As the track gets quiet for the final few minutes of practice we are going to call it a night. If anything major happens we will update fans on our Facebook page. Thanks again to Hamner Racing Engines out of Alabama & Rev Engine Valves out of Florida for helping support our efforts to be here this weekend. Thanks for joining us. Goodnight. 
Although Anthony Campi’s team has loaded their #81, they are lending a hand on Joe Boyd’s car with less than 20 minutes remaining. (Speed51.com Photo)
Pit gates open at noon tomorrow and practice starts at 2pm. 
Lakeland’s George Gorham Jr is running a team car to Scott Heckert with BJ McLeod Motorsports this weekend. 
Team are down to their final runs of the night. (Speed51.com Photo)
With just under 30 minutes left in tonight’s practice, Scott Heckert’s BJ McLeod Motorsportsteam is trying to set their car up for qualifying. Heckert reports that the most recent changes made the car too loose so they are going to back-peddle a bit and will try to make one final run here tonight. 
We see several other teams packing up as well. 
The Anthony Campi team is packing up their car for the night. Anthony said he is quite pleased with his car and has no plans to change anything for tomorrow’s race. Campi’s fastest laps were clocked on the stopwatch at 13.42 and 13.49 and were turned in his most recent laps around the quarter mile. 
There are no transponders here tonight. 
Comment From Guest 

Whos fastest so far 

Comment From Linda Ruppert 

Cheering for Steve Dorer to win the race and the championship!!! 

We checked in with Steve Dorer who is in what you could call experimental mode as the crew is looking to see if something different is better then their base setup. Dorer is the point leader coming into the final race. 
We want to thank Hamner Racing Engines out of Alabama & Rev Engine Valves out of Florida for helping us cover this event for the FL United Promoters Series.Visit www.hamnerracingengines.com & www.revvalves.com to see their products.
The 2011 Charity Pro-Trucks race winner, Nick Hernandez will be making his Late Model debut here tomorrow in the Regal Kia 150. 
Don’t forget fans the racing here at Auburndale Speedway does not stop after tomorrow night. Next weekend with the 7th Annual Joey Coulter Charity 200 weekend. Although in it’s 7th year, this will be the first year the event will be held at Auburndale.The event, which benefits local familise that are struggling with children that have been diagnosed with terminal or rare illnesses, and features two nights of racing and several other activities.

Friday – December 14th will feature five divisions of racing along with Pro-Trucks qualifying.

Saturday – December 15th features 200 laps of racing, highlighted by 100 laps for the Pro-Trucks.

For more information on the Joey Coulter Charity 200, visit www.CarsEvents.com 

Late Models wait to go on the track. (Speed51.com Photo)
You can tell by looking at the local cars that the season is coming to an end here at Aubundale. (Speed51.com Photo)
Super Late Models, but most teams are making their engines have a little less power here this weekend. 
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ig this is a super late model or pro.late model. 

We have seen Legends and some of the other local divisions take to the track as well for practice. 
Cars on the Grounds from Optional Practice
#75 Jessica Murphy Clermont, Florida
#37 Nick Hernandez Palmetti, Florida
#59 Jake Perkins Ocala, Florida
#1 Tyler Allen Southport, Indiana
#72 Scott Heckert Ridgefield, Connecticut
#10 George Gorham Jr Lakeland, Florida
#42 Jonathan Guy Auburndale, Florida
#5 Joe Boyd Riverview, Florida
#00 Anthony Cataldi Umatilla, Florida
#81 Anthony Campi Sarasota, Florida
#10 Steve Dorer Lakeland, Florida
#30 Jesse Dutilly Bradenton, Florida
#29 Tracey Raven Lakeland, Florida
#53 Charles Kopach Clermont, Florida
#19 Kevin Macy Bartow, Florida
#46 Spencer Taylor Longwood, Florida
Joe Boyd getting ready to hot the track. (Speed51.com Photo)
We have picked up another Late Model as Spencer Taylor out of Longwood, FL has arrived with his #46 car. 
Charlie Kopach in his number 53 ride. (Speed51.com Photo)
Scott Heckert is making his first start here at Auburndale. When asked his thoughts on the track he reported, “it’s like racing between traffic lights… you go, you stop, you go, you stop.” 
George Gorham is not happy with his #10 even though he turned some quick laps earlier. Times have dropped to high 13’s for the top cars. The BJ McLeod Motorsports team is working on Gorham’s car. 
We have not seen him yet. 
Comment From Bob 

Is Anthony sergi racing 

Clermont’s Charles Kopach and Bartow’s Kevin Macy have unloaded here for practice. 
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good luck to speed51 and driver in teams. 

