rudolph
3. James Civali
4. Ryan Newman
5. Ron Silk
6. Mike Stefanik
7. Todd Szegedy
8. Matt Hirschman
9. Doug Coby
10. Eric Goodale
11. Eric Beers
12. Andy Petree
13. Rowan Pennink
14. Tim Brown
15. George Brunnhoelzl III
16. Woody Pitkat
17. Corey LaJoie
18. Ron Yuhas, Jr.
19. Justin Bonsignore
20. John Smith
21. Frank Fleming
22. Andy Seuss
23. Bryon Chew
24. Eric Berndt
25. LW Miller
26. Jamie Tomaino
27. Patrick Emerling
28. Jason Myers
29. Daniel Hemric
30. Cary McDonald
31. Wade Cole
32. Austin Pack

Both Burt Myers and Ed Flemke, Jr weren’t able to take time so they will be starting at the rear of the field.

Burt Myers and crew goes to work on a broken rear end. (Speed51.com Photo)
Bobby Santos on his pole lap. (Speed51.com Photo)
Top-five in qualifying: Santos, Rudolph, Civali, Newman, Silk 
Bobby Santos III has set fast time for tonight’s UNOH Perfect Storm 150. 
That completes qualifying. Thirty-two cars took time, with Myers and Flemke withdrawing from qualifying. Both cars are under repair for issues and will start at the rear. 
James Civali
Lap 1: 15.065
Lap 2: 15.166
Best Lap: 15.065
Gary McDonald
Lap 1: 15.969
Lap 2: 16.031
Best Lap: 15.969
We have now gotten word from the pits that they are going to change the rear end on Burt Myers’ #1 machine to hopefully get it back rolling quickly. 
Bryon Chew
Lap 1: 15.428
Lap 2: 15.342
Best Lap: 15.342
Ron Yuhas
Lap 1: 15.224
Lap 2: 15.261
Best Lap: 15.224
Top 10: Santos, Rudolph, Newman, Silk, Stefanik, Szegedy, Hirschman, Coby, Goodale, Beers. 
Rudolph now goes to the second spot behind Santos. 
Erick Rudolph
Lap 1: 15.037
Lap 2: 15.095
Best Lap: 15.037
Doug Coby
Lap 1: 15.124
Lap 2: 15.366
Best Lap: 15.124
Woody Pitkat
Lap 1: 15.217
Lap 2: 15.277
Best Lap: 15.217
Matt Hirschman
Lap 1: 15.123
Lap 2: 15.196
Best Lap: 15.123
It appears Burt Myers has pulled out of the qualifying line because of a broken pinion or axle on their #1 machine. They are now in the pits working to the car repaired. It was been a rough day for their team. 
Daniel Hemric
Lap 1: 15.647
Lap 2: no time
Best Lap: 15.647
Tim Brown
Lap 1: 15.167
Lap 2: 15.507
Best Lap: 15.167
After 22 cars, it’s Santos, Newman, Silk, Stefanik and Szegedy in the top five. 
Rowan Pennink
Lap 1: 15.160
Lap 2: 15.289
Best Lap: 15.160
John Smith
Lap 1: 15.327
Lap 2: 15.263
Best Lap: 15.263
Todd Szegedy
Lap 1: 15.113
Lap 2: 15.174
Best Lap: 15.113
Top 10: Santos, Newman, Silk, Stefanik, Goodale, Beers, Petree, Brunnhoelzl, LaJoie, Bonsignore 
Mike Stefanik
Lap 1: 15.188
Lap 2: 15.103
Best Lap: 15.103
George Brunnhoelzl III
Lap 1: 15.241
Lap 2: 15.208
Best Lap: 15.208
Ron Silk
Lap 1: 15.084
Lap 2: 15.148
Best Lap: 15.084
Santos goes to the top of the board. 
Bobby Santos III
Lap 1: 15.063
Lap 2: 15.035
Best Lap: 15.035
Burt Myers will not qualify, the team just informed NASCAR officials. 
Jamie Tomaino
Lap 1: 15.600
Lap 2: 15.436
Best Lap: 15.436
Current top five: Newman, Goodale, Beers, Petree, LaJoie 
Austin Pack’s spin during his qualifying run. (Speed51.com Photo)
LW Miller
Lap 1: 15.413
Lap 2: 15.448
Best Lap: 15.413
Wade Cole
Lap 1: 16.096
Lap 2: 16.088
Best Lap: 16.088
Jason Myers ran the exact same lap time both laps. 
Jason Myers
Lap 1: 15.510
Lap 2: 15.510
Best Lap: 15.510
Burt Myers is on the five-minute clock for missing his spot in the qualifying order as the team continues to assess possible engine issues. 
Eric Berndt
Lap 1: 15.350
Lap 2: 15.546
Best Lap: 15.350
With his one lap, Ryan Newman is now P1 over Eric Goodale, Eric Beers, Andy Petree and Corey LaJoie. 
Ed Flemke, Jr. will not take time. 
Ryan Newman
Lap 1: 15.069
Lap 2: no time
Best Lap: 15.069
Ryan Newman is the next car out and will only get one lap due to missing the driver autograph session. Daniel Hemric also will get one lap for the same reason. 
Austin Pack
Lap 1: 44.880
Lap 2: 16.223
Best Lap: 16.223
Austin Pack, the next car out, spun going into turn one on his coming up to speed lap. He came close to hitting the outside wall, but stopped the spin before hitting anything. 
Patrick Emerling
Lap 1: 15.471
Lap 2: 15.714
Best Lap: 15.471
Eric Beers
Lap 1: 15.144
Lap 2: 15.282
Best Lap: 15.144
Eric Goodale
Lap 1: 15.135
Lap 2: 15.127
Best Lap: 15.127
Corey Lajoie
Lap 1: 15.271
Lap 2: 15.222
Best Lap: 15.222
Starting with the next car, Corey LaJoie, we should been able to get lap times. 
Andy Petree
Lap 1: 126.637
Lap 2: 126.303
Best Lap: 126.637
Andy Seuss
Lap 1: 124.038
Lap 2: 125.15
Best Lap: 125.15
Justin Bonsignore
Lap 1: 125.831
Lap 2: 125.175
Best Lap: 125.831
Frank Fleming
Lap 1: 125.535
Lap 2: 124.889
Best Lap: 125.534 
Unfortunately all speeds will be in miles per hour, as that is all that is fed to us at this time. We’ll have lap times after qualifying
Frank Fleming is the first car on track and has fired up on pit road. 
Comment From NLMPromotions 

