That concludes our Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage from the UNOH Perfect Storm 150 here at Bristol Motor Speedway.If that wasn’t enough Modified action for you, we have more coming your way on Saturday evening.  We’ll be live with Trackside Now coverage from “The Madhouse,” Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, NC for the final points event of the season.  Can Burt Myers clinch the championship, or will someone sneak by and take the title away?  You won’t want to miss a bit of the action on Speed51.com this Saturday night!

Thanks for joining us on Speed51.com.  On behalf of Elgin Traylor, Jason Buckley, Matthew Dillner and Bob Dillner who all pitched in throughout the day, I’m Matt “Duke” Kentfield signing off.

Good night from Bristol and congratulations to Ryan Newman for his victory.



Newman brought the #7NY to victory lane at Bristol, a number that had been campaigned famously in the Northeast by Tom Baldwin.  The racing world lost Baldwin in a racing accident at Thompson Speedway (CT) what will be six years ago on Thursday.  Newman made sure to point tribute to Baldwin in his post-race interviews in the Media Center.



Ryan Newman is now two-for-two in his NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour races in 2010. Newman also won back in June at New Hampshire. 



Ryan Newman (#7) and Mike Stefanik (#16) battle for the lead in the closing laps at Bristol (51 Sports Photo) 



Ryan Newman will get the credit for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour victory.  James Civali will be credited with the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour victory as the highest-finishing Southern driver.




1 Ryan Newman
2 Mike Stefanik
3 James Civali
4 Bobby Santos III
5 Todd Szegedy
6 Justin Bonsignore
7 Dale Quarterley
8 Eric Goodale
9 Ryan Preece
10 Erick Rudolph
11 Burt Myers
12 Chuck Hossfeld
13 Woody Pitkat
14 Eric Beers -1
15 Ron Silk
16 Kevin Goodale
17 Frank Fleming -2
18 Jason Myers
19 John Smith -3
20 Ed Flemke Jr. -4
21 Jamie Tomaino
22 Wade Cole -5
23 Andy Seuss -6
24 Bryan Dauzat -7
25 Gene Pack
26 Ted Christopher -9
27 Rob Summers -12
28 George Brunnhoelzl III -20
29 LW Miller -39
30 Tim Brown -42
31 Richie Pallai, Jr. -56
32 Zach Brewer -88
33 Rowan Pennink -108
34 Greg Butcher -114
35 Renee Dupuis -122
36 Brandon Hire -138



Ryan Newman is the unofficial winner over Stefanik, Civali, Santos, Szegedy, Bonsignore, Quarterley, E. Goodale, Preece and Rudolph



CHECKERED FLAG: As Stefanik came off turn two, he slid up the track, allowing Newman to pull away for the victory



White flag for Newman and Stefanik



Three to go: Newman and Stefanik have pulled away.  Stefanik can’t get the run on the bottom yet



Stefanik jumps to the bottom of Newman, can’t make it stick with four to go



Five to go: Stefanik is back up to Newman’s tail



Engine problems: oil is spewing from Christopher’s car on pit road



Reports from pit road say Christopher is done and is already unstrapping from his car.



Lap 140: Ted Christopher has slowed and gone to pit road, relinquishing third.



Lap 137: Stefanik and Christopher seem to have hooked up nose-to-tail to try to push each other to Newman’s tail



Positions two through six are nose to tail, but Newman still is up three carlengths in the lead



Szegedy fought back and has re-claimed fifth



Newman has opened up a three carlength advantage for the lead.  Santos has started a charge, getting the fifth spot away from Szegedy



Ted Christopher and Mike Stefanik battle wheel to wheel at Bristol. 



Lap 131: Newman to the lead by Stefanik



The top-seven are slicing and dicing for the lead.  They can fit under a blanket with 20 to go.



Lap 128: A power move by Ryan Newman has moved him up to second on the high side and now rides on the leader’s rear bumper



The top-five cars are nose to tail:  Stefanik leads Christopher, Civali, Newman and Szegedy



Lap 125: Stefanik has jumped to the inside of Christopher and now has the lead.



30 to go: 16 cars are on the lead lap.  Eric Beers is the final car on the lead lap.



Lap 115: Christopher has opened up a two-tenths of a second lead over Stefanik.Top-10: Christopher, Stefanik, Szegedy, Civali, Newman, Bonsignore, Santos, Quarterley, E. Goodale, Preece



Miller has stalled the #36 in the middle of pit road, but the field stays green



Lap 112: LW MIller has come to pit road with smoke out of the headers.  Engine problems also for Tim Brown as he is out of the race.