Jesse Dutilly’s car gets some attention on the left rear. Dutilly was one of the cars turning 14.00 laps earlier in the practice session. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tracey Raven has spun out in turns one an two slowing the practice action momentarily. There was no contact and the cars have rolled off the track as the Legend cars get some practice laps now. 
Jessica Murphy back in the first hour of practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Jeri 

Go get em #10 

While some of our crew is here at Auburndale Speedway the rest are in Charlotte at the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Banquet. Matt “Duke” Kentfield and SPEED TV’s Bob Dillner host the red carpet portion of the banquet on NASCARHomeTracks.com
From what we are seeing on the stopwatch, the top cars look to be currently turning laps around 14.00 seconds. A lot of cars look loose off of the turns as the track is very tight with little banking. 
The Sportsman division is expecting a good turnout of cars tomorrow night as the FUPS Officials will be using the race to help them decide if there will be a FUPS Sportsman Series in 2013. The Sportsman drivers will be going for $1,000.00 to win in support of the Late Models 150 lapper. 
Another driver making his first start in a Late Model is Palmetto’s Nick Hernandez. Hernandez is an accomplished Pro-Truck driver all over Florida. 
Steve Dorer gets set to practice here at Auburndale. (Speed51.com Photo)
Umatilla’s Anthony Cataldi #00 will be making his Late Model debut tomorrow. Anthony has been a regular competitor in the Legend cars here at Auburndale Speedway. 
Jake Perkins has two cars unloaded for tonight’s practice. As the crew works under the hood of his primary car. (Speed51.com Photo)
George Gorham Jr. in his number 10 machine. (Speed51.com Photo)
Nick Hernandez making his first laps in a Late Model. (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice goes till 10pm here tonight. 
Several local division cars have also found their way into the pit area here at Auburndale. 
Just for those asking tomorrow the pits open at noon and practice starts at 2pm. Our coverage will start shortly before the 2pm hour. 
Jesse Dutilly #30 out of Bradenton and Lakeland’s Tracey Raven #29 have unloaded their cars and are getting ready for practice. 
The track is picking up with action now as half a dozen cars are making laps on the quarter-mile. 
Comment From Fan 

wrap up the season with another win, Steve Dorer. Good luck! 

Comment From DIrk Redder 

Good Luck to Anthony Campi and his #81 team! #standonnner 

Last January, Watermelon Capital Speedway hosted one of the most memorable short track doubleheaders in recent memory. SpeedFest 2012 was a huge success between the ARCA/CRA Super Series and the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour that CRA and track officials decided to hold this weekend’s Watermelon Twin 100’s to help get racers and fans ready for SpeedFest 2013.The 2013 edition of SpeedFest will continue a long tradition of the event that has stood the test of time. SpeedFest 2013 will be held January 26th and 27th.

For more details on SpeedFest 2013, stay tuned to www.craracing.net and www.watermeloncapitalspeedway.com.

The Florida United Promoters Late Model Series has run here three times in 2012 with Patrick Staropoli, Steve Dorer and Jesse Dutilly taking the wins. In 2011 Jesse Dutilly and Tim Russell won the FLUP shows. 
Anthony Campi will be back behind the wheel of his #81 this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
The lights are and the sun sets on the tight, semi-banked oval here in Auburndale. Cars are ready to start rolling for practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jeff Scofield was here earlier for testing, but has since loaded up for the day. 
Add Anthony Cataldi #00 to the list of drivers in the Pit Area for tonight’s practice. 
Point leader Steve Dorer has just pulled in for practice here tonight. 
Ocala’s “No Brake” Jake Perkins getting ready for practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
We are set up in the BJ McLeod Motorsports rig with driver Scott Heckert. From here we will cover the action tonight. (Speed51.com Photo)
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Riverview, Florida’s Joe Boyd has unloaded his #5 Late Model. 
Comment From Tom Barrett 

Really thank speed51 for the coverage as it looks like we won’t make it tomorrow 

The sun is starting to set here at Aubundale Speedway. 
They had to look at it at our last report. We will check with him when he shows up this weekend. 
Comment From Ferris 

Hope Steve Dorer has better luck than last week at the snowball derby…did they ever confirm the broken rocker arm on the pace laps before the race started? 

Speed51.com is the Official News Site of the Snowball Derby and the official photographer of Snowball week at Five Flags Speedway. Speed51.com’s talented photographers, led by our featured photographer Jamie Williams, snapped the action at the leading asphalt short track events throughout North America as part of 51’s extensive short track news coverage. 
Top 10 in the FL United Promoters Series Standings1 #10 Steve Dorer 498
2 #30 Jesse Dutilly 478
3 #42 Jonathan Guy 397
4 #59 Jake Perkins 368
5 #19 Kevin Macy 332
6 #81 Anthony Campi 326
7 #33 Daniel Webster 323
8 #20 Anthony Sergi 254
9 #64 Joe Winchell 177
10 #77 Jeff Scofield 177
George Gorham’s number 10. (Speed51.com Photo)
George Gorham Jr, Tyler Allen, and Nick Hernandez are also here for practice. 
A few cars have gone out for some short runs already. Right now the only way to see who the fastest car is by using a stop watch. 
We checked in with a few drivers they think that well over 20, if not 30 cars, will be here tomorrow. 
We have several cars in the pits already: Jessica Murphy, Jake Perkins, Jonathon Guy, Jeff Scofiled, Scott Heckert, and a few others are here for practice. The race is tomorrow here at Auburndale. 
Practice will start at 5pm with rotations until 10pm tonight. 
We want to thank Hamner Racing Engines out of Alabama & Rev Engine Valves out of Florida.Visit www.hamnerracingengines.com & www.revvalves.com to see their products.
Good afternoon and welcome to Auburndale Speedway (FL) for the optional practice day for the series finale for the Florida United Promoters Series – Late Model. We’ll be covering the action today from the pits here at Auburndale. 
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Trackside Now: United Promoters Finale Practice – Auburndale Speedway (FL) – 12/7/12