Thanks to Speed51 for all you guys do to promote short track racing and keep us up to date on things! Wish we could see qualifying LIVE but this will have to do! Now Shout out to all my BGS and NWSMT drivers, esp Austin Pack, Frank Fleming and the Ideal Racing guys (GB3 & Andy) do well!! 

Comment From Guest 

Best looking car..Chew! 

We’re now just a few minutes away from qualifying. 
Comment From Erin 

79-James Civali 

Comment From Stacey 

28 Woody Pitkat! 

According to Andy Seuss’ dad Steve, Andy is quite happy with his Ideal racing #11 machine.  The car has picked up speed every time out on the track, so they are hoping for good things later on today.
Comment From Chris 

how is the #11 of Seuss looking for the race tonight? 

Comment From Patty 

I like the 79 the most 

Comment From Steve 

Civali got my vote 

Comment From Guest 

supershoe lajoie 71 

Comment From Chris 

The Dirty South cars usually look sharp!! Out of the ones you picked I would have to say the #88 car looks the best. 

Comment From Doug 

I like Civali the most 

Comment From Guest 

79 for best appearing car 

Comment From Mods Rule 

I like the #71 car. 

Comment From Auntie M 

The 09 car is absolutely awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Comment From Elaine 


We spoke with LW Miller who is happy to be running his old number form the north, number 73. Miller is coming on strong in the south having won the last two races. They of course are going for the overall win, but the highest finishing southern driver will also get winner’s points for his finish.
Today’s Speed Media Best Appearing Car Award finalists. (Speed51.com Photos)
Speed51.com has partnered up with Speed Media, of Grand Rapids, MI, for a Best Appearing Car Award tonight, as well as many other short track events throughout the country this season.  Speed Media is the leader in racecar graphics not just in the Midwest, but throughout the country.  Their car designs have won many Best Appearing Car awards at races everywhere and they also have created results-getting marketing materials for drivers of all types.

Speed51.com’s staff narrowed today’s cars to five finalists for the award this time.  51 will announce the winner of the balloting amongst our staff at the track today just before race time.  Here’s the finalists.  The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate from Speed Media.

Who is your favorite? 

