Thanks for joining us tonight. We’ll see you tomorrow.




Comment From Guest Thanks 51



Due to the weather in and around the Auburndale Speedway, tonight’s races have been postponed until Tomorrow (12/9) at 2:00pm.Gates will open at 12 noon and racing will start promptly at 2:00pm.

We will be live with Trackside Now Coverage of the Regal Kia-Chevy 150 beginning at 1:00pm.



Track Officials have stated that they will make a decision at 9:30pm regarding the Weather.



We are continuing to wait out this shower. Track officials have stated that they will wait it out as it is expected to pass through.



A light shower is passing over the Speedway now as the Legend Car Feature has been red flagged with 30 laps complete. This is expected to pass quickly.



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#33 Daniel Webster will be the final car to Re-Draw as his Qualifying laps put him 8th.Webster was not overly thrilled with the car he had prior to qualifying but he has had success here at Auburndale as he won the Bryan Storer Memorial earlier in 2012.



Comment From dean go #33



Tonight’s Late Model race will be the first 150 lap race held at Auburndale Speedway since May 22, 1993.



It was talked about during the Drivers Meeting that there would be Modifieds and Pro-Trucks running under the FUPS banner in 2013 however no details were provided.



Comment From Guest are the open wheel mod going to have a series



Heat races are complete. Up next will be the Legend Feature 40 lap feature race, followed by the Autograph Session for the Late Models. During the Autograph Session, each driver in the Top 8 will be paired with a child from the grandstands for the redraw.The Regal Kia-Chevy 150 will immediately follow the Autograph Session.



The food lines are busy here at Auburndale Speedway. (Speed51.com Photo) 



The first Heat Race is for the Bandoleros.



Heat race are next.



Late Model Time Trial Results1 42 Jonathan Guy 13.417
2 81 Anthony Campi 13.455
3 10 Steve Dorer 13.503
4 07 Jeff Scofield 13.555
5 19 Kevin Macy 13.558
6 72 Scott Heckert 13.645
7 30 Jesse Dutilly 13.647
8 33 Daniel Webster 13.670
9 10g George Gorham Jr 13.688
10 75 Jessica Murphy 13.724
11 64 Joe Winchell 13.772
12 59 Jake Perkins 13.774
13 o0 Anthony Cataldi 13.778
14 53 Charles Kopach 13.99
15 46 Spencer Taylor 14.025
16 37 Nick Hernandez 14.118
17 1 Tyler Allen 14.139
18 29 Tracey Raven 14.328
19 88 Jimmy Casselberry 14.421



Sportsman Time Trial Results:1. #11 Mark Nelson – 14.547
2. #19 Chris Lewellen – 14.551
3. #88 Craig Cuzzone – 14.555
4. #5x James Wright III – 14.679
5. #90 Cody Johnson – 14.705
6. #8 Brandon Duchscherer – 14.777
7. #29 Bobby Mobley – 14.780
8. #48 Eddie Hartin – 14.790
9. #129 Joe Dowdy – 14.798
10. #25 Cody McDuffie – 14.821
11. #5M Matt McCrary – 14.866
12. #111 Donny Williams – 14.927
13. #86 Jamie Castleberry – 14.950
14. #81 Larry Braswell – 14.965
15. #4 Dave Colpritt – 14.987
16. #51 Chris Harvey – 14.988
17. #55 Ernie Reed – 15.218
18. # 97 Sam Cressman – 15.227
19. # 5 Casey Hall – 15.284
20. #38 Jason Stifle – 15.301
21. #93 Ricky Gervasi – 15.402
22. #28 Scott Gukkett – 15.919
23. #4M Marilyn McCrary – 15.985
24. #41 Jeff Waterman – 16.105

The Sportsman will run 50 laps for $1,000.00 to win.



Some how his lap got lost in the typing. We will have it up shortly.



Comment From Tom Barrett What about Webster? #33



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We are waiting for a full rundown before we give the results out. Jonathon Guy was the fastest over Anthony Campi.