40 laps to go: Christopher is about two carlengths ahead of Stefanik.  Szegedy rides third, Civali is fourth and Newman is fifth.



Lap 108: Ted Christopher has re-taken the lead on the bottom side of Mike Stefanik



Lap 105: Tim Brown has taken the #02 to pit road.



Christopher keeps poking his front bumper under Stefanik now for the lead, but can’t make it stick off the corner.  Christopher keeps weeping the corner up high into the turn, then turning down to the bottom in the center.



Lap 100 reset: 1-10: Stefanik, Christopher, Szegedy, Civali, Newman, Bonsignore, Santos, Quarterley, E. Goodale, Preece11-20: Rudolph, Pitkat, Hossfeld, B. Myers, Brown, Silk, Beers, Brunnhoelzl, Flemke, Miller



Lap 95: Civali tried following Stefanik by Christopher but couldn’t make it work.  Civali had to lift off three and four, allowing Szegedy to move to third.



Lap 91: Stefanik jumped to the bottom, Christopher chopped down off two.  Into three, Stefanik tried the bottom again and made it stick to lead lap 92.



Lap 88: Stefanik has laid a bumper to Christopher for the lead.  TC held the lead, but Stefanik keeps trying to poke his nose under the #13 for the top spot.



The top-four are nose to tail.  Christopher, Stefanik, Civali and Szegedy.  About five carlengths behind them, Newman, Bonsignore, Quarterley and Pitkat are battling hard.



GREEN FLAG: Christopher has jumped back out front and cleared Stefanik.  Third place battle is side-by-side between Szegedy on the inside and Civali on the outside.



The SPEED broadcast is delayed a few minutes, so you’re seeing all the action here on Speed51.com before anyone else.  Thanks to the thousands of you across the world tuning in to our coverage tonight.



Comment From KyleMac SPEED51 Thx for the awsome coverage!!! Much appreciated!!



The field is back running on track.  There will be a few pace laps before we go back green.



The halfway break came at just the right time for Ron Silk.  The left-rear wheel was broken just before the halfway yellow.  Silk has made a tire change and is ready to go green on the lead lap.




1 Ted Christopher
2 Mike Stefanik
3 Todd Szegedy
4 James Civali
5 Ryan Newman
6 Justin Bonsignore
7 Eric Goodale
8 Dale Quarterley
9 Bobby Santos III
10 Woody Pitkat
11 Burt Myers
12 Erick Rudolph
13 Ryan Preece
14 Chuck Hossfeld
15 Tim Brown
16 Ron Silk
17 George Brunnhoelzl III
18 Eric Beers
19 Ed Flemke, Jr. -1
20 Kevin Goodale
21 LW Miller
22 Frank Fleming
23 John Smith
24 Jason Myers
25 Jamie Tomaino -2
26 Richie Pallai, Jr.
27 Wade Cole
28 Rob Summers
29 Bryan Dauzat -3
30 Gene Pack -4
31 Andy Seuss -5
32 Zach Brewer -16
33 Rowan Pennink -36
34 Greg Butcher -42
35 Renee Dupuis -50
36 Brandon Hire -66



YELLOW FLAG: HALFWAY LAP 75: Ted Christopher has taken the field to the five-minute halfway break.



Halfway next time by



Lap 72: Zach Brewer has taken his car to the garage area and seemingly out of the race.



Lap 70: Mike Stefanik has moved by Szegedy for the second spot on the bottom side.



We’re quickly approaching the halfway break.  We’re only five laps away from it.



Lap 66: Christopher has used a bottom-shot move to take the lead in turn three.



Szegedy has pulled ahead to lead lap 63 on the high side.



GREEN FLAG: Lap 62: Szegedy has hung in on the outside of Christopher on the double-file restart.



Running order: Christopher, Szegedy, Civali, Stefanik, Bonsignore, Newman, Santos, E. Goodale, Rudolph, Quarterley, Preece, Hossfeld, Pitkat, Silk, B. Myers



Miller’s team is thrashing hard in the area of the right-rear shock/spring.  He has returned to the track still on the lead lap.



Lap 58: LW Miller, the Southern Modified point leader, has hit pit road.  Also pitting is Ron Silk.



Currently third-place James Civali is the highest-running NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour-entered driver.  The highest finishing driver from both the Northern and the Southern Tour will be credited with that tour’s victory.



Pack went for the spin off Ron Silk’s front bumper.