We checked in with Burt Myers’ team and they told us they are not 100% sure what the trouble. They changed plugs, a few wires and looked over some other stuff and they are not sure what to expect when they go out for time trials. Myers already had trouble with a rocker arm in the first practice. 
Yup, we’ll be there! 
Comment From Chris 

Is Speed 51 going to be doing a TrackSide from the Southern Tour race @ Caraway on Friday? 

Comment From Driver 

The one to beat today will be the #2 of Todd Szegedy. I don’t think a lot of drivers will let Civali get around easy. He has a tendency to wreck cars, for instance Loudon last time out. 

We won’t be making that trip, but Speed51.com will have coverage from the PASS South event on Saturday, September 3rd, then the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event at Greenville-Pickens Speedway on Labor Day Monday.  The GPS East Series race will also have a Speed 51 Radio-produced NASCARHomeTracks.com broadcast. 
Comment From RACNJASON00 

Speed 51, will you be heading North to Ontario to Deleware Speedway Labor day weekend for the NWMT race 

Comment From Guest 

No TC. Bummer races will not be the same. Who will make those late race charges through the field? Maybe Civali. 

Earlier today, Speed51.com ran into Mike Stefanik in the Media Center.  He indicated the team may be chasing a possible engine issue.  We just talked with Sly Szaban, crew chief of Stefanik’s #16, and he said they found a broken alternator wire just before going through pre-qualifying tech.  That issue may have been corrected, but they won’t know for sure until the car hits the track again.
NWMT UNOH Perfect Storm 150 Qualifying Order :

1 Frank Fleming
2 Justin Bonsignore
3 Andy Seuss
4 Andy Petree
5 Corey LaJoie
6 Eric Goodale
7 Eric Beers
8 Patrick Emerling
9 Austin Pack
10 Ed Flemke
11 Ryan Newman
12 Burt Myers
13 Eric Berndt
14 Jason Myers
15 Wade Cole
16 L.W. Miller
17 Jamie Tomaino
18 Bobby Santos
19 Ron Silk
20 George Brunnhoelzl, III
21 Mike Stefanik
22 Todd Szegedy
23 John Smith
24 Rowan Pennink
25 Tim Brown
26 Daniel Hemric
27 Matt Hirschman
28 Woody Pitkat
29 Doug Coby
30 Erick Rudolph
31 Ron Yuhas, Jr.
32 Bryon Chew
33 Gary McDonald
34 James Civali

NWMT drivers are now participating in an autograph session for the fans before they roll off for qualifying at 2:45pm. 
For more information on Ryan Newman’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series tribute to the late Georgia Late Model racer Beau Slocumb, click here
Comment From Don Patrick 


We’re back from our short break just about an hour away from the start of Modified qualifying. 
We’re taking a quick lunch break here at BMS. We’ll be back in a few with more coverage of the UNOH Perfect Storm 150. 
Comment From Chris 

Okay, thanks for the info and Thanks Speed51 for the coverage of the modifieds.. Wish I were there. 

The entries had already been filed and new numbers distributed before Christopher and the 36 team parted ways. 
Comment From Chris 

With TC’s team shutting down and not running why did LW Miller have to change his number? He ran #36 also and with only his team running I don’t see the need for their number change. 

Comment From DLWEST61 



1 51 Justin Bonsignore 14.700
2 4 Bobby Santos 14.796
3 77 Ryan Newman 14.803
4 2 Todd Szegedy 14.808
5 45 Eric Beers 14.827
6 79 James Civali 14.876
7 73 L.W. Miller 14.888
8 1 Burt Myers 14.928
9 6 Ronnie Silk 14.939
10 11 Andy Seuss 15.009
11 28 Woody Pitkat 15.024
12 71 Corey LaJoie 15.025
13 98 Erick Rudolph 15.030
14 2 Tim Brown 15.036
15 64 Ron Yuhas 15.065
16 41 Jason Myers 15.068
17 93 Rowan Pennink 15.069
18 40 Frank Fleming 15.078
19 46 Eric Berndt 15.080
20 3 Matt Hirschman 15.096
21 52 Doug Coby 15.116
22 25 John Smith 15.167
23 58 Eric Goodale 15.178
24 9 George Brunnhoelzl III 15.178
25 5 Andy Petree 15.241
26 16 Michael Stefanik 15.273
27 7 Patrick Emerling 15.277
28 31 Austin Pack* 15.287
29 88 Bryon Chew* 15.340
30 99 Jamie Tomaino 15.372
31 10 Ed Flemke, Jr. 15.377
32 19 Daniel Hemric 15.556
33 26 Gary McDonald 15.627
34 33 Wade Cole 16.000

Matt Hirschman will just be happy to be racing today. After missing this race last year he was here in 2009 and got taken out in a first lap wreck leaving him with very little on track racing knowledge here at Bristol. Hirschman also told us he thinks the pit stops will make for an interesting race for all the drivers and fans. 
Check out the previous post and click on “play” to see a video of Justin Bonsignore, who was quickest in second Modified practice, chatting with Speed51.com in the Media Center just a few minutes ago. 