81 – Anthony Campi
Lap 1: 13.93
Lap 2: 13.49
Best: 13.49 – Second Quick



30 – Jesse Dutilly
Lap 1: 14.12
Lap 2: 13.64
Best: 13.64



1 – Tyler Allen
Lap 1: 14.13
Lap 2: 14.28
Best: 14.13



46 – Spencer Taylor
Lap 1: 14.04
Lap 2: 14.02
Best: 14.02



42 – Jonathan Guy
Lap 1: 13.72
Lap 2: 13.41
Best: 13.41 – FAST TIME



19 – Kevin Macy
Lap 1: 14.08
Lap 2: 13.59
Best: 13.59



75 – Jessica Murphy
Lap 1: 14.02
Lap 2: 13.72
Best: 13.72



88 – J. Castleberry
Lap 1: 14.87
Lap 2: 14.42
Best: 14.42



64 – Joe Winchell
Lap 1: 14.01
Lap 2: 13.77
Best: 13.77



10 – Steve Dorer
Lap 1: 13.98
Lap 2: 13.50
Best: 13.50 – FAST TIME



72 – Scott Heckert
Lap 1: 14.07
Lap 2: 13.64
Best: 13.64



37 – Nick Hernandez
Lap 1: 14.57
Lap 2: 14.11
Best: 14.11



10 – George Gorham Jr.
Lap 1: 14.06
Lap 2: 13.68
Best: 13.68



59 – Jake Perkins
Lap 1: 14.09
Lap 2: 13.77
Best: 13.77



00 Anthony Cataldi
Lap 1: 14.49
Lap 2: 13.77
Best: 13.77



07 – Jeff Scofield
Lap 1: 14.09
Lap 2: 13.59
Best: 13.59



33 Daniel Webster
Lap 1: 14.07
Lap 2: 13.67
Best: 13.67



53 Charles Kopach
Lap 1: no time
Lap 2: 13.99
Best: 13.99



29 Tracey Raven
Lap 1:  No time
Lap 2: 14.32

Best: 14.32



There are points awarded for the pole so if Steve Dorer or Jesse Dutilly win it it could change things a bit in the battle for the championship.



The Super Late Models are out next for time trials.



Sportsman cars have finished qualifying and are making their way back to the pits as the Late Models begin to stage for their qualifying runs.



A reminder that the Late Models are not running transponders here tonight. Any lap times that were able to report previously were taken from team stop watches. We apologize for not having additional practice times available.



Dorer found success outside of Florida in 2011 when he won the Redbud 300 at Anderson, Speedway (IN).



There are three drivers in tonight’s field with prior wins in the 2012 Series but none with more than Lakeland’s Steve Dorer who has taken the checkers 5 times. Other winners in tonight’s field are Anthony Campi (1) and Jesse Dutilly (1).



We are hearing that Riverview’s Joe Boyd has withdrawn from tonight’s race. We will do our best to get a detailed report after qualifying providing he has not left the premises yet.



Late Models will get one warm-up lap. They will get the green flag on their second trip past the start / finish line.



Here is the Qualifying order for the FUPS Late Models – Regal Kia-Chevy 15029 Tracey Raven – Lakeland, Florida
53 Charles Kopach – Clermont, Florida
64 Joe Winchell – Dade City, Florida
o0 Anthony Cataldi – Umatilla, Florida
59 Jake Perkins – Ocala, Florida
10g George Gorham Jr – Lakeland, Florida
37 Nick Hernandez – Palmetto, Florida
72 Scott Heckert – Ridgefield, Connecticut
10 Steve Dorer – Lakeland, Florida
75 Jessica Murphy – Clermont, Florida
19 Kevin Macy – Bartow, Florida
42 Jonathan Guy – Auburndale, Florida
46 Spencer Taylor – Longwood, Florida
1 Tyler Allen – Southport, Indiana
30 Jesse Dutilly – Bradenton, Florida
81 Anthony Campi – Sarasota, Florida
64 Joe Winchell – Dade City, Florida
33 Daniel Webster – Brookesville, Florida



22 Sportsman have rolled out for time trials.



Sportsman cars are rolling into the infield as they get set for Qualifying. We will try to have a complete rundown of Legend and Sportsman Qualifying shortly.