YELLOW FLAG: Lap 55: Gene Pack has looped the #31 on the backstretch.



Lap 51: Dale Quarterley has pulled the bump and run on Ron Silk for the 10th spot.



Lap 50 reset:
1-10: Christopher, Szegedy, Civali, Bonsignore, Stefaink, Newman, Santos, E. Goodale, Rudolph, Silk.11-20: Quarterley, Preece, Hossfeld, Pitkat, Brown, B. Myers, Brunnhoelzl, K. Goodale, Flemke, Beers.



Lap 45: Black flag is out for Greg Butcher’s #0 for not keeping up the pace.



Lap 41: Christopher has begun putting cars a lap down.  Bryan Dauzat was the latest victim, as was Pennink (now two laps down).  Zach Brewer is next on his target list.



Lap 40: The contact with the wall has proven to make Preece’s car hard to handle.  He has fallen out of the top-10 and runs in 11th, ahead of Chuck Hossfeld, Dale Quarterley and Kevin Goodale.



Lap 35: Rowan Pennink is off the pace and has lost a lap.  He’s holding up some lead lap cars on the bottom groove.



Lap 35: Christopher is .629 seconds ahead  of Szegedy up front and almost a full second ahead of Civali in third.



Lap 30: Renee Dupuis has fallen off the pace



Lap 27: Christopher has moved ahead of Szegedy on the inside.  Christopher now leads Szegedy, Bonsignore, Civali, Stefanik and Newman



Lap 25: Christopher is sweeping through the corners, entering on the high side, then cutting down to the bottom groove in the center of the turn and off it, putting pressure on Szegedy.



Lap 23: Christopher has closed in to Szegedy’s rear bumper for the lead.



GREEN FLAG: Szegedy has remained out front, but Christopher made his way by Bonsignore for second.  Civali is fourth with Newman right on his tail.



Before the yellow, Andy Seuss visited pit road with his Dodge-powered racecar.  The car seems down on power as the crew looks under the hood.  Seuss has lost five laps.



Hire has pulled up to his trailer and is likely done for the day.



Running Order: Szegedy, Bonsignore, Christopher, Newman, Civali, Stefanik, Santos, Preece, Silk, E. Goodale are the top-10.



YELLOW FLAG: Lap 14: Branon Hire has spun out off turn four.  He smacked the inside wall slightly, but we’re under caution.



Lap 12: Christopher has closed in on the back bumper of Bonsignore using the high groove.  They trail Szegedy by three carlengths as Szegedy catches the tail of the field.



Lap 7: Ryan Preece has bounced off the outside wall in turn two on the high side of Mike Stefanik.  Preece got his momentum back, but fell back to eighth.



Lap 6: Ted Christopher has moved into third around Newman.  He follows Szegedy and Bonsignore.



Lap 2: Bonsignore has settled into second as the first six are single file before a side-by-side battle between Bobby Santos and Mike Stefanik for seventh



GREEN FLAG – Todd Szegedy has launched into the lead over Bonsignore and Newman on the high side.



Engines have fired and pace laps have begun.



The race will go green right around 6pm, but things will be taped a few minutes early for the 6pm broadcast.Therefore, if you’re watching our coverage here, you’ll be seeing updates a few minutes before you see it on SPEED.




1 Justin Bonsignore
2 Todd Szegedy
3 Bobby Santos III
4 Ryan Newman
5 James Civali
6 Ted Christopher
7 Mike Stefaink
8 Ryan Preece
9 Ron Silk
10 Eric Goodale
11 Erick Rudolph
12 Andy Seuss
13 Kevin Goodale
14 Chuck Hossfeld
15 Zach Brewer
16 Tim Brown
17 LW Miller
18 Dale Quarterley
19 Ed Flemke, Jr.
20 George Brunnhoelzl III
21 Eric Beers
22 Rob Summers
23 Jason Myers
24 Frank Fleming
25 Burt Myers
26 Bryan Dauzat
27 Gene Pack
28 Woody Pitkat
29 John Smith
30 Renee Dupuis
31 Brandon Hire
32 Rowan Pennink
33 Greg Butcher
34 Richie Pallai, Jr.
35 Wade Cole
36 Jamie Tomaino



Keep in mind, tonight’s race will have a halfway break at lap 75.  At the conclusion of that lap, the race is official, should weather play an issue at or after the halfway break.



Pre-race ceremonies have concluded.  The command to fire engines is just a few minutes away.






Comment From Mike Ray Thanks 51.com for the coverage! Good Luck To All!