Comment From BIG DAN 

Not the same tour without TC hurry back!!!!!!!! 

The Dirty South team is all over the one car after another engine problem happened after final practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Things are not getting any better for Burt Myers today. After having a rocker arm problem earlier today they overcame it and went back out and were pretty quick. At the end of the final practice another problem crept up on them. The team is all over the machine as they look for their second problem of the day. No word on what it was just yet as they were searching. 
Thomas Stinson, who has impressed many on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour this season, blew the engine in his car the Wednesday before the Saturday SMT event at Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) earlier this month. He tried to rent a ride before BGS, but wasn’t able to do so. By missing a race, he dropped in the points and did not make the trip here to Bristol. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, to see Stinson compete in the WSMT event at Langley Speedway (VA) on September 3rd. 
Comment From Mods Rule 

Its a shame Thomas Stinson isn’t racing on the tour anymore. 

Comment From klv 

Good luck to Frank Fleming ! 

Comment From Mike Ray 

Thank you Speed51.com for the excellent coverage ! 

Comment From RACNJASON00 

I love watching Bob Dillner cover Mod races, this what he grew up around and man owe man he makes it very exciting, he is almost like the rest of us. ” Kids in a candy shop” lol 

Ryan Newman’s #77. (Speed51 Photo)
Bristol Motor Speedway has been dubbed the “Half Century Half Mile” this weekend as it celebrates its 50th anniversary and 50 years of thunder in Thunder Valley. 
Eric Goodale makes a practice run in his #58 modified machine. (Speed51.com Photo)
Justin Bonsignore says that he learned a little something in the last part of practice that might help him out in qualifying and in this evening’s UNOH Perfect Storm 150. Bonsignore holds the NWMT record here which he set in qualifying last year and will look to beat in qualifying in just a few hours. 
Up next will be more NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice and then a mandatory NWMT driver autograph session at 1:45pm and NWMT qualifying at 2:45pm ET. 
Jason Myers #4. (Speed51 Photo)
Eric Berndt works his way around this high banked half-mile during practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC. 
Comment From Alex B 

Justin is my older cousin and I hope he can get the pole again and win the race!! Wish I could be there to watch him race!! 

Comment From Auntie M 

thankyou Speed 51 guys for the fair and excellent updates! 

James Civali talks about his Mod with his crew. (Speed51 Photo)
The final round of practice for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour has now concluded and we will have those times up for you as soon as they become available. 
Dick Berggren scouting the pit area. (Speed51 Photo)
Don’t forget that tonight’s UNOH Perfect Storm 150 will be broadcast live on SPEED at 6pm ET with the talents of Bob Dillner, Mike Joy and Dick Berggren on board. 
Unfortunately, NASCAR timing & scoring is only providing miles per hour to our perch here, not lap times. 
Comment From Alex B 

What does that speed work out to lap time wise 

LW Miller at speed in the #73. (Speed51.com Photo)
With five minutes remaining in the final round of practice….

1. Justin Bonsignore – 130.531 mph
2. Bobby Santos – 129.684 mph
3. Todd Szegedy – 129.579 mph
4. Eric Beers – 129.413 mph
5. James Civali – 128.985 mph
6. LW Miller – 128.882 mph
7. Burt Myers – 128.537 mph
8. Ron Silk – 128.442 mph
9. Andy Seuss – 127.843 mph
10. Woody Pitkat – 127.716 mph 

No restrictor plates for the Mods here at Bristol… just NHMS. 
Comment From Mods Rule 

Are they using restrictor plates? 

Earlier on, we mentioned that NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour regular LW Miller had to change his number to #73 to avoid duplication with Ted Christopher in the #36. Both drivers entered this event third in points, but Christopher was to run his regular number and Miller was to run the #73, his old number from his Northern Tour days But, last week, Christopher parted ways with the Ed Whelan-owned team and is not here in Bristol. Still, despite Christopher’s absence, Miller will continue to sport the #73. 
Mike Stefanik is currently 25th on the board and Woody Pitkat is 10th. 
Comment From Elaine 

Has Mike Stefanik been out or Woody Pitkat? 