Legends qualfying is over and the cars are heading to the pits.



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In addition to the FUPS Late Models in 2013, there is a tentative 12 race schedule for the Sportsman cars that will run under the FUPS banner. The FUPS Sportsman will begin their season on Saturday March 9th at Orlando Speedworld.In addition to the Late Models and Sportsman, Series Director Rick Williams also spoke briefly regarding the addition of the Pro-Trucks and the Modifieds under the FUPS banner.



All of tonight’s restarts will be single-file. Drivers are not allowed to pass on the inside on a restart until they are past the start/finish line.



Tonight’s race will count the first 5 Caution laps. All other laps must be completed under green. In the event of a flat tire, a crew member must notify Series officials and the team will be given three caution laps to change the tire.



As tonight is the final race for the FUPS Late Models, drivers were informed that following a meeting this morning with track owners and promoters, the Late Models will have a 14 race schedule in 2013. The ’13 Series will start at Desoto Speedway in March and finish in November at New Smyrna Speedway.



The Legend Cars are on the track for qualifying. While they are doing that we will run down some of the notes from the Drivers Meeting.



Drivers are learning about the 2013 plans for the Florida United Promoters Late Model Series and we’ll have more on this after the meeting.



Drivers meeting is underway. (Speed51.com Photo) 



10 minutes to the drivers meeting.



The track is quiet now. Drivers Meeting is set to begin in 30 minutes and we are stepping away from the keys to grab some of the great food here at Auburndale.We’ll be back with notes from the drivers meeting as well as pots practice / pre-qualifying reports from some of the drivers.



Joe Winchell in practice. (Speed51.com Photo) 



As the Late Models finish up the Sportsman return to the track.  We have one hour till the drivers meeting.



Nick Hernandez has also joined the party.



Jessica Murphy and Spencer Taylor have now entered the track for practice.



Another round of Late Models has hit the track. Winchell, Raven, Perkins, Heckert, and Gorham.





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George Gorham in practice for the Late Model race. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Bandoleros have just finished up another practice as 11 Legend cars hit the track for more practice laps.



We have just about an hour remaining in todays practice sessions.



We have not received an official lineup from track officials as of yet. We will have complete lineups for all of tonight’s feature races posted prior to post.



Comment From Tom Barett How many sportsman cars are there?



We are working on getting a Points breakdwon from Series Officials. But yes, Dorer and Dutilly are the two going for the Championship tonight.



Comment From Ferris How do the points work for FUP…?…Are Dorer & Dutilly the only ones left with a shot at the title?



Kopach is stopped in the infield at the end of this session and will need assistance for the second time today to get back to his Pit stall outside of turn three.



Steve Dorer has come out onto the track for the first time today. Charles Kopach turned a few more laps in his #53 as the crew searches to fix the electrical issues with that machine.



The Late Models are back on track. This time we see Jeff Scofield (who has turned very few practice laps today) along with Dutilly, Webster, Raven and Anthony Cataldi.



It is a gorgeous 73º today under mostly sunny skies. T-Shirt weather in December… Perfect weather for racing. The track is quiet now for a short break in between divisions.



Legend cars are back on track now.



Webster, Dutilly and Macy exit turn four during Late Model practice. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Tonight’s race is not the last one of the year here at Auburndale. Next weekend is the 7th Annual Joey Coulter Charity 200 weekend. Although in it’s 7th year, this will be the first year the event will be held at Auburndale.The event, which benefits local families that are struggling with children that have been diagnosed with terminal or rare illnesses, and features two nights of racing and several other activities.