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Comment From todd lets go DIRTY SOUTH



Comment From steve s. Newman…been a fan of 7NY since Tom Baldwin started racing it…will always be my fave car…go Ryan!









There’s just a few minutes until engines fire for tonight’s race.  Let us know who you’re cheering for!



Ryan Newman chats with his wife Krissie before climbing aboard his #7NY. 



Burt Myers is about to be interviewed by SPEED’s Bob Dillner for the live SPEED broadcast. 



Jason Myers’ team prepares tires for the race here at Bristol. 



The race will start as early as possible at 6pm due to the possibility of weather.



Driver intros have begun here on the fronstretch.



For those fans just joining us, feel free to scroll down for all that you may have missed throughout the day here on Speed51.com



Comment From Guest Who got the pole I just tuned in



So far, so good.  There is some weather not too far away, but a giant blob of rain has skirted the track to the North throughout the afternoon, so as long as that pattern holds true, we’ll be good to go for tonight’s race.



Comment From Herms Weather OK ?



Burt Myers and Rowan Pennink will have to start at the rear of the field due to unapproved adjustments after qualifying.



The driver’s meeting has just concluded and the main discussion surrounded the number of crew members allowed over the wall at the halfway break.Originally, NASCAR officials stated that only five crew members would be allowed over pit road at the break.  Once those crew members were on pit road, they would not be allowed back over the wall on the infield side of pit wall.

Eric Goodale and others were the most vocal in the meeting about the rule, stating that some teams did not bring enough people to not have them allowed back and forth over pit wall.

To NASCAR and Series Director Chad Little’s credit, that rule has been overturned and a maximum of five crew members are allowed to go back and forth over the wall during the five-minute break.



Wade Cole had engine problems during qualifying and did not post a lap. He is in the field on a provisional. The crew told us they aren’t sure what the problems were but think they have them figured out.



The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is now on track for their qualifying round.  The Mods are lined up in their starting order on the frontstretch pit road for their 6pm green flag.



Eric Beers chats with former Modified driver Bob Park at Bristol. 



Mike Stefanik’s #16 will roll off seventh in tonight’s feature. 



Burt Myers has a slick new body on the #1 machine here today with a cool new graphics package, but it didn’t translate to speed. Myers only mustered up a 25th-place qualifying effort. 



Todd Szegedy will line up on the outside of the front row. He carries the sponsor of the race, UNOH, on his Modified. 



Dale Quarterley’s #52 



Dale Quarterley is driving the #52 car owned by Wayne Darling of Massachusetts.  The Darling/Quarterley pairing went to victory lane in their first race together earlier this season at the Lime Rock Park road course in Connecticut.



Comment From juice What car is Dale Quaterly driving? I remember from back in the AMA motorcycle days



Comment From Justin Larson Congratulations to Justin Bonsignore from your Larson family in Florida.



There is no invert for tonight’s race for the top-qualifiers.  Here’s the complete starting lineup:

1 Justin Bonsignore
2 Todd Szegedy
3 Bobby Santos III
4 Ryan Newman
5 James Civali
6 Ted Christopher
7 Mike Stefaink
8 Ryan Preece
9 Ron Silk
10 Eric Goodale
11 Erick Rudolph
12 Andy Seuss
13 Kevin Goodale
14 Chuck Hossfeld
15 Zach Brewer
16 Tim Brown
17 LW Miller
18 Dale Quarterley
19 Ed Flemke, Jr.
20 George Brunnhoelzl III
21 Eric Beers
22 Rob Summers
23 Jason Myers
24 Frank Fleming
25 Burt Myers
26 Bryan Dauzat
27 Gene Pack
28 Woody Pitkat
29 John Smith
30 Renee Dupuis
31 Brandon Hire
32 Rowan Pennink
33 Greg Butcher
34 Richie Pallai, Jr.
35 Wade Cole
36 Jamie Tomaino



Comment From Guest is the line-up you gave beofre or after the invert? chris



Here’s the complete qualifying results by fastest lap time:

1 Justin Bonsignore 14.835
2 Todd Szegedy 14.839
3 Bobby Santos III 14.842
4 Ryan Newman 14.942
5 James Civali 14.954
6 Ted Christopher 14.96
7 Mike Stefaink 14.971
8 Ryan Preece 14.994
9 Ron Silk 14.995
10 Eric Goodale 14.995
11 Erick Rudolph 15
12 Andy Seuss 15.043
13 Kevin Goodale 15.062
14 Chuck Hossfeld 15.094
15 Zach Brewer 15.122
16 Tim Brown 15.135
17 LW Miller 15.154
18 Dale Quarterley 15.22
19 Ed Flemke, Jr. 15.262
20 George Brunnhoelzl III 15.271
21 Eric Beers 15.291
22 Rob Summers 15.313
23 Jason Myers 15.328
24 Frank Fleming 15.343
25 Burt Myers 15.386
26 Bryan Dauzat 15.411
27 Gene Pack 15.429
28 Woody Pitkat 15.466
29 John Smith 15.48
30 Renee Dupuis 15.504
31 Rowan Pennink 15.505
32 Gary Fountain 15.533
33 Jamie Tomaino 15.548
34 Richie Pallai, Jr. 15.55
35 Andy Petree 15.634
36 Brandon Hire 15.733
37 Greg Butcher 26.203
38 Wade Cole no time



Zach Brewer’s #11 car in turn-three during his qualifying run 



Zach Brewer walked by us after his qualifying lap and gave us a weak handshake in passing. With shaky hands he laughed and told us, “I’m still trying to get my composure.” Brewer turned the 15th fastest time.



We have received word that tonight’s provisional starters and DNQ’s are:Starting Position / Name
31. Brandon Hire (South Prov. #1)
32. Rowan Pennink (North Prov. #1)
33. Greg Butcher (South Prov. #2)
34. Richie Pallai, Jr. (North Prov. #2)
35. Wade Cole (North Prov. #3)
36. Jamie Tomaino (North Prov. #4)

Andy Petree
Gary Fountain



Bonsignore was fast and didn’t lift on his qualifying lap 



Tonight’s race will kick off around 6pm tonight. Live coverage on SPEED begins at 6.



Comment From jj wat time is the green flag



The cars not locked into the field, who will have to rely on a provisional:31 Rowan Pennink
32 Gary Fountain
33 Jamie Tomaino
34 Richie Pallai, Jr.
35 Andy Petree
36 Brandon Hire
37 Greg Butcher
38 Wade Cole



Justin Bonsignore got the pole at Bristol. It was the first pole for the rookie and a big one. 



Here are the top-30 cars locked into tonight’s field on time:
1 Justin Bonsignore
2 Todd Szegedy
3 Bobby Santos III
4 Ryan Newman
5 James Civali
6 Ted Christopher
7 Mike Stefaink
8 Ryan Preece
9 Ron Silk
10 Eric Goodale
11 Erick Rudolph
12 Andy Seuss
13 Kevin Goodale
14 Chuck Hossfeld
15 Zach Brewer
16 Tim Brown
17 LW Miller
18 Dale Quarterley
19 Ed Flemke, Jr.
20 George Brunnhoelzl III
21 Eric Beers
22 Rob Summers
23 Jason Myers
24 Frank Fleming
25 Burt Myers
26 Bryan Dauzat
27 Gene Pack
28 Woody Pitkat
29 John Smith
30 Renee Dupuis



The top-30 drivers transfer to the feature on time.  Six provisionals will be awarded based on North and South points to make up our 36-car field.



While we await the final results, here’s a top-10 qualifying recap:1.  Justin Bonsignore
2.  Todd Szegedy
3.  Bobby Santos III
4.  Ryan Newman
5.  James Civali
6.  Ted Christopher
7.  Mike Stefanik
8.  Ryan Preece
9.  Ron Silk
10.  Eric Goodale



Again, we appreciate the understanding for only being able to provide lap speeds during qualifying.  The timing and scoring feed we had access to during time trials only gave us speeds, not lap times.  Once officials give us the final results, we will post those with lap times.



Qualifying is now complete.  Justin Bonsignore is the polesitter.  He (from the Northern Modified Tour) and James Civali (fifth-place qualifier and Southern Mod Tour competitor here today) will both be credited with the pole in their respective series.



Todd Szegedy
Best Lap: 129.308



George Brunnhoelzl III
Best Lap: 125.650



Justin Bonsignore is now atop the chart.



Justin Bonsignore
Best Lap: 129.343



Bobby Santos III is the current fast-timer.



Bobby Santos III
Best Lap: 129.282



Zach Brewer
Best Lap: 126.888




Erick Rudolph
Best Lap: 127.92



Brandon Hire
Best Lap: 121.96



While the track crew checks for debris, here’s the current top-10 with about seven cars remaining to take time.Stefanik, Civali, Christopher, Stefaink, Preece, Silk, E. Goodale, Seuss, K. Goodale and Hossfeld.