Very much so, they are continually beating the track record as the times get faster in this round of practice. 
Comment From Alex B 

Are they faster than last year’s times? 

Comment From Mods Rule 

B. Myers may be the only hope the Southern guys have. Good luck to all. 

The top-5 have shuffled quite a bit as Bonsignore is now on top of the charts followed by Santos, Szegedy, Beers and Civali. 
Justin Bonsignore has just jumped back to the top of the board with a 130.531 mph lap. 
Comment From Kevin 

Go Dirty South 

They are considerably close. The top-5 are separated by less than a second.

1. Beers – 128.735 mph
2. B. Myers – 128.537 mph
3. Santos – 128.283 mph
4. Bonsignore – 128.219 mph
5. Newman – 127.946 mph 

Rowan Pennink (right) talks about the handling of the #93 car with his crew chief Doug Chouinard (right). (Speed51.com Photo)
Times are very close, but they are not as fast as the first session. 
Comment From Alex B 

Look likes Justin B could be a threat to go 2 in a row on the pole. Are times close at the top of the board 

99 crew works on Jamie Tomaino’s Mod. (Speed51 Photo)
Ron Silk is 10th at this point in practice with about 15 minutes remaining. 
Comment From Guest 

Where is Ron Silk? 

Comment From KyleMac 

thank you very much! appreciate all the hard work you guys an gals do for us fans who cannot be there!!! Keep up the awesome work 51! 

Andy Suess is currently 16th and Jamie Tomaino is 27th. 
Comment From KyleMac 

How is Andy Seuss an Jamie T. doin? 

Some work being done on Matt Hirschman’s #3. (Speed51 Photo)
GBIII is currently 21st quick. 
Comment From Auntie M 

What is GB111 doing? 

Halfway through the final round of practice the top-10 :

1. 45 – Eric Beers
2. 1 – Burt Myers
3. 4 – Bobby Santos
4. 51 – Justin Bonsignore
5. 77 – Ryan Newman
6. 71 – Corey LaJoie
7. 79 – James Civali
8. 93 – Rowan Pennink
9. 52 – Doug Coby
10. 3 – Matt Hirschman

Andy Petree was hard at work fixing his racecar earlier today. (Speed51 Photo)
Andy Petree repaired the damage from his contact with the wall in the first session and is currently 16h fastest in this session, 
It is currently 76 degrees and mostly sunny here in Bristol and it looks like it will remain that way today while approaching a high of 87 degrees. There is currently no rain on the forecast for today. 
Ryan Newman is currently 5th quick with a speed of 127.946mph. 
SPEED’s Mike Joy, Dick Berggren and Bob Dillner will have the call from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event live on SPEED tonight at 6pm. 
Comment From Kevin 

Will this race b televised tonight? 

Comment From Mkopec 

Thank you guys for the coverage!! 

Eric Beers’ #45 is on top of this practice so far. (Speed51 Photo)
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Tell all your friends who couldn’t make it to Bristol today to see the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour to check out Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage all day and watch SPEED tonight live at 6pm. We hope you enjoy the insight into what is going on here! 
Comment From Guest 

thank you thank you thank you for all the modified coverage 

The Speed51.com team of (from left to right) Duke Kentfield, Elgin Traylor and Ally Fulson.
Eric Beers, Burt Myers and Bobby Santos all quickly bested Bonsignore’s time and he now sits in the fourth spot as we approach the 20 minute mark in the final practice session. 
Eric Beers just took over the top spot on the speed charts with a lap of 128.735mph. 
Make that 29 cars… Wade Cole hit the racetrack. He is the slowest car so far with a speed of 116.030mph. 
Here is a rundown of the top-10 about ten minutes into the final practice session for the Whelen Modified Tour :

1. 51 – Justin Bonsignore
2. 52 – Doug Coby
3. 98 – Erick Rudolph
4. 71 – Corey LaJoie
5. 5 – Andy Petree
6. 93 – Rowan Pennink
7. 31 – Austin Pack
8. 40 – Frank Fleming
9. 79 – James Civali
10. 11 – Andy Seuss 

25 cars have currently hit the track during this Modified session. 
Justin Bonsignore is currently fastest in practice with a speed of 128.219mph. 
Donny Lia is not here today. They were tore up pretty good after New Hampshire. We think we will see more of Lia later this season. 
Comment From flagboy 

no Donny Lia?? 