Friday – December 14th will feature five races along with Pro-Trucks qualifying.

Saturday – December 15th features 200 laps of racing, highlighted by 100 laps for the Pro-Trucks.

For more information on the Joey Coulter Charity 200, visit www.CarsEvents.com



Sportsman cars are on track now for Practice.



Race fans it’s not to late to make plans to be here for tonight’s Regal Kia-Chevy 150 for the FL United Promoters Late Model Series. Featuring racing is set to begin at 7:00pm with the Late Models the third race on the schedule. Don’t forget the Sportsman cars have a special 50 lap feature tonight for $1,000.00 to win as Officials consider a United Promoters Sportsman Series for 2013.



The four cars on track now are fairly evenly spaced out and everyone appears to be up to speed now.



Tracey Raven, who spun out last night in practice, just dropped off the pace for a few laps and the caution has come out on practice.



As the first group exits the track a second group of Late Models heads out including Joe Winchell, Jake Perkins, Tracey Raven and Spencer Taylor.



Nick Hernandez #37 joins this group on track. Hernandez is one of two drivers making his Late Model debut tonight. Anthony Cataldi #00 is the other.



The Late Models are now back on track with Joe Boyd, Daniel Webster, Jesse Dutilly, Kevin Macy, Charles Kopach and Anthony Campi all on track now. This is the largest group to hit the track at once so far today.



Jesse Dutilly in practice. (Speed51.com Photo) 



The Legend Cars are next out for practice as they hit the track.



The Bandoleros are now on track for their practice.



Kevin Macy making laps in practice. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Tonight’s race sponsor Regal Kia-Chevy has set up a car display in the midway here. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Sportsman are on the track for practice now.



Joe Boyd at speed in practice. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Comment From Tom Barrett Good luck and a safe race to all!



Charles Kopach just headed back out onto the track and promptly turned right back into the pits. He said the still have not figured out what the issue is with the #53. They report the motor is running “flat” for some reason. The have gone back under the hood.



Points Leader Steve Dorer has yet to turn any laps in today’s practice. The crew said there are no issues with the car, they are just going over every detail before the Racecar Engineering #10 hits the track today. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Jake Perkins is out for a third time in practice as others like Anthony Campi and Steve Dorer are yet to go out.



Connecticut’s Scott Heckert just made his first practice laps of today. Heckert reported the car was a little loose in the afternoon sun from last night’s practice runs. “It was free on entry and in the center. We moved some brake bias to the front and that tightened it up a little.”The BJ McLeod Motorsports #72 is still a touch on the loose side but Heckert is happy with how the car feels.



Top 10 in the FL United Promoters Late Model Series Standings  coming into tonight’s final race. Just 20 points separating the top two.1 #10 Steve Dorer 498
2 #30 Jesse Dutilly 478
3 #42 Jonathan Guy 397
4 #59 Jake Perkins 368
5 #19 Kevin Macy 332
6 #81 Anthony Campi 326
7 #33 Daniel Webster 323
8 #20 Anthony Sergi 254
9 #64 Joe Winchell 177
10 #77 Jeff Scofield 177



Kopach said the problem felt like it was in the ignition. The team is pulling off the distributor cap and checking the wiring on the #53. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Problems for Charles Kopach in practice as he stopped in the infield and got out to look under the hood. He is now getting a push back to the pits.



Jessica Murphy has been running Pro-Trucks for most of 2012. Tonight she will be behind the wheel of a Late Model for the first time in over a year. The car she is driving was built by Florida racing veterans Chuck Burkhalter and Dave Pletcher and was recently purchased from Pletcher. So recent in fact that it still bares Pletcher’s paint scheme and number (#75).Murphy seemed pleased with the car after last night’s practice and was turning laps only about one tenth of a second off the pace set by Campi.