Greg Butcher
Best Lap: 73.228



Greg Butcher was the next car on the track.  Butcher spun in turns three and four on his first lap.  He made slight contact with the rear bumper on the outside wall, but continued on.  He pulled into the pits before completing his second lap.



Kevin Goodale
Best Lap: 127.393



Chuck Hossfeld
Best Lap: 127.123



Eric Beers
Best Lap: 125.486



Current top-five: Newman, Civali, Christopher, Newman, Preece



Ted Christopher
Best Lap: 128.262



Andy Petree
Best Lap: 122.733



Bryan Dauzat
Best Lap: 124.508



Rob Summers
Best Lap: 125.305



Richie Pallai, Jr.
Best Lap: 123.395



Current top-five: Newman, Civali, Stefanik, Preece, Silk



James Civali
Best Lap: 128.313



Ron Silk
Best Lap: 127.963



Andy Seuss
Best Lap: 127.554



Ryan Preece
Best Lap: 127.971



Jason Myers
Best Lap: 125.183



Dale Quarterley
Best Lap: 126.071



Ryan Newman, Mike Stefanik, Eric Goodale, Tim Brown and LW Miller are the current top-five.



Burt Myers
Best Lap: 124.711



Mike Stefanik
Best Lap: 128.168




Eric Goodale
Best Lap: 127.963



Wade Cole went out for his qualifying lap, but immediately pulled back into the pits and did not take time.



Frank Fleming
Best Lap: 125.06



Gary Fountain
Best Lap: 123.951



Renee Dupuis
Best Lap: 123.762



Jamie Tomaino
Best Lap: 123.491



John Smith
Best Lap: 123.953



Ed Flemke, Jr.
Best Lap: 125.724



The timing and scoring monitors in our perch are only feeding speeds, we apologize…but after qualifying we will be able to provide times.



Comment From shawn speeds? why not times like practice?



Rowan Pennink
Best Lap: 123.348



Gene Pack
Best Lap: 123.363



LW Miller
Best Lap: 126.62



Tim Brown
Lap 1: 126.779
Lap 2: 126.779
Best Lap: 126.779



We’re only being provided lap speeds, not times.



Ryan Newman
Lap 1: 128.417
Lap 2: 128.358
Best Lap: 128.417



Woody Pitkat
Lap 1: 123.292
Lap 2: 124.05
Best Lap: 124.05



Woody Pitkat will be the first car on track for qualifying with the Ramar-Hall #28 for car owner Don King.



We’re just a few minutes away from Modified qualifying.  We’ll be providing live results for every car that hits the track.



That’s one way cool dude…thanks Jaws!



Comment From Jaws By the way nice picture of last years pass for the win. Any idea who shot that? (Thats a trick question by the way)



Tonight’s UNOH Perfect Storm 150 will be broadcast live on SPEED tonight at 6pm ET.  Modified enthusiasts and broadcasters who got their start in the business covering the Modifieds and other racing in the Northeast, Mike Joy, Dick Berggren and Bob Dillner will be on the call tonight on SPEED.



Weather being a possible issue is nothing new for the Modifieds at Bristol.  Last year, qualifying was rained out, but the race went off on schedule.



The Modifieds and their teams get ready to go through pre-qualifying tech. 



Erick Rudolph had to go to a back up car after an early wreck. (51 Sports Photo) 



Erick Rudolph has gone to a backup car.



Comment From Dave Any word on the Erick Rudolph crash early and their thoughts on going to the back up car?



We have not heard anything concrete from officials as far as any backup plans, but several teams and drivers have told us a rumor of a 10am start time tomorrow, should a makeup be needed.  Again, that is only a rumor and not confirmed by any officials.  It’s not currently raining as we await qualifying at 2:45pm, in about a half hour.



Comment From Jaws Any back up plans if the weather goes bad?



Burt Myers works on his car in the tech line. (51 Sports Photo) 



Both Chuck Hossfeld and Burt Myers had to work on their cars as their noses where a little too low. We actually saw both drivers twisting wrenches on their machines.



Tim “The Rocket” Brown waits in line in front of the James Civali “Rocket Launcher” team. (51 Sports Photo) 



Back in June, NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour regular James Civali ventured South to compete in the Tour’s event at Martinsville Speedway (VA).  The night before the Martinsville feature, Civali got into another of his Hillbilly Racing cars and ventured to the hallowed “Madhouse,” Bowman Gray Stadium in nearby Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  That night, Civali went toe-to-toe with eight-time Stadium Champion, “The Rocket” Tim Brown.  Brown and Civali took turns hitting and crashing each other throughout the BGS event.Civali’s team have since proclaimed him “The Rocket Launcher” for his contact and reluctance to back down from Brown, even going as far as making up t-shirts proclaiming the Meriden, CT driver’s new nickname – complete with a “chrome horn” Modified front bumper graphic on it.