Tim Brown pulls out for practice. (Speed51 Photo)
Some interesting notes about the new pit stops we will see here today as teams will be allowed to take up to four tires at any point in the race as teams can send five crew members over the wall to service their car.

The last two running’s of this race had breaks for teams to make adjustments and change tires.  In addition to the pit stops this is the third race in which teams get five minutes to make adjustments on the car after qualifying.  Anything that is adjustable on the car can be done, but things like shocks and springs cannot be changed only adjusted.     

Last year’s Bristol polesitter Justin Bonsignore was the first car out in second WMT practice today. (Speed51.com Photo)
Andy Seuss at speed here in Thunder Valley. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Jesse 

Who Drives The Red #11? 

LW Miller’s Modified. (Speed51 Photo)
The mods are now back on track for their second and final practice session. It will run from 11am to 11:50am. 
Comment From Mods Rule 

Way to go #71 team. Good luck today. 

9/11 remembered on Corey LaJoie’s car. (Speed51 Photo)
As we approach the 10-year remembrance of the attacks on September 11, 2001, Corey LaJoie and his #71 team are honoring the memory of those lost with their Modified. The car is owned by Glenn Ryerson, a former New York City firefighter who started this team earlier this season and will be making just its second start of 2011 here at Bristol. The team name is 9/11/01 Never Forget Racing and the car is sporting a memorial decal on it today. 
The Modifieds will be back on the track for their final practice at 11am.  The session will last 50 minutes. 
1 2 Todd Szegedy 14.682
2 4 Bobby Santos 14.722
3 77 Ryan Newman 14.750
4 45 Eric Beers 14.784
5 98 Erick Rudolph 14.799
6 79 James Civaili 14.817
7 73 L.W. Miller 14.870
8 02 Tim Brown 14.952
9 1 Burt Myers 14.982
10 07 Patrick Emerling* 15.015
11 58 Eric Goodale 15.028
12 6 Ronnie Silk 15.042
13 11 Andy Seuss 15.054
14 64 Ron Yuhas Jr. 15.063
15 52 Doug Coby 15.066
16 31 Austin Pack* 15.077
17 5 Andy Petree 15.080
18 3 Matt Hirschman 15.109
19 51 Justin Bonsignore 15.124
20 71 Corey LaJoie* 15.131
21 28 Woody Pitkat 15.160
22 93 Rowan Pennink 15.178
23 99 Jamie Tomaino 15.184
24 09 George Brunnhoelzl III 15.201
25 40 Frank Fleming 15.217
26 10 Ed Flemke, Jr. 15.220
27 88 Bryon Chew* 15.269
28 41 Jason Myers 15.274
29 46 Eric Berndt 15.291
30 16 Michael Stefanik 15.300
31 26 Gary McDonald 15.334
32 25 John Smith 15.341
33 19 Daniel Hemric* 15.458
34 33 Wade Cole 16.231
Ron Silk enters Bristol Motor Speedway with the Whelen Mod Tour point lead. (Speed51.com Photo)
Here’s the scoop.

NASCAR suspended the listed car owner Kevin “Bono” Manion for the remainder of the 2011 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season after carburetor issues forced Newman’s #7NY car to be disqualified from victory in July at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. While Manion was the listed owner, he actually co-owned the car with Gary Putnam, who also is a former Modified crew member from New England and currently works alongside Manion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series garage.

This #77 car is the same car that Newman drove at NHMS and also to victory lane here at Bristol last season, but renumbered from the #7NY it had been. The listed car owner is Marcy Putnam, Gary’s wife. Marcy is the listed car owner for when Gary drives his own #77 car in select NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour events. Essentially, the #7NY was renumbered #77 and “ownership” changed hands.

This car here at Bristol will be subject to the same technical inspection as every other car in the garage.

In a nutshell, the car is owned by another party than Manion, therefore it is allowed to compete here today. 

Comment From Jeff 

how is newmans car allowed? I thought that team was suspended for the rest of the year after the new hampshire debacle 

Ryan Newman is a three-time WMT winner. (Speed51 Photo)
NASCAR is working on getting us a full list of practice times/speeds. 
Comment From Mods Rule 

Bryon Chew as a sharp looking race car. Nice pics Speed51. 