Daniel Webster, who arrived this morning, already has one win in 2012 at this track. However it was not a Series race. Webster stated that although he has about 20 career feature wins all over Florida, he has never won a Series race for any touring series. He is looking to change that here tonight. Webster has consistently been a front runner all year here.



Joe Winchell and Jake Perkins were the first two cars on the track today for practice.



The Late Models are on the track to begin today’s practice. Reminder they do not have transponders, however we will do our best to report what we can from the team’s stopwatches.



Anthony Campi rocking the Speed51.com sticker. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Here is the latest list of drivers for tonight’s FUPS finale, Regal Kia-Chevy 150. These are the drivers we have seen unloaded so far in the Pit Area.

#00 Anthony Cataldi Umatilla, Florida
#1 Tyler Allen Southport, Indiana
#10 George Gorham Jr Lakeland, Florida
#10 Steve Dorer Lakeland, Florida
#19 Kevin Macy Bartow, Florida
#29 Tracey Raven Lakeland, Florida
#30 Jesse Dutilly Bradenton, Florida
#33 Daniel Webster Brooksville, Florida
#37 Nick Hernandez Palmetti, Florida
#42 Jonathan Guy Auburndale, Florida
#46 Spencer Taylor Longwood, Florida
#5 Joe Boyd Riverview, Florida
#53 Charles Kopach Clermont, Florida
#59 Jake Perkins Ocala, Florida
#59 T/B/A
#64 Joe Winchell Dade City, Florida
#72 Scott Heckert Ridgefield, Connecticut
#75 Jessica Murphy Clermont, Florida
#81 Anthony Campi Sarasota, Florida



Alot of cars are stating that Anthony Campi’s lap of 13.42 seconds was quickest in last night’s optional practice. The cars do not have transponders this weekend so teams are doing it the old-fashioned way on the stopwatch.



We spoke with Jimmy Cope who is serving as Crew Chief for Jake Perkins. The Perkins team has two cars in the paddock today. The backup car was initially scheduled to be driven by Cup driver David Reutimann. Reutimann had to cancel his appearance here to attend a last minute meeting in New York.Cope, stated that they would practice the second car and would possibly have drivers in both cars for tonight’s race but as of now they are undecided.



We talked to several drivers who said that Brakes will be vital today. All of the teams are running brand new Brake Pads all the way around. Anthony Campi stated that the right front brakes on his #81 car are expected to last only about 70 laps un 



Dade City’s Joe Winchell arrived this morning and unloaded for tonight’s Regal Kia-Chevy 150. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Cars roll through pre-practice Tech. (Speed51.com Photo) 



The pits are busy with Late Models. (Speed51.com Photo) 



Daniel Webster heads to tech. (Speed51.com Photo) 



We want to thank Hamner Racing Engines out of Alabama & Rev Engine Valves out of Florida.Visit www.hamnerracingengines.com & www.revvalves.com to see their products.



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We are 25 minutes from the first practice of the day.



Today’s Schedule
12:00pm – Pit Gates Open / FUPS Registration
1:00pm – Tech Opens for FUPS – Tire Barn & Fuel open for purchase
2:00pm – 3:00pm Practice FUPS SLM
3:00pm – 3:30pm Sportsman
3:30pm – 5:30pm Support classes & FUPS Practice (round robin)
5:40pm – Driver / Spotter Meeting for FUPS
6:00pm – Legends Qualifying
6:00pm – FUPS Pre-Qualifying Tech (in Qualifying order)
6:15pm – Sportsman Qualifying
6:30pm – FUPS SLM Qualifying
7:00pm – Opening Ceremonies / National Anthem / Heat Races
Sportsman 50



Good afternoon and welcome to Auburndale Speedway (FL) for the season finale for the Florida United Promoters Late Model Series.  today we will crown a new champion as close to 20 cars are set to duke it out for the win in the Regal Kia-Chevy 150.



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Trackside Now: United Promoters Finale (RAIN) – Auburndale Speedway (FL) – 12/8/12