Donny Lia chats with his old team as they wait in the tech line. (51 Sports Photo) 



Bobby Santos had never been to Bristol Motor Speedway, but it’s always good to know that you’re coming back with the defending championship team. The Mystic Missile team is looking to repeat here at Bristol like they did with Donny Lia in 2009. However, this is not the same car they won with last year. This new ride is still pretty quick as they were third quick in the final practice. Santos said, ‘it’s always fun when your fast’.



Comment From Guest It’s funny – TC drove a black and silver #36 at Lime Rock and now a red #13 at Bristol.



While we were talking to drivers and crew chiefs a bit ago, a slight sprinkle fell on BMS.  That sprinkle cut short practice for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice.  Two-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Champion and defending Bristol Modified winner Donny Lia wound up fourth on the bard in that abbreviated Truck session.



In talking with a few drivers in the pit area after practice, we’ve heard several rumblings about the new tire that Goodyear has brought to Bristol.  This year’s tire is significantly harder than last year’s tire, according to a few crew chiefs, and that has left teams scrambling for grip here today.



We last saw Kyle Busch compete in a Tour-Type Modified during Speedweeks a few years back, driving Kevin “Bono” Manion and Gary Putnam’s #7NY car.  Last year we saw Ryan Newman and Kasey Kahne in Mods here at Bristol, but this year it’s just Newman that is here in the Manion/Putnam car.



Comment From Mod Squad I’m surprised Kyle Busch hasn’t tried out a modified at Bristol. He would put on a show!



We’re back with a few notes from the pit area.  The drivers are participating in an autograph session outside the racetrack for the fans that are here in Bristol.



It is the same Gary Fountain. He along with Jeff Choquette both drove a Modified at Speedweeks back in February.



Comment From Guest Is Gary Fountain the Gary Fountain that has fielded Super Late Models for Jeff Choquette the past few years.



We spoke with Frank Fleming and he said his car is great alone and in traffic it’s a handful. They made some changes late in practice to improve the handling.



Ted Christopher is back in his famed number 13 here at Bristol Motor Speedway. Christopher had to give his normal number 36 up because LW Miller was the point leader in the South Modified Tour before Christopher took the top spot. For Christopher the reunion with the number 13 goes back to April 23, 2006 when his car owner Jimmy Galante’s organization was shut down. Christopher found another ride and has not race the 13 for 69 races until today.



Comment From Phil Babine Too bad that Lia isn’t entered into the Modified race, he and Ted Christopher, made last years event quite entertaining.



PHOTO: Mike Stefanik’s Modified rolls through tech as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practices at Bristol.





PHOTO: Frank Fleming was second quickest in practice for the Mod Squad in Bristol.





PHOTO: LW Miller gets to keep his #36 while “TC” Ted Christopher has re-numbered his Modified to #13.





We’re headed out to get some notes from the pit area here at Bristol.  If you want to know how your favorite driver is faring so far here today, let us know who and we’ll see if we can track him or her down!



Comment From Rocky Go Burt Myers..



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Donny Lia won last year’s Modified race here at Bristol. Tonight he’ll be in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Race. (51 Sports Photo) 



Jericho, New York’s Donny Lia is the defending winner of the UNOH Perfect Storm 150.  Lia is here at Bristol today, but it’s not behind the wheel of a Modified.  He’s behind the wheel of the SS Green Light Racing #07 NASCAR Camping World Truck entry.Lia held off Ted Christopher for last year’s Bristol win.
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1 James Civali 14.785
2 Frank Fleming 14.974
3 Bobby Santos 14.986
4 Justin Bonsignore 14.987
5 Burt Myers 14.996
6 Todd Szegedy 15.032
7 Ryan Newman 15.038
8 Chuck Hossfeld 15.046
9 George Brunnhoelzl III 15.096
10 Ted Christopher 15.114
11 Dale Quarterley 15.167
12 Eric Beers 15.187
13 Erick Rudolph 15.195
14 Kevin Goodale 15.199
15 Brandon Hire 15.206
16 LW Miller 15.212
17 Eric Goodale 15.253
18 Ron Silk 15.279
19 Andy Seuss 15.281
20 Ryan Preece 15.291
21 Ed Flemke, Jr. 15.291
22 Andy Petree 15.299
23 Mike Stefanik 15.318
24 Zach Brewer 15.37
25 Rob Summers 15.392
26 Jason Myers 15.398
27 Jamie Tomaino 15.446
28 John Smith 15.455
29 Woody Pitkat 15.458
30 Tim Brown 15.471
31 Rowan Pennink 15.532
32 Gene Pack 15.603
33 Gary Fountain 15.632
34 Renee Dupuis 15.648
35 Bryan Dauzat 15.683
36 Richie Pallai, Jr. 15.772
37 Wade Cole 15.877