Bryon Chew (#88) battles with Ed Flemke, Jr. (#10). (Speed51.com Photo)
Last year’s WMT polesitter at Bristol, Justin Bonsignore. (Speed51 Photo)
Daniel Hemric (left) chats with his crew chief David Hill (right). (Speed51.com Photo)
Ryan Newman’s #77 (Speed51.com Photo)
GBIII’s #09. (Speed51 Photo)
Comment From munky3233 

hopefully newman doesn’t win 

A left rear spring was one of the final adjustments on the 40 of Frank Flemming. (Speed51 Photo)
Burt Myers (#1) and Bobby Santos III (#4) battle for track space in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
James Civali at speed. (Speed51.com Photo)
Eric Berndt went for a spin early in practice. (Jim DuPont Photo for Speed51.com)
Although the mods aren’t on track at the moment, the track isn’t quiet. The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is now on track for their practice session. 
Comment From Mods Rule 

Thank you Speed 51. Your the best! 

Crews install a rear-bumper camera on Todd Szegedy’s car for tonight’s SPEED broadcast. (Speed51.com Photo)
Bobby Santos III chats with his crew about the performance of the #4 machine. (Speed51.com Photo)
The second and final practice session will be 50 minutes long and begin at 11am Eastern, about an hour from now. 
Yes he does, primarily at Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut. He has taken a couple Friday nights off this season to race a Supermodified elsewhere in the Northeast, but most Fridays he can be found in his trademark #13 car at SMS.
Comment From Guest 

does TC still race an SK weekly? 

Comment From munky3233 

Todd Szegedy’s car looks sweet 

Todd Szegedy concluded first Modified practice atop the speed chart. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jason Myers watches the end of practice. (Speed51 Photo)
First practice has concluded here at Bristol and we will have the full rundown of lap times up for you as soon as they become available. 
As the laps wind down in this practice session we have less than five minutes remaining and Todd Szegedy is still at the top of the charts. 
Comment From RACNJASON00 

TC is supposed to run his own car at Lime Rock Park, but other than that he has no plans. I did hear he will be driving a ISMA Supermodified at the Star Classic at Star Speedway on September 10 in Epping New Hampshire 

Ole Blue #3 with Matt Hirschman and the #45 of Eric Beers lined up for practice. (Speed51 Photo)
Comment From Guest 

Rowan’s car looks nice 

TC is not here at Bristol. He lost his ride in the #36 and our last conversation with Ted Christopher was that he did not know when he would be back with the Modified Tour. 
Comment From Guest 

this has probably been asked a ton today, but i guess TC isnt present at Bristol this morning? 

Rowan Pennink is heading back out. (Speed51 Photo)
Corey LaJoie lines up for practice. (Speed51 Photo)
Bobby Santos III is second quick thus far. (Speed51 Photo)
Current Timing and Scoring
Bristol Motor Speedway, TN
1) Todd Szegedy – 130.691
2) Bobby Santos III – 130.336
3) Ryan Newman – 130.038
4) Eric Beers – 129.789
5) Rowan Pennink – 129.657
6) James Civali – 129.125
7) LW Miller – 128.855
8) Tim Brown – 128.331
9) Burt Myers – 128.074
10) Patrick Emerling – 127.792 
Todd Szegedy now has the fastest time in this round of practice with a 130.691 mph lap. 
The team is working hard to get it going and back out on track. We will let you know as soon as we know more. 
Comment From Burt Fan 

Is Burt going to be able to get this fixed? 

Speed51.com is on Twitter at twitter.com/speed51dotcom – You can follow us and even tweet to us to get us news and information. 
We have about 15 minutes left in this practice. 
Andy Petree and his team fix the right rear corner of the #5 Modified after contact with the wall. (Speed51 Photo)
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According to NASCAR, Santos’ fastest practice lap is faster than the modified record here at Bristol Motor Speedway. 
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC. 
According to the team, Myers engine problem… Rocker-Arm (third from left). (Speed51 Photo)
Bobby Santos is now on the top of the board with 20 minutes remaining in practice with a 130.336mph lap. 
The truck race here tonight has a lot of short track flavor.  2010 Snowball Derby winner Johanna Long will run the Bristol high banks, Mike Garvey a former All American 400 winner is in the field, Clay Rogers who won last week’s PASS South race is back in the Ricky Benton truck, Dirt Late Model ace Josh Richards is running for KBM and 2011 Pro Cup winner Jeff Agnew will look to make his first series start. 
Patrick Emerling, Andy Petree, Ron Silk and Eric Berndt have all gone for a spin during the practice session. None have reported any significant damage. 
The Myers team diagnoses the engine problem. (Speed51 Photo)
Comment From Pro-System 

Good luck to everyone tonight! Cant wait to watch it! 

Comment From Jackson 

good luck to the Shoes today Supershoe Lajoie 71 and Hotshoe Hemric 19 

Burt Myers #1 needed to be pushed off the track because he had no power. (Speed51 Photo)
Comment From RACNJASON00 

Sucks I was supposed to be there this weekend, but instead I had to have 4 teeth pulled out on Monday. See you all at Thompson for the Showdown on September 10th and 11th.. Thanks for the updates today guys and stay cool… 

Ryan Newman is currently fastest in this first practice session with a lap of 128.735 mph. 25 minutes remain in this session. 
No damage to Patrick Emerling’s car after a spin. (Speed51 Photo)

1 Burt Myers, Walnut Cove, N.C.
02 Tim Brown, Cana, Va.
2 Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield, Conn.
3 Matt Hirschman, Northampton, Pa.
4 Bobby Santos, Franklin, Mass.
5 Andy Petree, Hendersonville, NC
6 Ron Silk, Norwalk, Conn.
07 Patrick Emerling, Orchard Park, N.Y. *
09 George Brunnhoelzl III, West Babylon, N.Y.
10 Ed Flemke, Jr., Southington, Conn.
11 Andy Seuss, Hampstead, N.H.
16 Mike Stefanik, Coventry, R.I.
19 Daniel Hemric, Kannapolis, NC
25 John Smith, Mount Airy, N.C.
26 Gary McDonald, Ronkonkoma, N.Y.
28 Woody Pitkat, Stafford, Conn.
31 Austin Pack, Winston-Salem, N.C. *
33 Wade Cole, Riverton, Conn.
40 Frank Fleming, Mt. Airy, NC
41 Jason Myers, Walnut Cove, N.C.
45 Eric Beers, Northampton, Pa.
46 Eric Berndt, Cromwell, Conn.
51 Justin Bonsignore, Holtsville, N.Y.
52 Doug Coby, Milford, Conn.
58 Eric Goodale, Riverhead, N.Y.
64 Ron Yuhas, Jr., Groton, Conn.
71 Corey LaJoie, Concord, N.C.
73 L.W. Miller, Dushore, Pa.
77 Ryan Newman, South Bend, Ind.
79 James Civali, Meriden, Conn.
88 Bryon Chew, Mattituck, N.Y. *
93 Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley, Pa.
98 Erick Rudolph, Ransomville, N.Y.
99 Jamie Tomaino, Howell, N.J.

Ryan Newman’s 77NY Modified. (Speed51 Photo)
Ron Silk’s #6. (Speed51 Photo)
Because of the two tour’s racing against each other today some drivers have had to change their numbers. Jason Myers will be in number 41 today not a number 4. LW Miller will be in a 73 not a 36 today. 
The first practice session is still rolling smoothly here and will run until 9:30am. 
It is a busy week for Southern Modified Tour drivers this week as they are racing 150 laps here in Bristol today as well as another 150 laps at Caraway Speedway (NC) on Friday. 
The first round of practice is currently underway for the modifieds until 9:50am. So far there have been a few cautions for minor spins around the track but nothing major. 
Don’t forget that this evening’s UNOH Perfect Storm 150 will also be live on SPEED channel at 6pm ET with Bob Dillner, Mike Joy and Dick Berggren with the call. 
Schedule – Wednesday, August 24:

6:30 a.m. Garage & Registration opens
7:00 a.m. Mandatory Crew Chief Meeting
7:30 a.m. Mandatory Rookie Driver/Spotter Meeting
8:30-9:50 a.m. Practice
11:00-11:50 a.m. Final Practice
1:45 p.m. Mandatory Driver Autograph Session
2:45 p.m. Qualifying. (2 Laps)
4:15 p.m. Mandatory Driver/Crew Chief Meeting
5:35 p.m. Driver Introductions
6:00 p.m. UNOH PERFECT STORM 150 

Welcome to Speed51.com’s live coverage of the UNOH Perfect Storm 150 live here from Bristol Motor Speedway today. We will have up to the minute coverage for you of all the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour action from Thunder Valley today. 

Trackside Now: UNOH Perfect Storm 150 – Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) – 8/24/11