Rowan Pennink spun out in practice. (51 Sports Photos) 



The second practice session saw two single-car spins.  First, Gene Pack looped his #31, then a few minutes later, Rowan Pennink spun in turn two.  No contact was made and both drivers continued on with practice.



James Civali had the quick time in the first practice. (51 Sports Photo) 



The Modifieds have just completed their second and final round of practice.  Full results to follow.Earlier in the day, the Mods had their opening session.  James Civali of Meriden, CT, was the quickest.  Tim Brown, in the T&C Motorsports #02 from the Southern Tour, was second-quick.


1 James Civali 14.903
2 Tim Brown 14.996
3 Chuck Hossfeld 15.013
4 Justin Bonsignore 15.014
5 Ron Silk 15.016
6 Todd Szegedy 15.023
7 Eric Beers 15.067
8 Kevin Goodale 15.067
9 Ryan Newman 15.076
10 Burt Myers 15.105
11 Ryan Preece 15.109
12 Mike Stefanik 15.114
13 Bobby Santos 15.129
14 Erick Rudolph 15.13
15 LW Miller 15.158
16 Woody Pitkat 15.169
17 Ted Christopher 15.201
18 Eric Goodale 15.217
19 George Brunnhoelzl III 15.239
20 Ed Flemke, Jr. 15.266
21 Dale Quarterley 15.286
22 Frank Fleming 15.299
23 Rob Summers 15.319
24 Andy Seuss 15.358
25 Rowan Pennink 15.389
26 John Smith 15.439
27 Zach Brewer 15.468
28 Jason Myers 15.523
29 Jamie Tomaino 15.529
30 Andy Petree 15.532
31 Gene Pack 15.563
32 Brandon Hire 15.585
33 Richie Pallai, Jr. 15.606
34 Renee Dupuis 15.636
35 Bryan Dauzat 15.76
36 Gary Fountain 15.83
37 Wade Cole 16.014
38 Greg Butcher 16.342



It’s a busy day here at BMS, as the Modifieds share this half-mile track with the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, which will go green immediately after the Modified feature.Both events will air live on SPEED tonight.

6:30am – Garage Opens
8-9:30am – Practice
11-11:50am – Final Practice
1:45pm – Driver Autograph Session
2:45pm – Qualifying
4:15pm – Driver/Crew Chief Meeting
6pm – UNOH Perfect Storm 150 (150 Laps, 79.95 Miles)



Thirty-eight (38) cars are on the crounds for today’s UNOH Perfect Storm 150.0 Greg Butcher
1 Burt Myers
O2 Tim Brown
2 Todd Szegedy
3 Ryan Preece
4 Bobby Santos III
6 Ron Silk
7 Ryan Newman
10 Ed Flemke, Jr.
11 Zach Brewer
13 Ted Christopher
14 Jason Myers
16 Mike Stefanik
25 John Smith
28 Woody Pitkat
29 Andy Petree
31 Gene Pack
33 Wade Cole
36 LW Miller
39 Richie Pallai, Jr.
40 Frank Fleming
44 Brandon Hire
46 George Brunnhoelzl, III
47 Andy Seuss
50 Kevin Goodale
51 Justin Bonsignore
52 Dale Quarterley
58 Eric Goodale
59 Chuck Hossfeld
71 Rob Summers
76 Eric Beers
79 James Civali
83 Gary Fountain
90 Renee Dupuis
93 Rowan Pennink
97 Bryan Dauzat
98 Erick Rudolph
99 Jamie Tomaino



It’s an overcast day here in Bristol, Tennessee, but the pit area is abuzz with excitement for the second running of this event, which pits the Northern Modified Tour versus the Southern Tour here at BMS.



Good morning and welcome to “Thunder Valley,” Bristol Motor Speedway, where today the stars of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tours will do battle in the UNOH Perfect Storm 150.

Trackside Now: UNOH Perfect Storm 150 – Bristol Motor Speedway – 8/18/10